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Nice job! Since DEO has shut down all comments on its FaceBook account we are gaining steam and double checking their math. Yesterday we calculated the call center numbers and we posted they will need 100's more employees. Within two hours DEO issued a release they are hiring hundreds more. So although DEO shut us out it appears they now visit us. We believe we forced their early disclosure! The people are being heard! Keep in mind that first week of November DEO was blaming the media and the claimants for the errors and that could bite them in the fanny when they now try to blame Deloitte. The Governor and Jesse may appear to be crying wolf one two many times to regain their office of communications creditability. Having Deloitte and DEO go at it may expose some lobbying issues we the people will benefit to hear. Here is our discussion investigating the numbers
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Well as Ed Jenkins has indicated his desire to shut down websites it appears the DEO is listening. On December 10, 2013 the Floride DEO refused any more public participation on it Facebook page. The is a fundamental problems with silencing debate and that is it is a foundational component of our representative democracy. Doing deeds like that actually helps those build opposition. We have had over 500 participants viewing our discussion in the past 7 days. We have over 400 signatures on a petition and we have 5 people managing a Facebook page that has over 60 "likes". If The DEO and the administration doesn't want participation that's fine we can correct that here and again in November 2014 to help him in his desires.
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Oct 30, 2013