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Miami, Fl
Hardcore Fin fan
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Dr Jenning, You forgot to mention Bonds or for that matter the Pitchers who were juicing as well were the Great Roger Clemmens also tainted his name. There should be a giant asterik next to the entire ERA in MLB.
The problem with the Farley Bros is you can only see there movies once. Kingpin with Woody Harrelson was hilarious to me but hated it the 2nd time same with Something About Mary ect....
Matt Dillon made a movie I liked in the last couple of Yrs. and that was Takers were he's the Cop taking down a crew with Idris Elba and Paul Walker very enjoyable.
After Rumblefish and the Outsiders he was destined for stardom, LMAO! Did you see those movies? In Rumblefish his Color Blind Brother Mickey Rourke and his drunk Dad Harry Dean Stanton stole the show. Dillon as an Older actor has done some movies as a Director I enjoyed like Albino Alligator. By the way someone mentioned Drugstore Cowboy which was a great movie. The 80's had some great actors emerge but for me in terms of great actor in the ERA there was Sean Penn, Val Kilmer and Depp.
Rumblefish was more about Mickey Rourke than it was about Dillon (He was the lead but Rourke was the up and coming actor) He was a B actor at best, "Do it for Johnny" Funny thing about the Outsiders was it had Swayze, Cruise and Estevez all as Co Stars and they went on to be much bigger actors than the leads. I will give Dillon his as the Flamingo Kid that was a funny movie!
On a different subject last night I saw that there making a remake of the Mad Max Movies only this one isn't a Reboot but is set between the Original and the Road Warrior. I guess we all wait out the storyline but when the Original ends that Max kills the Toe Cutter there's a jump to after Armageddon were the Road Warrior takes place so given I loved them (Hated Thunderdome) could be interesting Tom Hardy (Baine in Batman) is now Max which will be wierd! I get alot of hate Gibson's way these days but loved him as Max growing up.
I enjoy a spirited debate and we can have them on any subject. However when we (For whatever reason) have them on a constant basis then being told. "I'm not 8 Yrs. Old" Seems like bitter sarcastic grapes and knit picking especially when talking about what one might find extreme weather.
Big Baby, I come on this a Sports related blog because I enjoy it more than watching TV to be honest while being able to tend to it during my day which isn't spent on my keester but waiting to find out were I have to go next to Off-Load a Freighter somewhere in South America sometimes in C H I T holes like Puerto Cortez, Honduras. Here I have an escape were I get a chance to discuss my fav hobby with a bunch of other diehards. Yet like in everything you deal with people there sensibilities and most bothersome (To me!) knit picking. Just the other day because I mocked FSU you went on to post my way how I wasn't objective. I understood what you meant given I can get spirited when discussing my 1st true Sports passion Football but now I get the impression given the post your responding to that your just looking to take apart what you can from what I write. So it's simple! I know your not 8 but neither am I nor am I going out of my way to appease your sensibilities. I'm in Miami and NO we don't see snow much less anything under 32 degrees to cause it so to us that weather for sustained time is F U C K E N BRUTAL! Regardless of what you penguins in the North think! If you don't like what I have to say skip over it it's very simple just take your mouse and click on the bar to your left and you can skip right over me pal!
305er, Describing the finacial cloud around the Stadium and what it's actually like are 2 very different things. My Bro-In-Laws Dad whose retired and can afford to go to 80 Baseball games a Yr. took me and the place is state of the art. I don't know how you can rank it behind the Rays house in Tampa which I've also seen. My problem with it is I wish they'd taken a fraction of what the final bill is and pumped 300 Mil into the landmark they knocked down but wishful thinking were it took local indignation for them to finally fix Vizcaya.
BB, I get it to you guys in the North East weather in the 20's and 30's is summery, LOL! Not here! We find anything under 48 degrees down right offensive! Now I have family up-n-down the East Coast my Dad with a Sister in Queens (Corona why my Cuban family follow the Mets not the Yanks) which we went to see alot on the Holidays when I was growing up. So yes I remember being in N.Y. in a very brutal winter in 87 were it was 23 below with a wind chill of 38 below. I had on thurmal underwear 3 layers or clothing and one of those Navy issue trench coats they sold when we were all kids yet it felt like the wind knifed right thru you. I get it but in S.FL the mention of 20 degree weather makes the locals jump up!
