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To live life as if there is no tomorrow, never to grow trust laugh and care about others
Interests: People, family,Art, history, cooking, fashion,interior design, music, health & fitness,horse riding,animals, reading, writing, arithmetic oops lifestyle and more, life itself.
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A Race With Time. A couple of years ago my daughters and I travelled from the West Country to London and because we made this journey as a day trip once a fortnight for voice coaching we knew to leave in good time as the weather and roads had proved to be unpredictable. We encountered problems on the motorways during our journey, which made us behind time ... Late . We had to make up the time somehow which meant and I had to make the decision to take the risk of increasing my speed a little,as my twin daughters had an audition with a record label and if the outcome proved positive would be life changing for them. We arrived outside London very late,giving us only 50 minutes to find our hotel and for my daughters to visually prepare for their audition and get to the venue of their audition,.they had already warmed up their vocals . We could not find our hotel despite the fact that I had downloaded directions on line. I fortunately looked down a beautiful road to the right of me and as I drove past I noticed a taxi pulling into a half crescent drive way in front of private residence. This was just a fleeting glance as I was having to keep an eye on the road in front of me! I had to get back to this taxi and hoped that what I had in mind would be successful. I decided to make a u turn ...where I could and as soon as I could and went back to that side road... with my daughters asking "What was I doing " ? . I knew I had to get back to that taxi driver. My aim was to catch the taxi driver who I thought may be able to help direct us to our hotel as time was ticking by. It was also impossible for us to stop and ask someone for possible directions on the road we were currently on!.We were just in time as the taxi driver was getting into his taxi to leave,I asked my daughters to ask if he would show us , if he knew of it at all, the location of our hotel . I was hoping that he would accept my suggestion of my paying him the fare as if we were in the taxi with him and for him to take us there, rather than for us to try and remember any verbal directions. He was our hope ! They managed to get to him before he drove away and thank goodness he agreed ! We drove through the London traffic and he was amazing ...for me it was like being in a movie with my trying to keep close up and personal with him or we would have easily have lost him, the result being a journey wasted and with my daughters missing their audition. We were in time for the audition and arrived with 6 mins to spare. All the stress would have been avoided with a TomTom, and even though we did find it quite exciting, it was however really to stressful to risk any reoccurrence of this happening again. ... We have not been without a 'TomTom' since . Thank goodness for TomTom. Chrissey Landricombe.
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Nov 10, 2013