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I have nothing against Coach Davis. After all it was his ( And assistants. ) recruited players whom set up Cane dominance in the early phase of the 21st Century ( circa 2000-2003 ). The bottom line: Miami and Davis were ROBBED " twice " of playing for and winning the NC. No ifs, buts or maybes.
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CoCaine and RCCF bloody well speak truth to power! Oh, and one more thing. Miami, Florida finishes 9-3 this season and finally wins a bowl game.
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I think it was Bobbie Gentry. A beautiful woman and soul. And old school artisan from the south. So she should know what she speaks of and this and than.
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I can't recall the singer, but she came up with the insightful lyric... Don't trust your life to a backwoods southern lawyer. LMFAO How true that applies to today's Johnny Rebel existential realm.
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Whitlock on ACC officiating So Whitlock was on the Herd show. Apparently there have been whispers for a while about corruption in ACC officiating. He firmly believes the off sides call against UNC was a fix. s we have seen for the last several years. Posted by: SinisterCane | December 10, 2015 at 09:57 AM I've been harping for the past five or six seasons, that the ACC officiating is absolutely CORRUPT!! Yet I was labeled an idiotic conspiracy loyalist. Go figure. Also, the ACC is corrupt with it's FAVORABLE officiating when Duke plays ACC opponents. Be it at Cameron or on the road. Bottom line: CORRUPTION is more prevalent and or discreet in the DEEP SOUTH than any other sector of the USA!! No ifs, buts or well maybe. And this corruption of the Johnny Rebel sort is present in ALL sectors of the deep South!! So is it any wonder one can WITNESS bogus officiating in the deep south.
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Let me just say this. here is a headline U will never read in your lifetime: Mexicans and Nicaraguans Pack Tropical Park Stadium For UM Football Posted by: SOUP | December 09, 2015 at 03:32 PM In other words, what you're discreetly insinuating, is American football is mainly a WHITE MAN and brother man's game. LMFAO Yeah, yeah, yeah. A few Native Americans and a handful of Asian-Americans, also, have an interest in football.
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Misinformation about the Sun Bowl point spread, which was posted by a Cane fan. Mike Leach's Cougar squad OPENED as a ... - 4 chalk. OPENING LINE: WSU - 4 However, after the line became available to the wagering public, a line movement went Miami's way ( Positive vibrations for Cane fandom. ). MONDAY, December 7th, a day which will live in infamy. FDR ( Best POTUS in modern American history!! ) WSU - 2 1/2 What this indicates is the Wise Guy SMART MONEY wagered on the Hurricanes, which led to a - 1 1/2 line movement. Stay tuned for any other line movement as December 26th approaches.
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Mark Richt will eventually move Miami up the rankings regarding HS recruiting. Au contraire to what ESPN college football has to say on the matter. _________________ RecruitingNation Mark Richt is going from strength to strength. ESPN recruiting job rankings, 1-65 The following five factors were weighed by our experts on a scale of 1 (worst) to 5 (best). Max total points per team were 25. Within the 1-65 rankings, ties among teams with equal points were broken by a panel vote of RecruitingNation experts: 1. Favorable geography/local recruiting territory. 2. Recruiting/football budget. Sources of data were most current available information, including the data collected HERE and HERE, and original research by ESPN's recruiting reporters and team of scouts. 3. Facilities to attract recruits. 4. Next-level considerations. NFL alumni and identifiable pro prospects who provide evidence to recruits that they can play at the next level. 5. Other intangibles including but not limited to winning tradition, game-day experience and academic considerations. (Example: Schools with a positive tradition to sell to recruits could receive a "5" in this category, schools with academic restrictions that represent a hurdle in recruiting could get a "1." If there were no discernible positive or negative intangibles, panelists were instructed to give a "3" in this category.) While at Georgia, Richt found himself smack-dab in what is arguably the most fertile recruiting region in the country. He had nearly limitless financial resources, top-notch facilities, institutional and fan support, and the brand recognition to target the nation's top high school players every year. Now at Miami, Richt finds himself in yet another tremendously favorable recruiting situation in talent-rich South Florida. That said, getting players at The U will not be nearly as easy. How much tougher will recruiting be at Miami than it was at Georgia? We're glad you asked. Recruiting Nation's experts ranked all 65 Power 5 jobs by ease of recruiting, weighing five factors that contribute to the procurement of recruits (see box at right). The idea was to evaluate each job as Richt did at Miami and his successor Kirby Smart had to before signing on at Georgia, as essentially a blank canvas. Our experts were instructed to discount the presence of an iconic coach (so no "Alabama is a great recruiting job because Nick Saban is a monster recruiter") or an attractive scheme (so no: "Baylor is an attractive recruiting job because Art Briles runs a fun scheme") in making their determinations. 17. Miami Hurricanes The U practically invented swagger and sits in what is arguably the top talent-producing area in the country, but the program remains limited by poor facilities -- the stadium is 21 miles from campus and the dorms lag way behind their competitors on the trail.
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11-1 and the world put on notice in 2016! _____________ The " kiss of death " concerning predictions about the state of the U. After all, the Hurricanes never finished those consecutive " 10-2 " seasons. LMFAO I know, U Know Who needed another season under the South Florida sun.
