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Game Day is literally 900' from the Tri-Delta house and the younger Beastette isn't there! I told her that her Padge was about to get in the car and come kick her butt!! :)
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Happy Birthday, narciso!!
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Roll Tide!!
A few things before I head out for the night: - The NeverTrumpers aren't coming back - they've dug in for all they're worth. Furthermore, if they suddenly announce a last-minute conversion, it hardly mitigates the months and months and months that they've trashed the candidate and his supporters. - I believe that the recently convicted General had compromised a single document. What's worse, is that I've read they went after him severely to recapture their reputation in light of the Hillary investigation. Got that? I can't quite process that logic string without a plethora of obscenities. Nytol
JOM: now available in stereo! :)
That's my take on the situation, as well, Tom R. There's a huge disinterested swath on the right side of the spectrum that have felt like 'What difference does my vote make - they don't care about me.' Trump is reaching them, in my opinion, and why the present hand-wringing about getting to 90% of the traditional Republucan vote is not as important. That's the understood strategy, anyway. We'll know in a few weeks whether the silenced majority is a real factor, or not.
lol, Porch!! :)
Trump looks good in tails. Wait, is that what I was supposed to be looking at? ;)
Only in the South: I just passed a woman in a pickup truck, and her bumper sticker read 'I'm out of estrogen and I have a gun'. :)
An impressive resume? Coat tails, carpet bagging, and frequent flyer miles? Oh, and don't forget the criminal conspiracies and perjury. Yes, yes - impressive, indeed!! Clever.
Prayers your way, Joan.
Please watch the Kristol meltdown at henry's 3:27 link. It is glorious!!
Where's your proof that he has a steadily dwindling audience, Cecil?
Very good points, TK!! Good grief, there's credible evidence that the GOPe was trying to overturn the outcome of the primaries as recently as two weeks ago! Losers, all.
Don't forget: Gore conceded in 2000 and then retracted his concession. So I'm sick and [redacted] tired of this accept-the-results crap!!
Well stated, Thomas Collins! Also, conspiring to deprive citizens of their right to peaceful assembly - and actually resorting to violence to achieve that end, as they did - is a massive violation of civil rights. I'd like to see Giuliani prosecute that case when he becomes AG.
Yes, TLG, she revealed TS/NC2 information to the public. An incredible breach. That's a criminal offense. Worse still, is that because such information is special access (SAP), she has no reason to be read-in to the program, meaning, her husband probably divulged that incredibly sensitive information to her.
That's great, Buckeye!! The younger Beastette sold her student section seat for $175.00! She said it'll pay for her whole weekend of parties. lol
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Freddy Versus Jason, Finale at JustOneMinute
I stand with James D. As always...
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Freddy Versus Jason, Finale at JustOneMinute
And, yes, our launch control sequence times are Top Secret/Nuclear Command and Control (TS/NC2) data. An egregious violation of national security information.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Freddy Versus Jason, Finale at JustOneMinute
I don't even understand the acceptance question. If he loses, he loses. There's nothing he can do. He doesn't command an army or a law enforcement entity. The worst thing he can do is pull Trump Steaks™ off the market. ;) But seriously - and this is where the chattering classes are once again completely missing the crux of this election - people who have seen jobs and opportunities lost and their health insurance premiums double, don't give a single rip about his non-answer to an unserious question. Another tempest in a teapot, that ignores the real issues facing so many voters. Trump had the perfect approach.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Freddy Versus Jason, Finale at JustOneMinute
Please tell me that she didn't reveal the arming and command sequence time for our ICBMs...
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Freddy Versus Jason, Finale at JustOneMinute
Beasts delurking for one (lengthy) comment. I'm not much of a cheerleader and am not the best at pep talks or inspiration, but here goes: We've arrived at a candidate with several flaws. Some of us can easily dismiss those in the context of this election, but others find those flaws to be substantive. I would never argue against the latter position, and even have sympathy for their predicament, but... Where we exist at the moment is not as much the instant vote, but the greater trajectory of the country. Adding four to eight years of a leftist administration continuing from eight years of the same will not have a linear impact - it will be exponential, and tragic. We're also in an unprecedented (in my lifetime) election where the right is fighting the left, its candidate, her substantial apparatus, an unleashed media, and a significant segment of our own party. These are extraordinary times, and those are daunting obstacles. What can't be allowed to happen is to be disheartened. It's the only way they can win. Please hang tough for three more weeks. Don't be persuaded by grossly biased polls. Don't be moved by media duplicity. Don't be dissuaded by the recalcitrance and cowardice of the right. Fighting hard and fighting smart for twenty-one more days is a comparative holiday versus the literal revolt that could result from her election, resulting lawlessness, and probable tyranny. Ultimately, the enthusiasm is on our side. The millions of overlooked and ignored are on our side. And most importantly, the proven approaches to liberty and prosperity are on our side. Hold the courage of your convictions and convey a positive message wherever and whenever you can. Remain certain that the divine providence which guided the founding of this nation can't be undermined by a small cadre of insulated elitists, nor can the consent of the governed be easily overturned. MAGA
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Deerhunter at JustOneMinute
Totally wrong, Sue, but I'm sick and fucking tired of people who wallow in negativity, and who can't differentiate between polls and turnout. Romney had no momentum, no turnout, and no enthusiasm. Totally different voter interest now versus 2008/12 - that's where Ballard has been wrong; so blow that snark out of your ass... Adios
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2016 on A New Tradition! at JustOneMinute