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Stephanie Dunton
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Yes Hi I am wishing to find history of great grand father and great grandmother families. They were John (Jean) Joseph De Charles and Catherine Duret. Married in ? Bastia, Haute Corse(Corsica) in 1830's to 1840's . Durets came from Marseilles . They had a son Louis (De Charles) born 15 August , 1841 0r 1844., in Bastia. He came to Australia in 1874 to Benalla, Victoria. Died February 16, 1919 , aged 78. I am their Great, great Granddaughter. Want to find out if any living relllys from this connection living still in France somewhere .? Wish to trace De Charles and Duret ancestors back as far as possible please. De of De Charles dropped out in Australia in 1900's.
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Jun 21, 2013