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I notice a lot of bile hurled at Clinton over the recount. Do any of you doubt for one minute that if the situation were reversed, Trump and his supporters would be screaming for recounts.
Origin - Thank you for stimulating a very interesting discussion. We all have to remember that our nation is very closely divided. It looks like Clinton will win the popular vote by 2 million. As a believer in the Electoral College, I am not disputing Trump's legitimate victory. However, this tussle between the left and right seems destined to be closely fought for the next few decades, at least. Trump's election is far from being a mandate and I hope he governs recognizing that fact.
I would like to see all the states adopt something similar to Maine and Nebraska except electoral votes would be determined by the winner of votes in each congressional district with two electoral votes based on the statewide results. This would not do harm to the theory behind the Electoral College and the Federalism it reflects. Basically this would forced a truly national political campaign where the two sides fight it out across 435 Congressional districts rather than a few swing states. This would make it prudent for Republicans to campaign in California,New Jersey and some other states and Democrats might campaign in Texas and Mississippi etc.
Will - Israel wants strategic depth in spades. Israel feels, legitimately or not, insecure. I've heard politicians in Israel give an outline of Israel's "needs". Yes, they want the West Bank but leaving the Palestinians autonomy in their cities. They are going to keep the Golan and yes want enough of Lebanon to control the headwaters of the Litani and it's water. You are correct that Israel does not need the Litani water but they want it to weaken Lebanon and especially Hizballah. Last but not least they want the Sinai back. This would give them strategic depth in the North, South and West. They are growing their Naval capabilities to cover the East.
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Fred - I am very much aware that Obamacare is not government provided healthcare. However, I believe the Government should play a major role in healthcare even to the point of 'Medicare for All". As the person responsible for much of Prudential Healthcare before it was sold to Aetna, I finally came to the conclusion that competition and the free enterprise economy will never get our insane healthcare costs under control. Healthcare companies have been trying for decades with approaches like PPOs, HMOs etc to bend the cost curve with very, very limited success. If you look at other developed countries, their healthcare costs per capita are 50% to 60% of ours with better indicators of health. As a senior executive of a healthcare company, I finally came to the conclusion that a modified single payer system is the way to go. If you think there are loopholes in Tax compliance, the loopholes in healthcare billing dwarf the tax system.
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I am a living example of a Life that was saved and nurtured because of Government provided Health Care. In 1946 when I was 2 years old, I got polio. It was a time before the vaccine and polio was ravaging the nation. I spent 10 months in an Iron Lung and for the next 14 years, I went through 23 operations and a total of almost 3000 days in the hospital with the surgeries and physical therapy to overcome the ravages Polio did to my body. The state of Minnesota, built and funded the entire cost, including the doctors and nurses, of the Gillette State Hospital for Crippled Children in St. Paul where I spent most of my childhood. In today’s world, the costs of such care would have run into the millions. My father was a bus driver and my mother was, what was called in those days, a homemaker. My larger family of relatives had arrived from Europe penniless and my parents had very little money with 4 kids and a bus driver’s salary. The largest charity at the time was the March of Dimes and they decided that helping me and my family would have been too big a drain on their resources. Without the free medical care I would have died at age 2. Without the State of Minnesota providing the facilities and health care for free, I would have not led an almost normal life. While physically I was limited my brain was not. I was able to rise to become Senior Vice President of Prudential responsible for subsidiaries with $11 billion in revenues and 27,000 employees. As a result of government funded health care I was able to lead a productive life. Do I object to paying high taxes – not really, it’s kind of paying it forward. It is important to remember that had I lived without Minnesota’s health care help, my life would have been a net drain on society. However, because of their help I was not only productive, but was able to contribute a couple million in taxes over my working life.
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I've been a member of this group for many years. Yet I don't recall a person being more reviled on these pages than Hillary Clinton. During the Bush/Cheney years a lot of criticism was leveled against their administration but never were words equivalent to "she-devil" used. I am not a fan of Clinton, but she strikes me as a typical politician - slippery and inconsistent. While she probably won't be a great President, I feel like she will be cautious and stay away from major policy errors. Trump on the other hand is egotistical enough to ignore policy advice from experts. He really believes he is the smartest person in any room. I honestly believe soon after taking office that he announces something like the "U.S will pay 80 cents on the dollar for treasury debt, first come first served. He will pay for it by ordering the Feds to print 10 trillion in new dollars. Imagine what that would do to interest rates, inflation, corporate bonds and the upheaval in world and American economies. As I said, Clinton will probably not do anything impulsive but I do not trust Trump when he assumes to power of the American Presidency not to do crazy things because of his ego.
Colonel - You are far too kind to Netanyahu.
Pat - If the house tries to impeach Obama, this country will explode and the gulf between the left and the right will become an unbridgeable chasm. There are a lot of things I don't like about Obama but he is a lot better than Bush II. Lots of Presidents have issued Executive Orders and while Obama may have pushed to borders a bit, the hit to the Constitution is just a matter of degree.
Good Grief - If Bibi is so worried about incitement, I suggest he visit the Jewish settlements of Bat Ayin, Kiryat Arba, Itamar etc. He will hear invective about Arabs and Palestinians that makes anything said by Palestinians "sweet talk" by comparison. Even at shul, one can hear "death to the Arabs" along with comments about castrating all Palestinians so they can reproduce, and prayers to G-d to slay these vermin etc etc. In short, Jews in Israel take a back seat to no one in hurling invectives.
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Jan 17, 2014