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Willard Woodrow
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Calvin doesn't care any more about Miami than Gallo or Soldy or any other Blog Troll that posts on here. Don't engage him on any topic, whether it's Randy Shannon or the team's future or even what he had for lunch. He can't talk about how the Gators are going to manhandle us, so he has to stir people up other ways. Just ignore his nonsense snd deny him the power to run the blog into the ditch... Nice win this weekend. I don't care if the Canes are 'all the way back' or not - we beat those SOB Gators in the last game of the series those chicken bleeps are willing to play us. They have the lasting image of quitting a series against us TWICE for fear of losing. We OWN them. 'Nuff said.
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Sep 7, 2013