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Greetings as a "veteran" Special Education teacher, I hear your pain but want to offer tons of support. It is true that it gets easier but only if you use those "Systems of Organization" mentioned. SPED teachers have to be ultra organized in order to meet all the challenges of the job. I could comment on many of the items you listed, but want to offer just one suggestion. I have found that is you have a set agenda for your IEP meetings and that you even try to put time limits on how much time you will discuss each issue, (unless parents want to talk more...don't cut them short); it really helps. I am not sure if you are at an elementary or secondary school, but I found that IEP meetings had ways of becoming parent teacher conferences at the secondary level and that is not their purpose. An agenda keeps people focused on the purpose of the meeting and moving forward. Set a time limit and then if necessary offer to finish later. You'd be surprised how often the meeting can be completed in the time limit if people are motivated by not wanting to have to come to another meeting! Just my thoughts. Keep your chin up. The rewards can be awesome.
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Oct 9, 2013