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Phillip Wooten
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I agree whole-heartedly. The are *many* honorable black people, but these people (Sharpton, Jackson, etc.) show-up when there's a camera, stir-up protesters and pollute the black race - they are not the black race, they are corrupt people interested in personal gain, that happen to be black. Most of these "protesters" receive gov't assistance and when they perceive change is needed, they shout "somebody got to do something" ... instead of "doing something" themselves by supporting their families & instilling values in their children. You will NEVER hear the Jacksons, Sharptons, etc. mention accountability, responsibility & controlling your own destiny. These "protesters" are empowered to do nothing other than blab their mouths & hold their hands out for gov't freebies - they lack character, moral-fiber & integrity. The "protesters" need to right-the-ship in their own culture, instead of breeding thugs & letting the government be the "baby daddy" for their illegitimate kids. Wake-up people, listen long & hard to Bill Cosby - he speaks the truth!
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Aug 1, 2013