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Miami, Fl
Hardcore Fin fan
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Fin4Life, Your thoughts on Duke Johnson from the "U"??? He has a good year(No Injurys) this year the canes are gonna make some noise... Posted by: Anti Christ 🐬 © | July 29, 2014 at 02:43 PM His injury killed our Season more than anything one of the great NCAA players today. He is a CJ Spiller type who can go yard on any play but fragile for the next level the way Spiller has been in Buffalo.
So let me ask the question re: Knowshon Moreno, The fins sign him for 3 millon for 1 year and in two months time he needs surgery and will be out till week 5??????? Posted by: Anti Christ 🐬 © | July 29, 2014 at 02:26 PM To be honest I never got the Moreno signing by Miami? He doesn't fit what Lazor wants out of the Pos. and you have to wonder if you get Moreno 2013 or the guy on the verge of getting bounced from the NFL 11-12 as a monumental bust? He will help in pass protection but it doesn't merit ignoring the Pos. in the draft. This past Yr. we took Jarvis Landry trading back twice in Rd-2 but I'll be watching Jeremy Hill in Cin. who I thought the goods. A We also we passed on Tarrence West (Speed demon) in Rd-3 who fits this O like a glove. There was also a kid with nice speed/power combo in the FBS called Lorenzo Taliaferra who went to Balt. in Rd-5 he'll be IMO a name to remember in this draft. He played at Tiny Coastal Carolina bcause of bad grades and blew it up a man amongst boys in that Conf.
Fin4 Life appears to be a good poster, Knows the fins,Knows football etc, etc, I welcome him to the "Fold" Posted by: Anti Christ 🐬 © | July 29, 2014 at 02:40 PM Thank you Sir! We had a pretty good exchange the other day regarding the U were you made reference to riding your Bike to Gainsville. I failed to mention I wiped out back when I was a kid on a dirt Bike and given the injuries (Put my hands on the pavement when the Bike dragged me) I never got back on. Your post about going 300 Miles on one made me remember that.
Either Dapper Dave is spending 24 hours a day hacking into sports writers computers and injecting a campaign to prop up Lamar Miller or the sportswriters are smoking and drinking the same stuff that Dap is because you can't turn around without seeing or reading something about Lamar Miller being the next IT on the gridiron this year. Posted by: Mr. Woodcock | July 29, 2014 at 02:31 PM As a fan of the U you know what Miller is capable of doing. At UM he bailed out the "VERY MEDIOCRE" QB play of S.Morris more than once. Morris had a huge arm but couldn't read a zone coverage to save his life! I remember Miller taking alot of screens from him yard he later had a bad injury which I believe drops him to the Dolphins Rd-4. What new OC Bill Lazor likes doing with the screen game and the quick draw plays should finally help Miller break out as a Pro. Nothing is a given we all saw All World Reggie Bush out of USC struggle early as a Pro in N.O. but sometimes the right O helps and this one is geared for Miller.
Tom, I actually shorted some guys in tht post given I like reading what the Good Dr Jennings posts as well as the Shadow but in regards to you who won't let certain things just die while knit picking everything like a Lil Bitch that led me to post that. I believe my analysis spot on about you in particular Tom!
FZB, Good post @1:53 and yes the OL seems in flux. Yesterday they moved Shelley Smith over to Center from RG (The Brenner experiment is over after getting pushed around by Staks) Then moved Dallas Thomas to RG (I like that move given he played there in College)inserting rookie Turner (A Tackle in College) into the LG spot so there already playing musical chairs on the line with 3 guys who've never played an NFL down! So big gulp! Normally I'd agree with the good Doctor regarding making to much of an issue out of it but it's also a fact T.C. started this past weekend and our 1st Pre-Season game is just 12 days later. In other words there are 11 Organized practices in pads before they play something the players negotiated into the 2011 CBA. I for one think that the ramifications of it are being felt with alot of injuries in the Seasons 1st month aside from giving teams (Coaches) very little to work with in terms of knowing what a player is before it counts in Sept.
