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Crysta Williams
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How about we adopt an ordinance, requiring YOUR KIND to be escorted to the nearest border, and gently kicked out of America... We know who we are, we are Americans! Freedom for all, or freedom for none... And if you don't like it, don't read it, there are DOZENS (literally) of other papers you can order. Maybe you can find one that caters to your tastes (I suggest Star Magazine myself, it looks to be about your level) Grow up Ed, or get out!
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Its laughable that these smear jobs ALWAYS focus soley on transwomen, but totally leave out the TRANSMEN! Even worse, when they bring up the bathroom issue, they would rather Bulky, Hairy, Testosterone using TRANSMEN be pushed in with their wimmenz! (Would love to see our community stage a sit in, and show their hypocrisy for what it is... Scare tactics!) And even worse irony... Gender neutral bathrooms would LOWER END COSTS! Since the same bathroom can be used by everyone, they can essentially reduce the bathrooms by about 1/3 and still have it be workable! Maybe keep one single occupancy bathroom for the super squeamish who are terrified of change... If its busy, they can WAIT! Seriously guys, if you don't like the costs of doing business, close up shop, and let someone more educated open a business instead!!!
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Aug 14, 2013