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Interests: Coding,reading,writing
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There are many reasons why a programmer is disillusioned with a programming career. I have witnessed three in particular repeatedly: 1- A deep need to chase every shiny new technology incessantly. Sometimes this is pathological, sometimes it is for resume building in anticipation of the next job or a layoff. Other times this is mandated by management. Either way, this keeps the programmer always at the unproductive part of the learning curve. Programmer eventually burns out. 2- Constant unproductive rewrites of perfectly functioning applications instead of building them up further using existing code. This too is sometimes mandated by management. But mostly programmers want to start from scratch since it is harder to read other people's code or they are resume building. They end up doing a lot more work than necessary and burn out. 3- Programmer can't see how what they do makes a difference to anyone. Projects constantly started and half finished before getting yanked into another project. No feedback. This one is more of a management issue.
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May 23, 2013