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Potato Vodka by Woody Creek Distillers Woody Creek Distillers started distributing its potato vodka in New York this month. Union Beer Distributor's craft spirits division, BluePrint Brands, is joining forces with Woody Creek Distillers to develop and expand the market throughout New York State. Woody Creek Distillers’ Woody Creek Colorado 100% Potato Vodka (MSRP: $37) is a potato-based vodka, made from just three ingredients: alpine potatoes (native Colorado Rio Grande), local mountain spring water, and yeast. After being washed and mashed on-site at the WCD distillery, the potato mash is then stripped and distilled only once to produce its 80-proof... Continue reading
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Jack Daniel Distillery’s Rested Tennessee Rye As a continuation of its entry into the rye whiskey category, the Jack Daniel Distillery is offering a limited release of Jack Daniel’s Rested Tennessee Rye, a follow-up to its 2012 Unaged Tennessee Rye offering. This marks the distillery’s first barrel-matured expression in the rye category. A one-time offering, Jack Daniel’s Rested Rye is scheduled to be available in select U.S. markets beginning in April. Jack Daniel’s Rested Rye is crafted using the same Cave Spring water from the Jack Daniel’s Hollow, proprietary yeast and charcoal mellowing process that’s been used in the distillery’s... Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2014 at
1800 Tequila releases Cognac-finished Milenio Tequila 1800 Tequila announces its new extra-aged, Cognac-finished tequila: Milenio. After a long aging process, the Blue Weber Agave extra-aged tequila is matured for a short period in French oak Cognac barrels. This is the second edition of Milenio, the first of which was produced in the year 2000. 1800 Milenio is bottled at 40% ABV, and available in the United States for the suggested retail price of $125 for 750ml. For more information, please refer to About 1800 Tequila: 1800 Tequila is named after the year it was created and is 100% blue... Continue reading
Posted Apr 14, 2014 at
Denizen Merchant’s Reserve Rum Citizen Spirits LLC, the producers of Denizen Aged White Rum, a 3-year-old blend from Trinidad and Jamaica, announce the launch of their first amber expression named Denizen Merchant’s Reserve. Denizen Merchant’s Reserve is an amber colored molasses rum; a blend of 8-year-old plummer style Jamaican pot still rum and a component of Rhum Grande Arome from the French island of Martinique. It will be available in San Francisco and New York City early April with a suggested retail price of $29.99 per 750ml bottle. Related articles New Booze: Canne Bleue and Select Barrel from Rhum Clément... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2014 at
Buffalo Trace Distillery Releases Elmer T. Lee Commemorative Edition Bourbon After 36 years of service to Buffalo Trace Distillery, Elmer T. Lee, the Master Distiller who created the world’s first single barrel bourbon in 1984, retired in 1985. Shortly after his retirement Elmer was honored with his own namesake single barrel bourbon. In 2013 Elmer died just a few weeks shy of what would have been his 94th birthday. Now Buffalo Trace announces the release of a commemorative edition Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Bourbon at 93 proof, his age when he passed. Selected from the same warehouse floors which... Continue reading
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Ardbeg Distillery Releases Auriverdes Ardbeg announces the launch of its 2014 Limited Edition Ardbeg Auriverdes. The new Ardbeg will launch globally on May 31st, as part of “Ardbeg Day”- the distillery’s annual celebration of all things Ardbeg. Ardbeg Auriverdes has been matured in American oak casks, with specially toasted lids that were tailor-made for this formula. “Auriverde,” aPortuguese term, is the combination of auri (meaning “golden”) and verde (meaning “green”) - the colors found in the Ardbeg bottle, as well as the Brazilian Flag and a reflection of the “Ardbeg Day” salute to the 2014 World Cup. Ardbeg Auriverdes is... Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2014 at
Gin by Brockmans Brockmans Gin, a new style gin from the U.K., is now available in the U.S. Launched in England in 2009 and expanded to Switzerland & Spain in 2010, the London-based brand is now available in Massachusetts and New Jersey. Breaking away from the London Dry style gin, Brockmans is designed to be consumed neat or over ice. Brockmans is made with ingredients such as angelica, coriander from Bulgaria and juniper berries sourced from Tuscany. These botanicals is steeped in grain spirit for up to 24 hours to release their flavors. After steeping, Brockmans is distilled in a... Continue reading
Posted Apr 3, 2014 at
Lucas Bols Alcoholic Foam The Dutch spirits company Lucas Bols has introduced the world’s first alcoholic foam in the United States. The formula is contained in 200 ml bottles of three Bols liqueur flavor varieties: Blue Curaçao, Crème de Cassis and Amaretto. The pump affixes to the top of the bottle and, with quick little pumps, creates up to 2 liters of the fizzy foam. The suggested retail price is $17.99 per bottle. The product is now available in both the on- and off-trade channels across the U.S. “On hot or cold drinks, the foam will hold for a minimum... Continue reading
Posted Apr 2, 2014 at
