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The Homemade Heart
Central Scotland
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Thanks Jennifer, lovely to see you here X
Wow, two hours of yoga is long! Good luck finishing your current quilt X
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2017 on A quilt for yoga class at The Homemade Heart
Well not sure about mad, but certainly unaffaid to express their opinions! Thank you for your good luck wishes, I'm starting to feel that I really need them! X
Yes I agree Rachel's books are excellent, always easy to achieve and with delicious results - unless you have a family like mine of course! X
I feel the same. Not quite sure why or when food became such a palaver in ordinary homes, but it is now lodged in the general psyche that variety, interest, colour, flavour etc all have to be present at dinner time, even round the kitchen table! X
That is good Gina, I am pleased to hear it. I am not particularly adventurous either, but my dear family is just extremely hard to please! Personally I would have poached eggs on toast with spinach every night of the week and not bother, but life is not that simple round here! X
Thank you Christina! It is disappointing when the family really hates a dish, but I juat have to be honest about it when I write my post or what's the point- I am sincerely hoping for a double green tick this month though, I have had a run of failures recently! I agree about the fish sauce X
On well clearly my family were not alone in their revulsion! Thanks for visiting and commenting X
Thank you Jill. Good luck finding a class, I am sure there will be one near you! X
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2017 on A quilt for yoga class at The Homemade Heart
I have! Lovely to see you here Mary X
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2017 on A quilt for yoga class at The Homemade Heart
Welcome to the Cookery Calendar Challenge for June. If you would like to join the challenge this month, please take a quick look at the Cookery Calendar Challenge page, which will tell you everything you need to know. My chosen recipe book for May was Rachel Allen's 'Home Cooking' This is a bright, cheerful book aimed firmly at family cooking, full of quick, everyday meals which can be prepared with minimum fuss. It is divided into chapters such as 'Breakfast', 'Lunch', 'Sunday Lunch', 'Supper', and there is also a chapter on 'Baby Purees' which presumably reflects the stage of life Rachel was at when she wrote this book. My first chosen recipe was 'Smoked Salmon, Leek and Potato Pie'. This is extremely easy to prepare, and although smoked salmon is not a cheap option for a weeknight, the other ingredients are very economical, so a balance is achieved. Peeled, thinly sliced potatoes are layered up with sliced leeks, and pieces of smoked salmon. I also added prawns for extra flavour and variety. Each layer is seasoned with salt and pepper, and sprinkled with finely chopped garlic. Double cream is poured over, and a grating of parmesan cheese. The dish is topped neatly with a final layer of potato slices, and the whole lot baked until the potatoes are fully cooked, and the top is brown and bubbling. The double cream forms a sauce as the dish cooks, and keeps everything moist. I was convinced this was a winner; it smelled good, it looked good, and when I tasted it I really loved it. The combination of flavours was delicious, very savoury, but creamy too, the potatoes were soft, the topping was crispy, the smoked salmon tasted mellow because it was cooked, and the prawns added a little extra flavour and variety. Unfortunately for me, nobody, other than me, liked it. No double double green tick (double green tick = 'Yum; new favourite), not even a single green tick (single green tick= 'Ok; would eat again). To my disappointment, the vocabulary of an epic fail rang round the dinner table.... 'Mum I really don't like this' 'I hate leeks' 'Far too creamy' 'Glaggy' 'Sorry I can't eat this' 'Not my cup of tea' 'Please don't make this again' One of the carnivores actually had two slices of toast and butter rather than finish this meal. I was very disappointed; I had looked forward to basking in the glow of a double green tick ('Yum; new favourite') and instead ended up with lots of left overs and a petted lip. I had the rejected dish over the next few lunchtimes (and dinners; there was a lot left...) and each time wondered why nobody liked it; it really was good! Girding my culinary loins, I made my second selected dish a few nights later, this time making 'Thai Peanut, Vegetable and Coconut Noodles'. Again, this was very quick and easy to prepare; coconut milk is combined with peanut butter and Nam Pla (or Soy sauce), and Thai Red Curry paste (bought, not home made, though there would be nothing to stop you making your own if you were so inclined). Once this has amalgamated into a cohesive sauce, spring onions, baby corn, mange tout, and broccoli florets are added and lightly cooked. Peanuts, previously toasted in a dry pan, are added for crunch. Finally, rice noodles are mixed into the sauce and vegetables and the dish is served with a few more peanuts scattered over the top. To please the carnivores, I stir fried thin strips of chicken breast to add at the end, though I had mine without. Fortunately, this dish met with a better reception, though was judged to be 'Lacking a bit of something', and was given a modified single green tick ('Ok, would eat again, if it tasted a bit better'). In fairness, I used Soy sauce rather than Nam Pla, and probably not quite enough to give it that lovely salty depth that makes flavours sing. There was lots of variety and texture in the dish though, and I will make this one again. My chosen book for June is 'The National Trust Cook Book'. I bought this book a couple of weeks ago in the National Trust shop in York, and as I have enjoyed many lunches, cakes and treats in National Trust properties over the years I am looking forward to using this book to hopefully please my carnivores! If you joined me last month, thank you. If you would like to join the challenge this month, this is what to do: The challenge is simple: the first week of every month, select a cookery book from your shelf, and cook two new recipes from it. The recipes can be for any meal. Cakes and bakes are excluded, but puddings are included. Don't worry about photographs; if you haven't taken a photograph of the dish, post a photograph of the recipe book you used. Similarly, you are welcome to share a recipe if you wish, but there is no pressure to do so. This project is more about the process of reconnecting with your cookery book collection, than about recipe sharing or food photography. At the beginning of the following month, blog about the recipes you have used, and announce your chosen cookery book for the month ahead. This is an ongoing project, it's never too late to get involved, and everyone is very welcome. I would appreciate a link back to this Cookery Calendar Challenge post in your post. Grab the Cookery Calendar Challenge badge to display on your blog too, if you like (just copy and paste the code on to your dashboard to display). You can also join via Instagram using hashtag #cookerycalendarchallenge (you will find me on Instagram @penny.homemadeheart ) An InLinkz Link-up Continue reading
