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Thx, Dude. I think he will help us exert some much needed pressure.
Remember, Matt also said Kayaa would redshirt.
Any word on AQM? I think he's set to break out---hope nothing serious getting in his way.
As the rules have changed and the schemes and play calling with that, the highest paid football positions changed also. Today QBs are obviously number 1. We are a country of almost 320 million people, and apparently have fewer than 10 guys who can reliably play NFL qb. Don't believe it? The Bengals looked around and gave the very average Andy Dalton over $100 million. Next are DEs to rush that highly important QB and a left OT to protect that asset. A true shut down CB is worth a ton of $ also, since so few guys can cover fast receivers that you are no longer allowed to give a mean look to, much less touch. Bottom line, RBs just not as important as they used to be. If you can;t reliably pass, the league will shut down your run game. Last, give the short career of NFL RBs, Duke leaving after year 3 is the only reasonable thing for him to do, especially with a degree already in hand. For similar reasons, the numerous RBs considering coming to UM should not be concerned about the #s. Spreading and limiting their carries will add longevity to their career. Need enough touches to show your stuff before heading to NFL, but teams now knocking you down if they think you've been worked too much in college.
Heaps should have gotten his PT promise from Golden and Coley instead of Thirsty and UMike.
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Gotta like a high cebdiling
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I said that yesterday. Matty is pretty clueless.
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Based on that "news" from Mattyports, we don't need any more from him.
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there is zero chance Kayaa redshirts. No way he is here for 5 years, so why would anyone do that?
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If Williams ready for tune up before Nebraska, he has a chance, depending on how Kayaa/Heaps handled first game(s). If not, he will be victim of some very unlucky timing. If Kayaa is playing and playing well, there is zero chance Williams replaces him.
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Thirsty, so your conclusion is that it was edited to make Kayaa look bad and justify the heaps nod? Or Kayaa throws a ton of interceptions. Or, it was just random footage?
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Quarterback Quandry at Canespace
Ohio Cane, totally agree on Berrios. Obviously, we were simply dreadful on 3rd and short/med passing game last year. Not sure we could put it all on Morris, but it wasn't his strong suit for sure. I think Berrios has a craftiness to him that we haven't seen much lately. As the Welkers of the world have proven, with a good qb/slot combo it is virtually impossible to stop the 5 yd pass.
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Interesting interview. I think Coley spoke for quite some time without giving anything away. Did anybody detect a "lean" in his talk? I didn't.
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Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Quarterback Quandry at Canespace
I was thinking about all the high level recruit RBs teed up. It makes sense for several to be at the U at the same time. The way the NFL contracts work now,t here basically is a 3 year deal essentially at scale for your draft position. The real big $ is made after that when have more control. The average lifespan of an NFL back is shockingly low, so----don't pound it 20 times a game in college. Play 3 years, spread the carries around, do your 3 1st contract years in NFL, the big $, then retire in kinda 1 piece.
How can we not have a #10?
The over/under for the game is 55 points. Doesn't that sound low for these offenses unless the weather turned crappy?
Dude, seems simple to me. Start the QB who you think gives you the best chance of winning. No one here close enough to the practices, what kids are being asked to work on, etc to make the call. The only interesting discussion, imho, is if the competition is really close.
Is it really THAT hard to imagine a coach promising a kid some playing time? lol Posted by: UMike | August 21, 2014 at 11:36 AM Obviously it is easy to imagine. Can't imagine why he would though.
Since we obviously are only working on opinions, I would guess Golden told heaps the job was open as he had no one (uninjured) with experience. Can't imagine promising him anything other than a shot.
Oh, and UMike why do you "think" PT was promised to Heaps.
Thirsty, I'm assuming you believe your Heaps storyline and aren't his agent or parent. I'd play Kayaa if even or near even. He has Duke and Dorsett who will be gone next year.If Heaps and/or Heaps/Williams play the majority of the season we'll be right back in the same place next year with no experience. If Heaps outperforming he gets the nod. If not, kayaa.
Thirsty, I don't agree. Just put the guy in who gives the best chance to win this game, whoever you judge that to be. A last chance grad student is going to be just as nervous as the freshman. Kayaa is a bit bigger than heaps, so more likely to be able to take a lick. Anyway, Golden and Coley will be deciding. I just hope they don't dream up some rotating nonsense.
Thirsty, just curious, why is heaps the most logical to start? Isn't it just who looks the best and you judge gives best chance to win? Not sure a last chance stop qb likely to be way less nervous than a freshman. Often the freshman don't know enough to be scared imho.
Bingo Terrance. Get the qb out there with the best chance to win. Not sure why Thirsty acting as Heaps agent. Here's the actual quote he referenced. "### Word is Brad Kaaya did not especially help or hurt his chances in Monday’s scrimmage, with Jake Heaps sidelined with an arm issue that he says isn't serious. Kaaya threw two touchdowns but his accuracy wasn’t always great on downfield throws. He goes through periods where he's very hot, and other stretches where his accuracy drops off. But UM coaches like what they've seen overall.... Seems pretty even handed to me.