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Some of the changes to the Ryder Cup selection process are much needed and should help the USA become competitive again. Holding one automatic qualifier until the end of the season would have helped in 2014 and the increase of Captain's picks to four from three is similarly positive. Yet, speaking of Captains, the choice of Davis Love III should be enough to offset any net gains in the selection process. And announcing Tom 'puka shells' Lehman as a Vice Captain is heinous. I'm sure Ricky Fowler and the other young guns have soooooooo much in common with puka boy. Ugh. Screw the PGA. p.s. Have a nice day!! 😎
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More than a foot of snow in some areas. Records broken in most. Beautiful. Temps will be in the forties by this afternoon, so not too much inconvenience. Got the requisite snow photos - back to bed...
Snowmageddon is about an hour away. I'm a bad Southerner - instead of white bread and milk, I bought lox, bagels, cream cheese, two bottles of good red and a 2" thick Porterhouse for two. Just brought my egg under the eave, so I can do some grilling. Hopefully my little snow bunny will make it over the hill before the 'blizzard' so that we can be snowed-in in proper Beasts fashion. :)
Dana Milbank is a member of Skull and Bones? Dang, henry, can you talk to the kewl kidz in The Tomb and tell 'em to tighten it up a little bit...
What's the beauty of being a Hungarian, Italian, English, Comanche mutt? I get to identify with Attila the Hun, Enzo Ferrari, James Bond and Quanah Parker. That's why my wallet is the one that says 'Bad Mother Fucker'.
The Italian Americans now showing on PBS. Hey, it's got Scalia on it - it's gotta be good. What sound does a Pirelli make when it goes flat?
A tip of the chef's toque to the two finalists on MasterChef Junior. One finalist presented a lamb rib chop with a white asparagus purΓ©e, the other plated a beef cheek ravioli. I wish I had taste-a-vision...
Creepy fondler Biden mentioned at the CVE all those extremists using the Bible to justify their actions. False equivalence all the way down, folks. These people are nothing but terrorist sympathizers. If y'all don't care, then I don't care, but I gotta say this: these are dark fucking times for the USA. The darkest in fifty years. Obama and company have to be legally neutralized. Immediately. Whatever it takes. The country can't survive two more years of treason. Yes, I fucking said treason. Aid and comfort to the fucking enemy. As I've said before: I have the finances and means to get me and mine out of harm's way. Not the way I want it to go down, but it's going to take every decent and rational US citizen to stand up to this bullshit and to do so now. /rant
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2015 on That Weird "Rule of Law" Thingy at JustOneMinute
It looks like Imam Hussein Obama wants to import thousands of new Syrian Muslims into the United States. Wake the fuck up, America. Wake the fuck up... p.s. Joyeux Mardi Gras
The SNL Band was top-notch. Lots of top players covering a very wide range of genres. Good stuff. And G. E. Smith played some insanely fine vintage guitars. I think most were on loan from Mandolin Brothers in NYC.
And in a sign of the apocalypse, Miley Cyrus just knocked '50 Ways To Leave Your Lover' out of the park. I didn't know she had chops like that.
McCartney is slattering 'Baby I'm Amazed' on the SNL 40th show. Never heard his voice this awful. Totally bizarre and really sad...
Thanks, henry - I wondered about that distinction.
I believe that they count those who have spoken directly to God, e.g., Noah, Jesus, Adam, as prophets.
I've always found snobs to be extremely insecure, Jane, so that makes perfect sense. :)
@Jane: Ol' Ron really beclowned himself with the 'big time' comment. What an jerk...
I like the redesign of No. 15 at Pebble. It used to be a real nothing of a hole, but the new bunkering gives it a better look and - based on all the sprayed tee shots - has the pros concerned about the beach...
I accept your non-apology, hit. ;)
Unless it was hit. lol
The loser troll copied my avatar photo, rich. What a pitiful existence. Good grief...
Register with Typepad, Miss Marple, then you can have a self-designated avatar. That will prevent the unmedicated coward from stealing your identity.
Great shoot-out in Chicago as they prevailed over Pittsburgh...
Audio of me crunching numbers would bore an accountant to death, OL!! I hate it when reality interferes with my fun...
Thank you, Frau! I should have checked in!! ;)