Highland Park Freya Highland Park’s third offering in its Valhalla Collection is named for the Norse Goddess of Love, Freya. Highland Park’s Valhalla Collection is a range of four whiskies taking inspiration from Nordic gods. Bottled at 51.2% ABV, this limited edition, 15 year old, single malt whisky comes housed in the same wooden frame of Thor and Loki, echoing the contours of a traditional Viking long ship. Freya will be available from specialist retailers, at the Highland Park distillery and at SRP $275. Related articles New Booze: Highland Park Loki and Knappogue Castle 16-Year Irish Whiskey New Booze:... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2014 at
In my research for yesterday's history of ice cubes I looked into the various companies that are making cocktail-specific ice, but didn't write much about them so I thought the least I could do is list them here. Some are scultpure ice companies that end up delivering to cocktail bars, while others are bartender-created start-ups. Feel free to add others that you know about in the comments, noting that we're looking for companies that create cocktail ice, not solely ice sculpture companies. Image: Chisel-It Mammoth Ice - Sydney, Australia (Ships to Australia) On the Rocks Ice – Vancouver, Canada Eskimo... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2014 at
50 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky from The Last Drop The Last Drop Distillers Limited announce the launch of their 50-year-old Scotch whisky. 388 bottles of The Last Drop 50 Year Old are being released. More than 82 whiskies went into the original casks 50 years ago. Most were bottled and sold as a 12-year-old blend. But three casks were overlooked and lay at the back of the warehouse. These are the barrels from which The Last Drop 50 Year Old comes. It comes packaged with one of The Last Drop’s 50ml miniatures so one can save the bottle for... Continue reading
Posted Mar 13, 2014 at
The Glenrothes Single Cask 1969 No. 11485 Berry Bros. & Rudd Spirits and U.S. importer Anchor Distilling Company announce the second introduction from the Extraordinary Cask Collection of single-cask bottlings of The Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the late 1960s and early 1970s. The Glenrothes Single Cask 1969 #11485 arrives in the U.S. in May 2014. Distilled on July 10, 1969, Cask #11485, a refill hogshead, yielded 133 bottles at a natural strength of 42.9% ABV. No more than one single cask is released from The Glenrothes each year. The Extraordinary Cask from 1970 was released in September 2012... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2014 at
Artisan Spirit Merchants VDKA 6100 Vodka Artisan Spirit Merchants announces the U.S. launch of VDKA 6100 (pronounced Vodka 6100), in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Inspired by the Australian country code, VDKA 6100 name pays homage to its Australian roots. It is distilled from New Zealand grass-fed cows’ milk whey and spring water, which is triple distilled and charcoal filtered. The resulting vodka is gluten free, sugar free, and lactose free. VDKA 6100 is available in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut and will be distributed by Opici Family Distributing Co. in all three states. VKDA 6100 will be... Continue reading
Posted Mar 11, 2014 at
Craft Distillers Vodka DSP 162 Vodka DSP 162 is produced by infusing fruit from the fruit orchards of John Kirkpatrick in Exeter, Tulare County, CA in wheat vodka. The infusion is blended into the “straight” vodka. The residue of the fruit in the infusion gives a faint blush to the real-fruit vodkas. The “straight” vodka is a blend of wheat vodka with a vodka distilled from muscat, riesling, & viognier grown in Mendocino County, CA. The grapes are vinified into a low-alcohol, high-acid distilling wine at local wineries; the wine receives a first distillation on the main Germain-Robin cognac still,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 5, 2014 at
First Peated American Single Malt Whiskey from Westland Distillery Seattle-based Westland Distillery has released a limited edition peated single malt whiskey titled “First Peated”. Westland’s First Peated American Single Malt Whiskey (SRP $65.00 a 750-ml) is the first peated expression released by the distillery and it serves as a prelude to Westland's Peated Malt Whiskey, which will soon become a mainstay in the distillery’s regular lineup of American Single Malt Whiskies. First Peated began as a mash of two separate malts that was distilled in Seattle by Westland then matured in charred new American oak casks. The first malt was... Continue reading
Posted Feb 26, 2014 at
Rhum Clément Canne Bleue and Select Barrel Rhum Clément, AOC Martinique RhumAgricole, is adding two rums to its current US portfolio. Unlike rum distilled from molasses, a by-product of sugar production, the making of Rhum Agricole begins with sugarcane, which is pressed to extract fresh sugarcane juice, and then fermented and distilled to produce the end product. Rhum Agricole production must adhere to the standards of the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée of Martinique, an agricultural standard. Clément USA announces Clément Canne Bleue and Clément Select Barrel. Clément Canne Bleue is a white rhum made from a unique varietal of sugarcane: Canne... Continue reading
Posted Feb 25, 2014 at
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