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Las Vegas, NV
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I bought a pair (brace) of Leica M6s from B&H Photo, one silver one black. I lived on the third floor of tenement in Worcester, MA, but the UPS guy left the box sitting under my mail slot on the first floor landing, ripe for the taking, no signature required. I still work up a sweat thinking about that. Oh, there were also two new Leica M lenses in the box too.
You really have to upgrade your reading material Mike. It's amazing that a guy as seemingly intelligent as yourself continues to read left-wing propaganda, and that you seem to be unable to see through it. Specialized intelligence? I'm stumped.
Rainbows and unicorns aside, how long until you begin to resent your new massive tax burden?
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2015 on Move Complete at The Online Photographer
This could be a hostile takeover in the making, Mike. Ctein's been waiting a long time for this opportunity. Just kiddin', kind of ;-).
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2015 on Experiment at The Online Photographer
And all this crap is being generated by the Left: the unnecessary and irrelevant "art" of Sally Mann, and the heavy-handed criticisms of said art. It's a closed loop of phony "work" perpetuating and feeding off each other.
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2015 on The Sally Mann Article at The Online Photographer
A phone's camera is a pretty nice camera to have available when you don't have your regular camera with you. It's sort of like having gap insurance.
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2015 on iPhoneographer No More at The Online Photographer
It seems that your desktop computer would be the most expendable if you had a more powerful laptop such as a tricked out MBP. Hooking up a larger display would be no problem.
Mike, just change the title of your site to "The Online Blogger". Oh wait, you have to be online to be a blogger. Maybe just "The Blogger"? "TB"? That doesn't work so well either. Nevermind.
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2015 on This is Not a TOP Post at The Online Photographer
What do you do if you need a different focal length? I run into this limitation all the time using my camera phone. Being limited to one focal length has taught me that sometimes I need more than one lens.
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2015 on OC/OL/OY at The Online Photographer
I need money too. Could you please donate because I'm a nice guy, and well, I'm entitled too. Thanks. [The nice thing about the affiliate programs is that the "donation" doesn't come out of your pocket. Well, it does, but it would have anyway--it would have gone to B&H or Amazon. They pay a little "finder's fee" or referral fee from out of their profits. So to support TOP (or any of your favorite sites) it doesn't cost you anything *extra*. Assuming you were going to shop online anyway, that is. --Mike]
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2014 on A Favor at The Online Photographer
I was feeling old today BEFORE I saw this. Now I feel suicidal lol (not really). Just sayin'.
It's hopeless to resist.
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2014 on O Lawd Hep Me at The Online Photographer
Are you kiddin' me? It's about hating America and eradicating anything patriotic. We're all global citizens now you know. Pathetic.
This reminds me of the type of article that used to be published in Mike's Photo-Techniques: more information than you wanted or needed, but fun to read nonetheless.
Toggle Commented Jun 6, 2014 on Our Favorite Cameras at The Online Photographer
It's a great time for camera makers. The challenge of serious photography still exists, as always.
To Nikon “micro” means "macro", or at least it seems that way. Yet I never hear Nikon throwing around the term “macro”, so maybe it means both. As a Westerner, there’s no denying that “micro” means “small”, yet “affordable” seems to now mean “unaffordable”. Go figure.
I’d get this MBP instead: It keeps you around the thousand dollar mark, has 8GB of ram. The SSD is small (128GB), but use an external drive for image storage, etc.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2013 on Very Cheap Apple? Or—? at The Online Photographer
Fair enough Lance. I suspect I was thinking of John Camp’s X100 review here while I was responding to you. I think we can agree that the Fuji X100S is a terrific camera, probably just short of the Leica M 240 which is exponentially more expensive and full-frame.
Lance, the X100S sports split-image & focus peak highlight manual focusing options, and contrast-detect/ phase detection AF over the X100. The 16MP X-Trans sensor is a substantial improvement over the 12MP sensor. The conversions glitches have been addressed in Lightroom 4.4 and 5.2 respectively. The addition of the Q Menu button replacing the useless Raw button and a much improved menu system in general are more logical and much more user-friendly. The X100 compared to the X100S is like the buggy beta sister that never should have been released before its time. I fully understand that the X100S is a painful reminder to buyers of the X100 of the full potential not unleashed by the original release, and that it’s exasperating to realize that a Fuji X100 buyer has pulled the trigger too soon.
"Seems I remember that John Camp was going to buy a pair of GX7's. I'd be interested in his user review of this camera if he would be willing to share his insight.” Speaking of John Camp, he really needs to update his Fuji X100 review to reflect the release of the X100S. The X100S is really a different camera with its X-Trans 16mp sensor, wickedly improved auto and manual focus, and Q menu. When I read John’s review of the X100 after acquiring my own X100S, I felt I wasn’t even reading about essentially the same camera.
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2013 on Pining for Gilda at The Online Photographer
I’ve settled on APS-C; the image quality is plenty good enough for me. Speaking of APS-C, my Fuji X100S X-Trans sensor blows away anything I’ve ever shot with, including my D700. It proved to me that there’s more to picture quality than just the size of the sensor.
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2013 on Do You Really Need FF? at The Online Photographer
"My initial impression is that the Df looks as if Nikon took a D700 (or D610) body and squeezed it into an FM2-like shell.” Egads! I meant the opposite: an FM2-like shell squeezed onto a D700 body. Mike, I don’t know how you get all your exquisitely written words to behave, but my hat’s off to you. ['Tis akin to herding cats, veritably. --Mike]
My initial impression is that the Df looks as if Nikon took a D700 (or D610) body and squeezed it into an FM2-like shell. It’s retro in the way that the modern Volkswagen Beetle is retro: a Beetle body on a Golf chassis.
It’s a nice picture, and I’m sure it would look nice hanging on a wall somewhere, but it seems as if I’ve seen this picture so many times, to me, it’s a cliche. I certainly agree about the color—lovely. I look at this picture and I think that the photographer has seen many pictures like it, as have I, and he just wanted one of his own. It’s a great picture in the way that an apple is a great piece of fruit.