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Very interesting discussion. Over the years I've rented servers and colocated my own servers. More recently, I thought I'd try out cloud hosting for my new sites which book hotels online and book excursions online. At first, I was plagued with problems with the cloud hosting. The server crashed and wouldn't come back up after a restart and as for speed, snails pace to put it mildly! I'm sure the hosting company got thoroughly sick of me in the first few weeks. I've been working with Windows and Linux servers for years, so I knew that I'd set it all up correctly. I just couldn't understand what was wrong. The sites were offline for 5 days and I decided that any more problems afterwards, I would go back to colocated dedicated servers. As it happens, that was the last time it crashed. Something hadn't been set up right with the virtual server itself and after then it's been a dream, very reliable, very stable. One of the sites has over 6 million pages and as traffic volumes increased, I've been able to increase memory and disc space without affecting the sites at all. All in all, I think virtual servers are the future. What happens when I need more than the maximum my host can provide, I'm not sure of yet, but I will cross that bridge when I come to in.
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Sep 27, 2013