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C'mon, Jordan!! You can do it!!
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2015 on Go, Carly! at JustOneMinute
I guess it's just a little obvious that I care very deeply about the South. And equally obvious that I'm sick of reading and hearing on a daily basis about all its 'sins' as if it were still 1860 or 1960. Or the suggestion that slavery was only practiced in the South, or that racism is purely a southern atrocity. Not saying that I'm reading those ideas here, but it's so prevalent on the news and blogs as to be sickening. Maybe y'all don't see it because it doesn't affect (most of) you, but it affects me. I'm as much Southern as I am male or Christian or white. Exacerbating the current kerfuffle is that it's being exploited by people who have no honor whatsoever. It's terribly ironic that a movement built entirely on hate, jealousy, and stupidity - but allegedly antithetical to those very traits - could so energetically slur myself and those geographically similar. My lack of expletives belies my fury, as I am truly enraged by this narrative, and I fear that it's not going away soon. I'm going to step away for a few days so that I don't have a come-apart, as we're wont to say down here... Pax
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2015 on Obama Hasn't Done Ship at JustOneMinute
lol, lyle. I should have gone piano, piano.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2015 on Obama Hasn't Done Ship at JustOneMinute
That was not directed at you, Jack! I guess I should have created an account at Althouse and posted it there. :)
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2015 on Obama Hasn't Done Ship at JustOneMinute
I may have used the word 'fuck' in the previous comment. I apologize.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2015 on Obama Hasn't Done Ship at JustOneMinute
I've lived in the South forever and I've know some real rednecks and a shit-ton of Bubbas, and I've never once - ever - heard a single fucking person mention, even remotely, returning to fucking slavery. I've never heard a single mother fucking person even praise slavery. What in the flying fuck do people think about the residents of the South? Fuck me runnin'. I'm so fucking sick and tired of people bashing the South. Fuck anybody sideways who harbors any of those thoughts towards some of the finest fucking people not only in our country, but on this whole fucking planet. Un. Fucking. Real.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2015 on Obama Hasn't Done Ship at JustOneMinute
If any of y'all are watching Vandy in the CWS, their closer Kyle Wright is a local boy. He is supposed to be the shnizzle.
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2015 on Obama Hasn't Done Ship at JustOneMinute
I'd like to hear Danube's opinion on this matter. And while I could liky guess his general response, he'd offer an insight that few of us here could garner.
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2015 on Obama Hasn't Done Ship at JustOneMinute
Pretty sure I don't actually know any, DD. There are a few older guys who I know out in the county who make Whisky, and I wouldn't be shocked to hear it about them back in the day. But, times have changed - even in the outskirts - and have changed for the better.
I was gonna bring all my KKK buddies with me, Dave! ;)
Over local news at noon just kicked off with a 'confederate flag controversy' teaser. The left does it again. Damn the reality, full meme ahead!
Oops. Friends in Tampa, DD in London. Never mind.
Dang it, DublinDave! If I'd have known you were in Tampa I'd have bought you a beer or three last month when I was down your way. I assume the Mons Venus would have been amicable...
Well, Ig, we fall into the structure of reason during every prog false narrative and simply have to remember that they're not hampered by linear thought. I'll go back to DublinDave's comment this morning about on to Mississippi. None of this had anything to do with the flag or Mississippi, but that doesn't preclude them taking off - with the media in tow - to their next mission. I have a solution for this - as do many here - but when the party that best represents many of our views continues to act as an enabling, battered spouse, we are good and truly f*cked.
The friction between the gays and the black churchgoers may be one of the dims' touchiest conflicts. The churchgoers were significant Prop 8 opponents and expect lib candidates to pander to them during election season Sundays. The gays are the shiny new toy with a lot of media access and quite a few bucks. Something has to give. *Popcorn*
Sotomayor is a travesty. How incredibly insecure do you have to be to call yourself a wise Latina. What an idiot.
Lynyrd Skynyrd CDs hardest hit.
Regardless of gender identity or gender expression? I assume that restroom is located near the cisnormative water fountain?
What about me? I have long, beautiful hair!! :)
Nigga, please!! It's not just for breakfast anymore.
That would be bacon abuse, henry! ;)
Apparently he did deliver a eulogy for Ft. Hood. Without mentioning terrorism or Nadal's relationship with Islam, so screw him regardless. He'll sure as shit harp on racism and more as he further politicizes this shooting.
Serious question: did that fucker deliver a eulogy for the Ft. Hood victims?
Zero to give Charleston eulogy. Race pimps gotta pimp.
The leftist meme generator never sleeps.