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Sherrie Flick
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Big Jim's in the Run When I asked Peter Oresick if he'd like to drink with me, I suggested one of my favorite Pittsburgh bars, Big Jim's. Big Jim's isn't like the other establishments Drinks with Poets has featured this week; it isn't a re-done dive bar or a bar with artisan anything. It's, as I like to say, a bar-bar. A place where you can get a thin yellow beer and a shot of whiskey--a basket of fries. A place where the bartenders will change the channel to Law and Order as easily as the Steelers. Big Jim's is,... Continue reading
Posted Nov 10, 2013 at The Best American Poetry
The Livermore 124 S. Highland Ave. East Liberty, Pittsburgh Or Promise a Poem by Midnight By Yona Havey Take care, battleborn barkeeps. Handlebar mustaches anchor this Evening. Atmosphere? Autumn in a short glass. “Live long and prosper” or lay low & holler If the spirits move you. Very serious poets rarely write “very,” or Err on the side of milk cartons, or Readily praise Akron, Ohio, that city More circle than square. Two blocks Over, pork shoulder sold by the pound. Eh-hem, Raise your hand for another. Eh-hem, East Liberty, this round’s on me. Pittsburgh has a cityscape. Some hipsters... Continue reading
Posted Nov 9, 2013 at The Best American Poetry
Cappuchini with skim milk and brown sugar. My favorite place to get coffee in Pittsburgh is Voluto’s on Penn Avenue in Garfield. I live in the neighborhood, and I also teach creative writing across the street at a rehab center, so it’s convenient, which is why I first started going there. It’s a safe, quiet place to sit in the mornings before heading across the street to work with those who are struggling to find their own safe places. Hemingway would have called it a “clean, well-lighted place.” The coffee is excellent, especially the cappuccino, just the right mix of... Continue reading
Posted Nov 8, 2013 at The Best American Poetry
Today, I drink with two poets who explore how and where and when and why we drink. From Kelly's Bar to Salt of the Earth. --Sherrie Flick Salt of the Earth - Jessica Server Before my senior year at Boston University, I was introduced to the Cantab Lounge. I had just turned 21, had just returned from living abroad (where I’d discovered my tolerance for tequila), and after having spent most of my life acting older than my years, had just learned to embrace the peak of my youth. A Central Square dive, the Cantab became a kind of classroom... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2013 at The Best American Poetry
In Pittsburgh people like to give directions by referencing places that no longer exist. Thus: Butterjoint is where More's used to be. More's (pronounced more-ayes), a fine old-time dining establishment, had an ancient bartender who knew his cocktails and the appropriate glasses in which to serve them. A giant piano sat stuffed into the corner with a faithful group gathered round belting out show tunes. It was dark and dank and fading, and we knew it was destined to close, but we loved More's and often hung out there, the youngest patrons at the bar by about 30 years. Butterjoint,... Continue reading
Posted Nov 6, 2013 at The Best American Poetry
Many Monday nights I climb the stairs to Harvard & Highland in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The bar sits above its sister institution Union Pig & Chicken, and you can order from UP&C's menu until 11pm. I teach until 9:30. They have barbequed tofu, mac n cheese, and greens. They also have an assortment of, I am told, delicious meat, but I am a vegetarian and that this comfort food is available to me post-classroom is almost as luscious as the space itself. Harvard & Highland is a comfy urban bird's nest--snuggled up above the concrete. Streetlight glow... Continue reading
Posted Nov 5, 2013 at The Best American Poetry
It seems to me I’ve always been friends with poets. Even in the midst of graduate school--when people sometimes picked teams—you could find me at the poet table waving at the fiction writers. I am, I should note, a fiction writer and a food writer. So I feel like a bit of an imposter guest blogging here, but I also feel at home. Hello friends! Poets! Hello. Sit down. Would you like something to drink? For 10 years I served as Artistic Director for the Gist Street Reading Series in Pittsburgh. There, we hosted a prose writer and a poet... Continue reading
Posted Nov 4, 2013 at The Best American Poetry
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