Posted May 31, 2017 at The Homemade Heart
Thank you so much Katie X
Toggle Commented May 31, 2017 on A quilt for yoga class at The Homemade Heart
Thank you Gina. i'm sure we are not alone in enjoying Savasana best of all! X
Toggle Commented May 28, 2017 on A quilt for yoga class at The Homemade Heart
Oh, sorry to hear you have had trouble commenting Christina, and thank you for persevering! I think if I had 10 minutes of Savasana I might never get up off the floor! X
Toggle Commented May 28, 2017 on A quilt for yoga class at The Homemade Heart
Oh I had a Geography teacher like that at school, his voice was very deep and comforting, It was difficult to stay awake in his classes- and I really enjoyed Geography, so it wasn't boredom that made me want to nod off! X
Toggle Commented May 28, 2017 on A quilt for yoga class at The Homemade Heart
Yes the planning part is bery enjoyable too! I agree. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words x
Toggle Commented May 28, 2017 on A quilt for yoga class at The Homemade Heart
In our village, we have a village hall. Originally built as the parochial school in 1813, it is a sturdy stone building with the main hall and kitchen on the ground floor (don't you just love a village hall kitchen?), and a smaller room upstairs, originally the teacher's lodgings. It is run by a group of volunteers who formed a Trust to take over the hall some years ago when it was threatened with closure, and is an asset to our village, and community. It is used by the scouts, the SWRI, the badminton club, the Zumba class, the Local History society, and various other committees and groups. One such group is the Beginners' Yoga class, where a group of village ladies spend an hour stretching, bending, contorting and perspiring every Thursday evening from 7.15 to 8.30. I have attended this class since last year, and just love every minute. However my favourite part of the evening is when our gentle teacher invites us to put on something warm and lie down for Savasana, or Dead Man's Pose. This is the well-earned relaxation at the end of the yoga class, and is quite delightful. My mind drifts off in all sorts of directions during Savasana, and I let it float freely, enjoying the scenes and memories this 'conscious relaxation' seems to bring forth. Often these scenes involve water, I have a sense of flying over the ocean, as if I were a seagull. I can almost feel the wind, and smell the water. Although in everyday life I am frightened of deep water, I find this sensation very relaxing when experienced during yoga. Some people put on socks and a sweatshirt for Savasana, some cover themselves with a fleecy blanket. Initially I covered myself with a cosy blue checked blanket which originally belonged to Jacob's room when he was a little boy. It is large, and soft, and warm. However after several months of yoga class I decided it would be very nice to have a quilt for yoga class instead. I wanted the quilt to approximate the ocean, starting at the bottom with deep sea creatures, then meander via smaller shoals of fish, wading sea birds and crabs towards the shore, as it appeared in my imagination, i.e. the top of the quilt. (Here is Isaac, kindly holding up my quilt in the back garden for photography purposes) I gathered fabrics I liked over a couple of m0nths, searching on line and in my local sewing shop. I wanted the quilt to be simple in construction, and decided on horizontal stripes of differing widths. Once these were joined, I added a broad border all the way round (I wanted it to be large enough to avoid draughts seeping underneath at yoga class). The backing is pieced from left overs, and I rather like it. I marked out horizontal and vertical wavy lines with quilter's tape, and used the lines as my guide, hand quilting with perle cotton in navy, and white. I imagined the horizontal stitched lines to be the water waves, washing towards the shore, and the vertical stitched lines to be sonar waves, reaching right down to the deepest ocean. Of course, it is not perfect, but that's ok. I really like this quilt, and I'm not sure why, it is almost my favourite of those I have made so far. It was easy and quick to make, and I find the regular rows of fish and whales, crabs and seabirds soothing, as they march (or swim) solemnly across the quilt. Having used it for several weeks at yoga class, I am also pleased to report that it is very comfortable, cosy and perfect for Savasana. My mind seems to have moved on from water to snow-scapes now, so perhaps my next quilt will be inspired by snow; watch this (quilt shaped) space! Continue reading
Posted May 24, 2017 at The Homemade Heart
Thank you Jules. I hope so too. Please read Christina's comment above, who has had much more success with this book than me x
Oh don't start me on Jamie Oliver- I have never written about him for fear of a libel prosecution, suffice to say I am not too surprised that your recipe didnt turn out! Yes I am hopimg that Rachel will give me better results X
Glad you found it entertaining, and yes, why does it all foam up- I join your shudder! I have made lamb curry for the carnivores in the past, and it has always gone down well X
I know, it looked great! Never mind, we move on now. X
I now have a very funny image of your chickens pecking about amongst the leftovers! Even worse I then had to fish out all the whole chickpeas out of the sink and put them in the food waste bin, so the whole experience was not particularly great! X
Hi Christina, so interesting to read about your very different experiences with the same book! I did feel that this was a better book than my experiences demonstrated, I think I was just unlucky with my choices X
Thank you Cathy- it wouldn't even occur to me that you were gloating, I know all my readers are too kind for that! X
Fingers crossed B! X