Armando has his blog up and running didn't you hear? The real reason you're here is because no one could tolerate you anymore. Now you are thinking that you can start a new name and still be the same jerk here? Insulting regular posters calling them fags? Buzz off loser we don't need your inflated loser self here. Posted by: vacationer | July 29, 2014 at 01:50 PM Been up and running for a week now I believe but I enjoy a challenge. Again if you dropped a post over there about me (fin4life) you'd get more positive feed back than negative. Of that I'm sure! Whether you want to post under Sonny Crockett or vacationer which I guess is aimed at how you see me it really won't make a difference given I'll go were I please and now it's here. Like in most blogs I don't believe there are more than a handful here making multiple posts so when I referred to someone (And it was someone in particular) in a derogatory sense it must have hit home for you?
cock & shadow got it is time to discuss a REAL SPORT.... Posted by: Orange Bowl 4Ever | July 29, 2014 at 01:11 PM Well said!
We hold you to a higher standard because you're better than that. You played Miami-Dade high school athletics. That is the highest level of competition on the face of the planet. You probably played against my good friend, Ricardo Jimenez. Guy was a beast and always hustled on and off the field and tried really hard. Posted by: Rawpimple | July 29, 2014 at 01:40 PM That's actually pretty funny! I'll admit I LMAO after reading it. As it goes though were'd you play Alachua County (Gainsville)?
What's the difference between Mr. Unitas and today's star quarterbacks? It was the third testicle that his father had implanted in his groin when Johnny U was born. Posted by: Mr. Woodcock | July 29, 2014 at 12:29 PM To young to have seen him play but have seen alot regarding his career on NFL Films. I believe his 57 Season was one for the ages in which he threw for a ton of Yds and TD's in route tothe NFL Title. The reality is Marino's generation was aided by the Mel Blount rule (For my Money the best CB in NFL History) But this ERA is rediculous with the No-Contact rule which has urned the game into a Pinball match between QB's. I for one liked it better before! I get that they wanted more exciting High Scoring Football but it's gone over-board! I for one enjoy a hard hitting Defensive affair which you still get every now and then like when S.F. played Seattle at the Stick last Yr also S.F. Vs. Carolina dring the Reg. Season and in Playoffs as well.
fin4life, it is quite noble to post under only one nomme de plume; however, many of us don't use and don't like to read obscene words on our "family values" blog here on the good ship cote. so please keep your f***ing obscenities to your own personal self; thanks. Posted by: the shadow knows | July 29, 2014 at 11:38 AM Why noble?? I do it because I like getting tested and then seeing whether I'm right or not. Not possible if I'm switching back-n-forth between names. As far as my language goes I've seen alot of posts using "PROFANITY" and don't get why you'd hold me alone to that standard.
fin4life, you posted yesterday at about 4 o'clock the following: "seattle won with this QB up against "ARGUABLY" the "BEST EVER WITHOUT QUESTION!" well, if someone is described as the "best ever without question", then "arguably" does not come into play and your statement is an oxymoron!!! "best ever without question" precludes any argument about the subject. Posted by: the shadow knows | July 29, 2014 at 11:00 AM While adding without question "IS" an Oxymoron I posted it really in the context of what I believe. I've never been a big fan of Peyton Manning given I always saved the, "Best ever" moniker for Marino. How ever I have been swayed over by what Manning has done of late and while I still think Danny was a better passer (Better Arm and release) it has become clear that Peyton is the most cerebral and best (Chess player) the game has seen.
Another very revealing post. fin has revealed his true identity or he has an identical twin. Posted by: Sonny Crockett | July 29, 2014 at 09:06 AM You know I really could do this all day and wonder if there is ever a Sports related question in your line of B.S.!
The Storyline on Crokett in the Miami Vice Pilot was that he played WR for the Gators and took a pass yard in some Bowl game so F U C K Crockett Miami is Canes Country! He also in another episode got some kid killed undercover were he had given him said ball from his Bowl game again, F U C K Crockett!
Posted by: Sonny Crockett | July 29, 2014 at 08:53 AM Last time I saw you, you were a Plantation Owner who got shot wearing his KKK mask. Django took your head off son in your Col. Sanders get up
Listen Miami Fake I take my Handle very seriously! As a matter of fact I believe it one of the most respected in any Fins related Blog! Test me on my merits or simply stick to your trolling given you obviously have zero debate for me on the subjects a Spors Blog indicates.
