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@Glenn Howes I should have been more careful. Your right, the battery in the iPad Air is only 32Whr compared with the Surface Pro of 42. The benchmarks I quoted for the Pro 2 vs the iPad were for the iPad Air. The iPad Air runs roughly the same time as the iPad 4. So with a 32% smaller battery, the iPad Air run roughly the same time with 4x less performance. It is true that the iPad is driving 1.5 times more pixels. So to compare efficiencies: (1.32 smaller batter * 1.5 pixels)/4x performance = iPad/Surface Pro 2 efficiency = 1/2 (well 0.495). Of course, if the surface pro is at 16" or more it's display meets the qualifications for being a retina display. Adding more pixels at that point is wasteful, hence the definition of retina. Then as a whole the system efficiency would simply be 1.32 batter/4x performace = 1/3rd. Is the iPad half the weight? Yes. Does that help me use it as a real machine? No. Is the difference between a Surface Pro 2 and an iPad Air just the screen resolution? No.
One more thing. I've been getting much better battery life than 10 hours working to code and run Jython (Java + Python) on memory hungry astronomy routines while web browsing and reading PDFs with a second monitor. It might have helped that I disabled the built in flash add-on in IE11, but that puts me on the same footing as Macs running Safari by default. I'm pretty sure I regularly beat the time given for the Mac 11.6" Air.
First off I find it very strange that I can not comment using IE11. That won't introduce any bias to the comments people are posting. I had to install Firefox to get this sight to let me comment. Anyway, now that the new battery life numbers for a properly update Surface Pro 2 are out I think something should be pointed out. The new battery life of the Pro 2 on the a fore mentioned test is 9.85hr with a 42Whr battery. That is 24 minutes longer than the iPad 4 with a 42.5Whr batter, and yet no one is pitching a fit that the iPad with arm is so terrible inefficient! I thought the entire point of arm is efficiency. Not to hide huge power use with a giant battery. Not only that but the Surface Pro 2 with the used settings is 4x faster than the iPad in the SunSpider benchmark and kills it at graphics.
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Nov 4, 2013