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I'd be remiss not to plug my near-vegetarian lifestyle. I eat meat once per week, to wit: three, 2"-thick lamb chops last night, and my weight is down from an embarrassing 245lbs. about five years ago to a range of 198-205lbs. since hitting that zone about three years ago. I don't have chronic hunger pangs. And, for men of a certain age, there is a rather extraordinary side benefit, as well. I won't spell-out what that benefit is, but it's me, Beasts, you can probably guess...
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Is In 'N Out a regional chain? None around here. Even the closest Whataburger is in Birmingham.
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Surprised one of the burger joints hasn't jumped on the lettuce-as-bun concept. They certainly have some lettuce sitting around...
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Weight loss: the ultimate first world problem.
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lol, henry! 14 Hands does a nice Chardonnay. Their reds are a bit touch and go, but not at all bad... >>>>> New Thread
Is that head shot best for DKEs or ducks? Or both? ;)
I'd like to see the Reps take it right back to the dims by proposing a $20 minimum wage. Make the dims explain how an arbitrary and unilateral wage increase kills jobs and the economy.
What's your goose gun, henry? I remember lusting after your trap rig earlier this year - don't let me down! ;)
@henry: Our early season bag limit for Canadas is five; three during the regular season. My right shoulder absolutely refuses to consider 25! ;)
New episode of MasterChef on shortly. If they can beat the dinner I just unleashed, I'll eat my shorts for dessert. Not bragging, of course...
@henry - Guns are blazing across the lake. Our early Canada Goose season opened today and it sounds like someone else will be eating well this evening, too!
@lyle: SE at $600 a bottle is probably an investment I could have considered. I have one bottle (empty) in my display because I love their woodblock label. Never got into the Graves too much - would love to hear a review on the Haut-Brion when that day comes. Nice cellar, Ig! What vintage is the Jelly Belly drink? By the way, she was a big-time liberal - if I ever hung around long enough to discuss guns, I'd have been disappointed, I'm sure...
Where'd you get the large format Vieux Château Certan bottles, JiB? ;)
Time for an early dinner. 2" thick lamb loin chops, wild rice, mushroom and red wine glaze and haricot verts with slivered almonds. No Screaming Eagle, but I think I have a half-bottle of Ch. Giscours tucked away somewhere here at the lake. Film at 11:00!
If you ever see me with a bottle of Screaming Eagle, you'll know that aliens have invaded my body, lyle. A bizarrely bad juice. And Kroenke is an ass, to boot! lol
Funny note, anonamom: on our first date, the MD grabbed my wine glass to taste my Cabernet. I guess I flinched, because she asked me if I were a germ-a-phobe. I guess I should have told her 'You have no idea where my lips have been!' lol
Do you kiss your Momma with that mouth, Exasperated?
Yikes, anonamom. The only time I've truly freaked out is after I discovered that my second long-term girlfriend had been injecting crystal meth. And you can bet I went through the embarrassment of being tested for every known disease after that fiasco. I'm probably not the complete man-whore that I tease about here on JOM, but I've had more than a dozen partners since my seperation and divorce. I will investigate the vaccine. Again, yikes.
lol, Ig! I forgot to ask her opinions on Maseratis and rifles! ;)
Damnit, JiB - you've already guessed my avocatioanal! And I denounce myself...
Exasperated now stuck on stoopid! lol
Y'all are cute. Really, really cute. ;) @anonamom: Glad you put "date" in scare quotes! Ha!! I truly enjoyed my few dates with the MD, but at the end of the day, I didn't want to corrupt her. And I mean that sincerely. She was beautiful and kind, but she had led a sheltered life and probably would have had her hair curled if she hung around my deviant ways too much longer...
Exasperated has the unique skill of picking on JOM subject matter experts to debate topics on which he (or she) is a dilettante. Next up: debating guitars with Gus or trebuchets with henry.
Only one slice of cheddar cheese on the Meat Mountain? Sounds like at least two would be indicated! ;)
Great news, JiB! Heartwarming to see and read about your Father and Son adventures. So wonderful...