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You Can't put 10,000 kids in the UM Football rooster each year, we pick what we can and the rest goes nation wide. The NCAA always hated the U and even suggesting to us that we are monopolizing college football by obtaining the best players nation wide, it's not our fault they are all from south Florida high schools and from Florida. The writer states that we should be par with the Hookies? We have been sanctioned by the NCAA and watched like a hawk for some time now and in par with no one, we were ranked by ghost ranking and even surprised we have come this far. GO CANES
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You can blow my knee 10 times when I sign my million dollar contract in the NFL, but all of these college kids have taken a toll and they might not see a NFL team, having all these injuries, Remember play it safe, tackle at best you can, play at best you can, this is the motto in college football, That's why no one wants to blow a knee for fans like you on a empty stadium, but on Sundays in the NFL? they won't care if you watch them or not? They are signed in the NFL in the Millions, so blow both of knees all you want, Maybe Duke Johnson can play and score more points, but he won't see a NFL team. GO CANES, Cane Fan 1970's
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Remember, we were ghost ranked this year and NCAA sanctions has crippled this organization and VT, FSU, etc,,, never had a recruiting/ sanction problem vs we did, we also have injuries and lost commitments, look at the stadium, we also have poor team support in south florida, go to another teams stadium and they can have the worst record and still the community goes and support them. Remember this is not a football league, it's college sports, kids going to school. I'm happy we even made it this far.
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Remember 1/4 of FSU team, couldn't come to The University of Miami football program due to the sanctions placed by the NCAA and recruitment has been on deadlock for years, FSU was recruiting on normal bases and taking all of our prospect players for years like all other teams in the nation, we also had injured players on the side line from previous games, one QB and Duke don't win games a whole team does, also we got a play taken away from us that could have turn the game around, 1/4 of miami players played high school football in the same team with these FSU players so what's the big Hipe? All the super stars are being pumped out from Miami, Fl, schools NOT Tallahassee schools. Jimbo Fischer couldn't coach his way into anything, at least coach Golden has a solid track record a nobody making things turn around as a coach, FSU pretty much played poorly since they weren't sanctioned by the NCAA and we were, the score should have been 100 to 0, and it wasn't….
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Nov 3, 2013