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The writer quoted above was Jonah Goldberg. This is my surprised face.
Toggle Commented 1 hour ago on OMG I Blame Trump! at JustOneMinute
I notice that King George wasn't persuaded by the ideal rhetoric of the Declaration. I notice that the left is not persuaded by the ideal formation of the Constitution. Then shit happens.
If we're gonna have a non-citizen as president, can we at least have the Swedish bikini cop?
Ig@2:07 - Ding, ding, ding!!
How 'bout Scotty Moore from Nashville. ;)
'A little too much hip for parlor, dear.' Thread winner.
I'm not always certain how personalities translate from JOM to real life, lyle. Of the three JOMers I've met, I could have identified them from their posts without an introduction; but I'm totally different in person - I don't say a whole lot. Very much a listener... Maybe I should adopt that here. ;)
Knopfler, Lee and, 'some other dude' rocking out. Nice Super 400 CES hanging around Mark's neck. :)
'patented loquaciousness'. Hahaha!
That, and Geddy Lee is Gary Weinrib. His very Yiddish-speaking grandmother couldn't pronounce 'Gary'. I have a buddy who sits next to him at Blue Jays games... Awesome report on Albert - he influenced a lot of great players. Knopfler for one. Glad you enjoyed it!!
The Bosis shotgun with the engraved pheasants was as beautiful as any gun I've ever seen... Must. Not. Get. A. Shotgun. Jones.
I think she'll get a dead cat bounce. Although, according to some, their convention was the bee's knees, so we'll see.
I'm a little late catching up (I have a note!) but the overnight discussion and photos were totes hilarious! Thanks to all who made me smile this morning - you know I love y'all... :)
That's a peach, Ig!! ~ ~ ~ Let's see: six hours of sleep minus 9:00 am - that's gives us until 3:00 am, Steph!! We're in good shape! ;) ~ ~ ~ Nytol
some = comes. Stoopid fat fingers.
Here some henry and his assault trebuchet with the bayonet lugs... :)
At the time of the Revolution, private citizens owned cannon and warships, Theo. I'm probably against the private ownership of thermo-nuclear weapons, but I can't justify it via the Constitution.
You have a reply, Steph!! We won't tell anybody about our side trip to the Gold Club!! lol
They're not for everyone, Theo - and I understand that perspective. But, in all seriousness, do you appreciate the beauty of the top-end guns? I'll never own one, but they are sublime.
It messes up the tempo, Captain. I don't like it at all, and it's at one of the greatest tracks - Baltusrol.
If our Founders didn't own guns, we'd be calling a flashlight a torch - and I don't want any part of that...
Very few Beesley's found on the Internet, JM Hanes - first I'd heard of him. The few I found, however, are quite lovely. Rara avis.
Fried Jell-O? Huh.
Hearty sounding, indeed, narciso! ~ ~ ~ We are due for some JOM gun porn, Ig. It's been a while...
That would be incredible, narciso. We certainly have some great cooks with varied palates. What did you submit?