Finny is dashi fzb c'mon bro I know you're a good guy and all but really stop talking to this weasel. He tricked us and for that you should be angry. Posted by: Big Baby | July 28, 2014 at 08:51 PM I've been posting under the Handle fin4life for about 6 Yrs. now and never have used another Handle much less that of Dashi! I think some on here just hate the fact that they can never (On there best day!) take me to school on any Football related topic! I speak of Big Baby in particular given he might have something for Dashi but not me! Your (Big Baby) Football acumen is weak! Your knowledge of the game of Basketball is what you should stick to given in that game 1 player can make a difference. By the way the Boston Celtics can lick Miami A S S! In the ERA of the Big-3 it was ours that played to potential while yours had the one Title being that your guys banked to much on an aging and done KG with Ray Allen a 1-dimensional Wing Player. That aside and venturing into the grid-Iron your knowledge is whimsical at best! I remember the 1st time I dropped a Football related post here with you questioning it were I Schooled you son! So if you believe me somone else then test me and drop one of your (Brain fart) posts and I'll School you again! Go to the the Football post on this Blog or to either the Sun Sentinel (Mob) or the Palm Beach post and you'll know there is no imposter here. Just you looking to discredit me because in my convo you can't hang, Bro!
I thought when I left Mando's in Depth sight for this one that I was coming on board with some heavyweights who would discuss the game and make me swirl back-n-forth with my opinion. Now I know different! Dashi really? I know Dashi and respect his Football acumenbut he isn't me! If you waqnt to take appart my opinion then have the balls to do so under one name! I
david you need to get your facts straight. once again you are wrong. actually in 2011 we had Matt Moore for most of the season at QB. and he had a season that year that was every bit as good as any tannehill has had. so in 2011 Miami had at least as good a qb as in 2013, better RB, better WR and better OL and ran the ball almost 50% of the time and what was their record again? come on you can tell us. Posted by: Tom | July 28, 2014 at 08:36 AM Here is the reason sometimes I hate posting! Some on here in there haste to look to argue a point will ignore facts! Matt moore Vs. Ryan Tannehill. Moore had spent 5 Yrs. in the NFL before we brought him off the bench. He was the QB who was at the controls when Car. lost 14 games!!! We brought him in because we needed a Back-Up and when Henne (Do the history team didn't believe in him) was hurt he led a come back Yr. that lost us Andrew luck. Big Whoopie!! Head-To-Head Numbers to Numbers the kid has out played him!!! Ryan Tannehill isn't Dan marino but then again will anyone be? Danny never led us to a Title and as a real longtime fan of the game I wonder if were not best served with a QB who simply doesn't turn it over? The Seahawks won with this QB up against arguably the best ever without question!
Last Yr. the Dolphins averaged a bit over 20 carries a game but neither RB averaged more than 10 per game given the team never really committed to it. In fairness when we ran between the Tackles there was always a Defender in the hole and when we ran Off-Tackle there seemed to always be a DE or OLB setting the edge. It was ugly but for a minimal stretch when it appeared we were done last Yr. we did more running Vs. S.D. and Pitt. You guys don't remember the runs Miller had Vs. S.D. were one was called back of over 40? How about the job in Pitt.? The thing was that Sherman would later ignore it again. He wanted that WC Style the 49ers ran with Montana where passes were really long hand offs. Teams figured it out and started jumping those short routes. It also hurt that we never really went out of the same base set all Yr. We were either in a 3 WR set with a RB in the I-Formation and one T.E. or we would go double T.E. with the other RB in the I-For. When we went with 3 WR's the RB was Miller when we went double-T.E. it was a Power Formation with Thomas. Just to vanilla were I knew what was coming from my Living Room without Tannehill tipping his hand before the snap, GO (Run) GO,GO (Pass) In my life watching the game I'd never seen a team tip there hand before the snap that way or go with 2 basic Offensive formations for an entire Season!