Wood, Marlins Park was supposed to initially cost 600 Mil then it went up to 800 Mil but the worse part is that the City had a lot of the money tied into performance bonds and lost there shirts with some estimates saying that when it's all said and done that Baseball Park could end up with a 1.45 Billion Dollar price tag. In the process loosing the pension funds of local police and fire fighters! What we refer to as one giant cluster F U C K!!
rich, The closest we get to under 35 is maybe a day or 2 of high 40's and not every Yr. either when it happens normally late Jan.! By the way like I said my Bro lives there so more like a few weeks in the 30's sometimes like last Yr. dipping into the 20's where you were snowed in for sometime. forgot to mention that in addition to those asswipes from the NCAA taking their sweet time to make their ruling R Shannon left the program in shambles.. Posted by: FZB | July 24, 2014 at 02:36 PM I really wanted him to function because I remember in 88/89 he and Maurice Crum getting alot of playing time with Bernard Clark at LB and doing a great job in the ERA of next man up at the U but it became very painfully obvious when the talent slipped that he wasn't even that great a D Coach!
Wood, Funny thing about those damn pics! I myself believe Jeff Ireland had some of Steve Ross blowing his helicopter pilot. Even when he finally fires him he gives him a 5 Mil severance package! I was like what the F! least you agree with me on clueless Joe unlike a couple of my fellow bloggers... Posted by: FZB | July 24, 2014 at 02:25 PM 100%! The thing that scares me the most about Philbin is that confused look he gets on the sidelines when a big play against us happens. It's like he's flustered and doesn't have a clue. Also like you the lack of imagination in working the roster with him is down right brutal! We had a D that had much better than 22nd ranked talent yet they missed used them in spectacular fashion!
Posted by: Captain Obvious | July 24, 2014 at 02:03 PM If stating the obvious is your thing then you'd know that since 07 when Nevin Shapiro was arrested for his ponzi scheme a dark cloud hung over the U. His allegations and the fact the NCAA made no ruling for close to 5 F'n Yrs. was criminal in itself! It cost us alot of talent that didn't commit out of fear of going to a program under heavy sanction. I use the term criminal because they didn't take that time dropping the hammer on USC or in dealing with the Sandusky situation in happy valley yet let us twist in the wind.
well at least we don't have mus-chimp as our HC..he is worse than cluless Joe and that's saying a lot. Posted by: FZB | July 24, 2014 at 02:11 PM How he survived 2013 is one of the great misteries?
Don't fool yourself cock breath, Georgia has Atlanta and Ohio has Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. All four of those cities beat the hell out of Miamuh. Posted by: realist | July 24, 2014 at 07:24 AM Really?? Not for nothing but Ohio's a dump with little outside some Sports Franchises the local follow like Gospel even me with my Fandom for Football wouldn't act in the life and death manner those losers do given they have nothing else but there dead end lives to look forward to. By the way given there is nothing to do you must watch your daughters in Ohio given they seem to like kidnapping young girls and keeping them locked in basements for over a decade as a means of a sick perverse sense entertainment. Did you see the way people in Cleveland reacted to losing LeBron in 2010! You wouldn't have caught us doing that given we'd have all been to busy either at the Beach, a Bar at the Beach, a Club on the Beach, Downtown or the Grove. Maybe busy on our Boat or horsing aroud on a Water Bike all in the month of Dec. while your digging yourselves out of your homes in the Winter. By the way after the innitial Season the Cast & Crew of WKRP in Cincinati insisted on working on a built set in L.A. rather than spend another 4 months shooting in Ohio! As far as Ga. goes Atl. isn't all bad I got a Bro in Marietta but again no Beaches or Ocean Dr. while also getting brutal winter weather. NO! I believe were just fine in South FL!
don't forget binns at receiver; he was having an amazing camp last year before the injury. we're loaded at receiver Posted by: (the real) david in los angeles | July 23, 2014 at 10:27 PM Lost on some here is te fact he was a lock last Yr. and his injury so close to the start of the Yr. is what pushed the move of only carrying 4 WR's on the 53 Man roster in 2013. The addition of Damian Williams (Similar Big WR adding the need for size at the Pos.) gives him competition and these two fight out the 5th WR spot IMO.
