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lol, Ig! There's no doubt...
Toggle Commented 11 hours ago on No Fracking In New York at JustOneMinute
Pretty much all I know about Cuba is that, like DoT, I like No. 2s. Is there a good primer on the web discussing the embargo and its merits or flaws?
Toggle Commented 12 hours ago on Cuba Libre at JustOneMinute
Buy low and sell high? Oh, carp...
Toggle Commented yesterday on Cuba Libre at JustOneMinute
Very nice, TK. B-58 Hustler was the baddest ride in the sky. Great lines.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Raaaacism! at JustOneMinute
lol - I saw that, OL! Holy income inequality!!
Toggle Commented yesterday on Raaaacism! at JustOneMinute
Sick in bed, narciso. I've never been a proponent of flu shots until now. Bad stuff.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Raaaacism! at JustOneMinute
It would have been racist if the person had asked her to retrieve the Chewbacca action figure from the top shelf...
Toggle Commented yesterday on Raaaacism! at JustOneMinute
Here you go, DoT:
Thanks for that info, DoT! I'll check him out in the Bama archives...
*too* sick. Argh. Still two sick too spell...
I have not, DoT. @OL: I've been to sick to snark - which is really sick!! ;)
Thank goodness Jeb is thinking of running in 2016!! What could be more exciting?! Wheeeeeee!!!! Kill me now... p.s. Please consider getting a flu shot, if you haven't already. I've been down for five days. Nasty stuff. Ugh.
In honor of Marcus Mariota's Maxwell Award this evening, the below link is to the greatest ballad ever written by a Maxwell Award winner (and Outland Trophy winner and All-American). I had the pleasure of meeting Mike in the late seventies when he and my brother were collaborating on some songwriting (nothing ever published). When I first met him I was most impressed that he was a former Penn State linebacker and former Bengal, but by the time he left, I was most impressed by what a fine gentleman he was. And still is, I'm sure.
Sounds like you're short in the cash and crotch departments, Bennie. So, put up or shut up, pencil dick. p.s. glad you're comfortable calling women 'bimbos'. Another tell.
Quit being a pussy, Ben. It's tedious.
Cute, Ben. I'll spot you an inch and bet you $100,000 an inch. Hope you have lots of liquidity, Corky.
I'm taking TBD to win it all, Steph!! :)
Logs, hummers, and tossing salads. Clearly you failed the two-thirds test, sweetheart...
I meant faggot, Ben, but feel free to keep dreaming of 'hummers' and tossing your boyfriend's salad.
Without exception, I've always employed the two-thirds rule for assessing men: football, golf, guns/hunting. If you don't enjoy at least two of those then you're a damned sissy. Or worse, a homer...
There is certainly brutality dispensed by law enforcement around the country. Here's one in my backyard. Doesn't fit the narrative, but it's awful, nonetheless. Street synopsis: Guy messes with the significant other of a Sheriff's department employee. Guy ends up in a state colloquially referred to as d-e-a-d, dead. Dead dude's friend raises Hell about the killing and finds himself in the hospital with a severe beating. Friend sues and collects $675k. FBI catches wind of this and is investigating.
They need to stop all that rioting and burning crap in Berkeley - UCB owes me some another check and I don't want it to be collateral damage! ;)
@Ig: He did say something about being fruitful and multiplying this morning. :)
Iggy@1:56 - Progtards are cute when they accidentally reveal their true intentions in a pique of frustration...
@Buckeye: I'm not above saying I'm skeered, and I'm skeered of OSU! They are on-fire hot at the moment. Should be a heck of a game. p.s. all Ferrari washes are done strictly by the bikini babes. If y'all win a trip in the left seat is all yours...