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According to the charts above, the Surface Pro uses 8.9 Watts and the Surface Pro 2 uses 6.68 Watts on their newer web browsing test. Keep in mind this is a newer, harder test. In their Surface Pro review, it got 6 hours (7 Watts) on their web suite. (7 Watts is actually a fair number, because I'm running about 6.5 W right now.) If the Surface Pro 2's drain in their newer test were to drop by 1 W, it would get eight hours of battery life. If it dropped by 2 W, it would get 9.8 hours. The Surface Pro is constantly running a Wacom digitizer and touchscreen, and is pushing twice the pixels. I think it's safe to say that it's not QUITE as bad a comparison, and you'd likely get 8.5 hours to the Air's 11. Basically, I'm not convinced they're running the same benchmarks. Either way, yes, Windows had better stop with the gimmicks and actually undertake some massive updates to the infrastructure. is now following The Typepad Team
Oct 23, 2013