On the defensive side I like the move of Misi to MLB ( which I suggested they do last year) and I also like the addition of Delmas at FS..we are more athletic up front but we lost Soliai and that's going to hurt...over all we should have a better than average pass rush which will help our secondary.. Posted by: FZB ( the real one) | July 23, 2014 at 10:06 PM I like Misi inside as well however I believe you'll see Jelani Jenkins on obvious passing situations. The Dolphins will play situational platoon ball at MLB, IMO! Delmas is more of a Ballhawk than Clemmons ever was and should provide better D as the last line of Defense allowing S.S. Jones to play closer to the line patrolling the short middle and giving run support. It all comes down to the very talented but often injured Delams staying healthy. Alot of posts on the loss of Solia and yes he's one of the games best space eaters at NT in the 3/4 but we're playing in a 4/3 were this move made sense. Interesting thing that escapes everyone on the Solia move was the fact that while the listed starter played the fewest snaps out of the DT rotation last Yr. by alot!
BB, Regarding Landry watch this one catch Vs. Arkansas Jarvis Landry's Amazing Catch Against Arkansas - YouTube Then for good measure watch this one catch taking a pick away. Jarvis Landry’s Amazing Catch Took an Interception Away ...
BB, You could be right I just think it's more: 1)Wallace (The Alpha of the Unit) 2)Hartline (LWR will see a Big WR take some snaps this Yr. from him IMO) 3)Landry (Truly believe could be the surprise player here saw him at LSU and think he could be the K.Allen of this Yr. Another guy who had a slow 40X out of Cal and blew it up in S.D.) 4)Matthews/Gibson (I thought Matthews did enough last Yr. to warrant the back up Pos. in the slot. Although Gibson is the one who can play outside if needed so a toss up but I don't believe both make the team, one will go IMO) 5)Binns/Williams (One of the knocks on last Yrs. team was the lack of size at WR and I truly believe it gets addressed this Yr. these guys have to seriously blow chunks for one not to take the 5th spot)
if they keep 6 which they probably should. Posted by: Big Baby | July 23, 2014 at 07:48 PM Not going to happen the 6th WR will be Hazel on the P.S. Plus w wait nd see what they do at T.E. with 4 (Including the rookie) and one really an H-Back.
1)Wallace 2)Hartline 3)Gibson 4)Matthews 5)Landry Posted by: Big Baby | July 23, 2014 at 07:39 PM In your scenario the Miami Dolphins keep Mike Wallace and 4 possession slot WR's? The Dolphins and Hickey took Landry (A BALLER IN THE SLOT) to move inside. That leaves 2 spots with one of the bigger WR's taking one with Matthews and Gibson duking out the last spot!
BB, The Dolphins have coming to Camp 12 WR's as of right now of which I believe only 3 are locks. M.Wallace B.Hartline J.Landry Including Landry and really even Hartline we have 3 WR's who are possession types when factoring Matthews. All 3 can play the slot. We added former USC WR Damian Williams from Tenn whose a bigger guy who has a legit shot to push Hartline at LWR. We also have Armon Binns coming back from injury whose also a Big vertical threat both fit the mold of the bigger intermediate threat and redzone target the Eagles used with Cooper whom they kept for Big money. The 3 that I believe locks are the 3 I think are the starters in the 2nd half of the Yr. Matthews will battle Gibson (Who Hickey didn't sign) and his CAP # for a roster spot and IMO Williams battles Binns for the final (5th) WR spot. 6th Rd'er Hazel will get his shot on the P.S.