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The Homemade Heart
Central Scotland
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Thank you Katie. They are not a bad lot but they do get grumpy if there's no meat! X
Thank you so much Bekki. She is now in possesion of it, and seems to like it! X
Thank you so much Sarah. I was not familiar with Souleiado so had to Google it - oh my goodness, such beautiful colours and fabrics! Fortunately (for me) it looks like you need to be super-slim to wear the clothes (which I am not!) otherwise I would have been sorely tempted to buy! X
So you are already a Scandi Comfort Cooking expert! Fantastic! Great book to browse through regardless though I'm sure you agree! The Saffron Tales sounds gorgeous; such an evocative title. X
Thank you Jennifer, I gave it to her today, and she liked it, so that was a relief! Thank you so much for hosting the link party over the winter, it has been a lot of fun X
Thank you so much Gina X
Thank you so much Marion X
Not sure that she would always agree with you about that Christina! Yes I really enjoyed the squares too, I am sure to revisit them for another project x
We can but hope, B! X
Thank you so mich Miriam, so kind X
Thank you! I hope she likes it! X
This winter I have been joining Jennifer at Thistlebear in her Link Party, where happy crafters share their projects and encourage each other along during the dark winter months. It has been such an enjoyable link party, and I am sad to see it coming to an end for this year. Do pop over to Jennifer's blog and see what other folks have been making this month. Today I am sharing another quilt project. I realise that with the recent flurry of quilt posts my life must appear somewhat charmed, as though I am constantly to be found stitching quilts with no other calls upon my time. Nothing could be further from the truth, but the nature of blogs is such that it is more pleasant to read (and write) about the more picturesque aspects of life, and quilting is certainly that. This quilt is a gift for my sister, who is celebrating a milestone birthday this month. She will be receiving gifts from all of us, but I wanted to give her something that was just from me. It measures approx. 49"x55"; a good size for throwing over the back of a chair or sofa, or tucking round cold legs on a winter's evening. After my lofty proclamations about fabric choices in my last quilt post, I of course ended up making this quilt entirely from charm packs. Pride comes before a fall even in quilting. I had two charm packs tucked away in the sideboard in the sitting room, and bought two more on line. I really like the richness of the colours, and the blend of fabrics, and enjoyed laying them out to achieve a random design, my only criterion being that no two identical squares should touch. I then simply machined them into rows, and then machined the rows together. Even with the squares being ready cut, I still managed to create somewhat off centre piecing (note to self: work on accuracy). For the backing I chose red and cream gingham; I really like the old fashioned effect of this fabric, it is gentle on the eye. I machine quilted in simple diagonal lines, then finished off with dark green binding, so the overall effect is rich and rather jolly, with a sprinkling of Christmas, or Little House on The Prairie, depending on preference (and the time of year). Overall I am happy with this quilt, though I know some areas are far from perfect. I am looking forward to giving it to my sister, and I do hope she likes it and enjoys using it. Thank you again to Jennifer for hosting this link up, and don't forget to visit her blog for more crafty goings-on. Continue reading
Posted Mar 9, 2017 at The Homemade Heart
Hmmm, perhaps that would be a good idea! It is a gorgeous book though, very good for bedtime reading! X
Oh I sympathise! I did find my little thimble - cap a huge help, and it is nowhere near as bulky as a thimble. Have you tried anything like that atall? Or do you just suffer in silence for your art? X
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2017 on A quilt for the sitting room at The Homemade Heart
Well that would be just lovely, but no pressure! X
Yes it really is hard, I agree, and that is why, although my hard-to-please family didn't enjoy the meals I cooked this time, I regard the integrity of the book as unimpaired. I will be interested to see what you think about it! I have her 'Scandinavian Baking' book too, which is equally gorgeous x
Yes it's not really like me but I decided to wield what little power I have and not provide meat on this occasion! X
I know what you mean! I unearthed this copy during a recent bookcase excavation, and looking back through it several recipes looked quite good. The good news is you can now buy it for 1p on Amazon if you suddenly decide you need a copy! X
Thank you so much Gillian, thatbis very kind of you X
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2017 on A quilt for the sitting room at The Homemade Heart
