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Jenna, You are welcome! I am glad that you appreciated it! Good luck in your efforts to advocate for more professional development for you and your colleagues! Adrien
Amy, I'm so glad there were things that I shared that were beneficial for you! iPads are so motivating and so mainstream! What great tools to use! Good luck in your new job! Adrien
Griffith12, You are absolutely right! Makes me think of "Of Mice and Men" - the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Lesson plans are always subject to change depending on the day or the minute or the students or any other myriad of conditions! We certainly work in a "trial and error" field where we constantly have to reflect on ourselves and analyze our own effectiveness. Adrien
Erica, since I wrote this entry my district has moved forward with plans for actually implementing some of these concepts. Each content area has come together, sorted through all of their TEKS (I am a Texan too!), and collaboratively identified a handful that they determine to be "essential skills," defined as skills that facilitate knowledge and skills that extend beyond a test date, that a valuable across multiple disciplines, and that provide readiness for the next level of education in their life. Those identified TEKS will then become the focus of all planning and instruction next school year instead of the scatter shot approach of all bazillion TEKS. I'm very excited to see how this all works out!
Lorin, it's really is something that you take for granted! All those social cues that see so natural to most of us are like a foreign language to so many of our students! Keep up the good work and don't be afraid to try new strategies for teaching and practicing those skills! Adrien
Thanks for your comments John! I end up taking things back to Bloom's taxonomy a lot. This is another good example. Reading facilitates comprehension (the bottom of that taxonomy), then discussion and writing facilitate the higher levels of application, analysis, and synthesis. Those high levels is where you develop critical thinking skills that will get students through college and life! Adrien
Adrienne, I am glad to hear that you are using music as well! I've discovered that it is much "easier" to incorporate music with younger children and "harder" with older children and teens because their tastes are so varied! Music is a wonderful resource though. It can act as the vessel for learning new information or as a reward for desired behaviors or as a cue for routines. So much fun! Adrien
That is an interesting perspective Kniffin - the student who wants to take it to the "next level." Keeping him within the norms of the social situation while still wanting to encourage his unique skill development. Could you possibly redirect him to other outlets? Extra curricular or community based perhaps?
I agree Pamela! Student #2 is the one I had the very hardest time with! I think you are right about student #3 as well - there is just no filter! Adrien
Brady, you are certainly not alone! :) Student teaching is a great time to recognize that difference between theories taught in college and reality in the classroom. You will find new strategies and solutions as time goes on. I continue to find them after 3 1/2 years! It's certainly not easy but I think that's part of what I love about teaching! Adrien is now following The Typepad Team
Oct 15, 2013