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Ken Willey
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I've heard Yoho explain all of his votes. Just make an effort to go hear him at a townhall or other event. I don't agree with some of his votes, but I understand why he voted the way he did. Mr Yoho's foreign policy stance is far from isolationism. I guess if you stray from the chickenhawk path you get labeled isolationist.
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I think "poke yourself in the eye" would receive as many votes as these two if you offered that choice. Of course if you were interested in showing choices you would include Adrian Wyllie.
Thank you for mentioning the candidates that were not included. As a Libertarian it is frustrating to be lumped in with the "undecided" voters.
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$25? Every little bit helps, but this is insulting. Are we all supposed to all jump on the Scott bandwagon because he will allow us to keep an extra $25 we earned? If he's going to throw pocket change at us then get rid of Real ID. I'm with Adrian Wyllie, who will make meaningful cuts to taxes and spending.
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Dec 12, 2013