Welcome to the Cookery Calendar Challenge for March. If you would like to join the challenge this month, please take a quick look at the Cookery Calendar Challenge page, which will tell you everything you need to know. My chosen cookery book for February was Trine Hahnemann's 'Scandinavian Comfort Food'. What a gorgeous book this is. It is chunky and satisfying to hold; the photography is beautiful, each recipe has a photograph of the finished dish, and the ingredients and method are on the same page, so no turning the pages with sticky fingers to see what to do next. The book is divided in to chapters such as 'What I eat during the day', 'My Love of Vegetables', 'Soups for every Season', so it feels very personal; and Trine's love of food, cooking, and sharing food shines through every page. My first dish from this book was Frikadeller, or meatballs. I love making meatballs. Trine's recipe uses a combination of beef and pork, fresh thyme, chillies, fresh breadcrumbs, and milk to bind, rather than the more commonly used egg. The meatballs are fried off in a little oil, then popped into the oven to cook through.They are served with a dressing made from Greek yogurt, lemon juice, fresh mint, dill and parsley. I was missing dill, so chopped up some little cornichons instead. Trine serves her meatballs with a potato salad, but I served mine on top of cous cous. I brought the platter proudly to the table, feeling rather pleased with my efforts, but sadly the carnivores were underwhelmed, claiming not enough chilli, and bemoaning the lack of a 'proper' sauce. Feeling slightly deflated, I hoped that Trine's second dish would go down better, and later the same week made Spinach Dumplings in Tomato Sauce. This was a vegetarian dish, and in a spirit of mild defiance following the rejection of the Frikadeller, I decided not to appease the carnivores by the provision of additional meat, as I usually would when serving a vegetarian meal. Fresh spinach is cooked until wilted then drained and chopped, and mixed with ricotta cheese, nutmeg, seasoning and a little cornflour. The dumplings are formed by taking teaspoonfuls of the mixture, smoothing them lightly with another spoon, and placing them gently in the pan, where they are fried off in a little oil, then served in a delicious tomato sauce, made with leeks, courgette, chopped tomatoes, and a little double cream. I was sure the dumpling mixture would fall apart when fried, but in fact the mixture formed lovely little golden dumplings, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Served with crusty bread and salad, again I was very pleased with the dish, though anticipated some grumbling from the troops. I was proven right once again, as the carnivores all but poked about in the tomato sauce in disbelief, searching for meat. I serenely ate on, and enjoyed the meal very much, but the rest of the family were sadly unimpressed. Although the family were not mad on the dishes I made, my faith in this book remains undimmed. I will continue to read and savour it, and slip the occasional family meal from it in under the radar, just for fun. I will also use it for the delicious soup recipes; home made soup being my go-to solo lunch most days. My chosen book for this month is 'Duchy Originals Cookbook' by Johnny Acton and Nick Sandler. Derek gave me this book for Christmas the year it was published, 2006, and I have cooked one or two dishes from it over the years, but it is not a book I turn to often , so I am looking forward to revisiting it. If you joined me last month, thank you. If you would like to join the challenge this month, this is what to do: The challenge is simple: the first week of every month, select a cookery book from your shelf, and cook two new recipes from it. The recipes can be for any meal. Cakes and bakes are excluded, but puddings are included. Don't worry about photographs; if you haven't taken a photograph of the dish, post a photograph of the recipe book you used. Similarly, you are welcome to share a recipe if you wish, but there is no pressure to do so. This project is more about the process of reconnecting with your cookery book collection, than about recipe sharing or food photography. At the beginning of the following month, blog about the recipes you have used, and announce your chosen cookery book for the month ahead. This is an ongoing project, it's never too late to get involved, and everyone is very welcome. I would appreciate a link back to this Cookery Calendar Challenge post in your post. Grab the Cookery Calendar Challenge badge to display on your blog too, if you like (just copy and paste the code on to your dashboard to display). You can also join via Instagram using hashtag #cookerycalendarchallenge (you will find me on Instagram @penny.homemadeheart ). An InLinkz Link-up Continue reading
Posted Feb 28, 2017 at The Homemade Heart
Thank you so much Amy, you are too kind x
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2017 on A quilt for the sitting room at The Homemade Heart
Thank you Sarah. A triumphant quilt, what a fabulous phrase! Yes the ironing and cleaning are always there, and unless we claw back a little time for creativity life becomes very dull x
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2017 on A quilt for the sitting room at The Homemade Heart
Thank you so much Frances. I found it very difficult, but very enjoyable to do, and would love to be taught how to applique accurately. X
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2017 on A quilt for the sitting room at The Homemade Heart
I am happy with it, but as with all things hand made by oneself, all I can see is the flaws, and mistakes! But it is quite a jolly quilt and I am happy with it for that x
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2017 on A quilt for the sitting room at The Homemade Heart
That was my hope too Tess. Thank you so much x
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2017 on A quilt for the sitting room at The Homemade Heart