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@Agu_Nnamdi, exactly! In irb, you can say: puts "I am genius" and in ISE (Widows PowerShell), you can say: "Not really!" without even "puts". @Jeff Atwood, why not redoing StackExchange in Ruby? You may get blessings by all the anti-MSFT trolls out there... and perhaps some kind of a reward too! Its riding the bandwagon. Anyway you cut it, saying one is better than the other is lame. Its just an utter BS and you know that. Love technology. If you gotta use it, just use it which one you see fits. Don't do the farewell speeches on a computer language (!)... Its so stupid "if you squint your eyes a little", you are just spreading hate and chaos.. not really productive.. unless you are transformed into someone like: dotnet.destroy! unless dotnet.belongs_to? :google - go haters go go go! and keep going...
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2013 on Why Ruby? at Coding Horror
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Oct 9, 2013