I just don't realistically see that happening quickly. Not with five new starters. Posted by: Just Being Realistic | July 26, 2014 at 05:32 PM It will take time to gel also losing the Lines QB in Pouncey for half the Yr. is to me the biggest issue. I disagree with you in the sense that last Yr. Philly had turn over on their OL as well. They also went with a Rookie RT like we will ect... The fast pace actually helps because the Ball moves out of the QB's hand so quickly while the QB also has an option to run meaning the DE's/OLB's need to worry about containing the edge. The Wild Card here is Lamar Miller who will get a ton of screens thrown his way and he needs to take a couple yard forcing the LB's and S.S. to respect the threat backing them up a bit.
FZB, I happen to agree on your points regarding Tannehill 100%! If we know anything from having seen Philly last Yr. we now there will be more tempo in the O. We should also this Yr. see Tannehill look to run out of the pocket more, a Big No, No in Sherman's O! Tannehill ran a 4.54/40 at the Combine which comares well with another Big QB like the 4.5 flat run by Kaepernick.He played WR so we know he can move in the open field. My issue which I've mentioned before is getting him to throw deep off set drops. When your throwing off 3 and 5 set drops you know were your WR will be on the field before you let it go from practicing together. By the way don't know if you've been following Camp but Damian Williams has been running with the 1st team and has made from reports some nice catches off deep balls from Tannehill. Gibson so far has shown no Ill effects from the injury and so far is running in the Slot. I don't think this bodes well for R.Matthews given I believe 1 of the Big WR's (Binns also will get his chance) makes this tam leaving one WR Spot up for grabs and so far Gibson seems to be taking it.
What the hell does the term "shoving their lifestyle down your throat" even mean? Are there gay couples knocking on your front door and making you watch them make out? Posted by: live and let live | July 26, 2014 at 04:05 PM Actually he did come into all of or homes with ESPN only to happy to make us all watch! I've been watching the NFL draft (Event) for over 30 Yrs. now and can't recall outside a Pop kiss here and there with all kinds of hugging were someone went so out of there way to make his point or for that matter a Network only to happy to air it while at the Home of a player not slatted in any publication to go ahead of the 1st five rounds! Any of you ever recall seeing cameras during Rd-7 at the Home of anyone, ever? Alot of B.S. about whether his decision hurt his stock from those with nothing better to discuss. He isn't even Middle of the Pack folks! His shot at moving up was at the Combine and he ran a VERY SLOW 4.92/40! His vertical jump wasn't very good while putting up under 20 reps at the bench lifting 225 Pds. To put that in terms Dolphins fans will get. In 2012 during Jonathan Martin's combine the knock was he put up 19 reps and we all saw how that translated to the NFL up against stronger players than the ones he saw at Stanford! If Jadeveon Clowney had come out and said he was Gay he still goes #1 overall were they throw him a Rainbow parade upon arrival! There are ways of doing things and sympathize with those that had to explain to there small children what those 2 men were doing outside Prime Time Hrs. on a Family oriented Sports Station! Look at Jason Collins and the way he handled himself! Seemed a real Ambassador for his cause. I don't think the GLBT Community even thought much of his display either which whether anyone wants to admit it o not was done to prove his point! ESPN wouldn't cut away I ended up switching over to NFL Network given they were actually discussing the merits of the player not allowing the continuous coverage HIJACK there Show! A Show about the Game of Football not some life lesson in how we should all accept each other, YADDA ,YADDA, YADDA!
..I don't think Brady or Manning would have done much behind the crappy O Line we had last year. Posted by: FZB | July 26, 2014 at 03:14 PM Very True! In his Record Breaking run in 07 Brady ran into a Buzz saw in the Super Bowl Vs. N.Y. There front with Strahan, Osi, Keywanuka and breakout performance of Tuck (To me the unsung MVP of that game) made the Boy Wonder look very pedestrian that evening. Last Yr. during Manning's assualt on Brady's Records there was a game played between his new team and his old team in Indy were the Colts brought an all out assualt on Manning making him look pedestrian without mention of the pounding he took in the SB. Taking all that into consideration when analyzing the statistics of Ryan Tannehill you'd say there was much to look forward to!