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ESPN ranks the Sun Bowl as the NO. 15 best bowl game for college football viewers. Go figure. SMH ________________________ 15. Hyundai Sun Bowl Miami vs. Washington State El Paso, Texas | Sun Bowl Dec. 26, 2 p.m. on CBS Washington State's Mike Leach saved his job with an 8-4 season, which started terribly with a 24-17 loss to FCS foe Portland State. Miami's Al Golden wasn't as fortunate, and he was fired after seven games. It's a great matchup of quarterbacks, especially if Luke Falk and Brad Kaaya are healthy after a few weeks of rest. Mark Schlabaugh,
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Posted by: mi@mic@ne | December 08, 2015 at 11:34 AM Leavitt is most definitely a Bo Pellini CLONE regarding personality and what not. So it begs the question. Would Richt be comfortable with an EXTREME alpha male personality type??
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Honestly, I'm not worried one bit about who the staff is this coming year. For the first time in a LONG TIME, we don't need to worry about the decisions of our Head Coach. He'll assemble a great staff Trust the process? =O Posted by: Ohio_Cane | December 08, 2015 at 11:28 AM I second your notion. I can't believe I mumbled those words. And agree with O-C. LOL Again, I so CONFIDENT about next season, that I'll still argue that Miami will finish 10-2, and play in their first ACC championship game.
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Posted by: SinisterCane | December 08, 2015 at 09:53 AM D'Antonio probably STOLE the PATENT of the vintage Miami Hurricane 4-3. Of course, he plays a 4-2 against spread offenses, but for the most part it's a ATTACKING 4-3 defensive alignment. Also, I believe there's a CORRELATION between D'Antonio employing the Miami 4-3 ( With minor adjustments here and there. ) and Michigan St.'s winning ways the past five seasons.
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Welcome to THE U, Zach McCloud!!
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Hyundai Sun Bowl: Miami vs. Washington State (Dec. 26, 2 p.m., CBS) Quarterback Luke Falk's return sparks the Cougars, who pick apart Miami's defense to complete a reviving season with their ninth win. Washington State 41, Miami 30 Posted by: VfB_Cane | December 07, 2015 at 10:39 AM Cougar signal caller didn't play in the season finale against rival Washington. That's why Leach's squad was MOLESTED by double-digits. FWIW... Falk's presence makes this a DANGEROUS game for Miami. In other words, the Hurricanes will have to outscore the Cougars and come up with some timely turn overs.
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Posted by: VA Cane | December 07, 2015 at 10:14 AM bUbba, what's your odd INFATUATION with Randy Shannon. Did Shannon have an affaire with your wife? Or did he engage with sexual liasons with a teenage daughter.? Seriously though. What did Shannon do to you for you to LITERALLY hate the man!! SMH Nonetheless, Good Ol' Boy McElwain DON'T have no problem with Mr. ONION HEAD. But then again, you AIN'T never coached at the major college football level. Let alone the Division III level. LMFAO And McElwain has/is coaching in the SEC after all.
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While Jacob Eason likes #UGA, he loves Richt & thinks Richt can get him to NFL. If MR didn't coach,I think he stays UGA. Now, my $ on Miami Sports director Atlanta TV station Posted by: mi@mic@ne | December 07, 2015 at 08:23 AM Voila! My money is also on franchise QB Jason Eason following MR to Miami. Matter of fact, IF Eason were to follow Richt to Coral Gables, he and the Canes would eventually get trophy NO. 6!! That's how much confidence I have in the kid. Oh one more thing. Eason would probably take a red-shirt next season, and be a RS-freshmen in Kaaya's senior season. Yes, I believer skinny no hips # 15 will return for his senior season. Especially with Mark Richt hanging around Green Tree now. LOL
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" Here are seven things from Richt's Friday press conference that should have Miami fans fired up about their new coach: 1. He seems rejuvenated by the job change. Richt appears to be motivated by being let go by Georgia. When asked about whether he had previously been approached about the Miami job, Richt noted that he had been on a few occasions over the last 15 seasons. "I said no, I'm not interested. And then after the mutual agreement they asked me again and I said 'I've said no for 15 years, it's time to say, yes, I'm interested.'" Richt's tone when noting the "mutual agreement" for him to leave Georgia clearly conveyed some bitterness and it seems as though it has re-ignited the competitive fire in Richt. For any coach that is in one spot for 15 years, there's bound to be some complacency that sets in. Richt getting booted out of Athens made him reassess whether he wanted to continue coaching or take some time off. He came to the conclusion that he wanted to come back and seems to have a strong conviction about that. "Two things happened [that led me to taking the job]," said Richt. "One was the outpouring of former players that were wishing me well, thanking me for being an influence in their life. Even guys I dismissed from the team, thanking me for loving them enough and disciplining them. Just knowing that in this position you have the ability to affect lives. "The second thing is The U. The fact that it's my home, my alma mater and when you coach, you want to go somewhere where you have a chance to win. The fact that it's got one of the most fertile recruiting areas in the country. You know you're going to have a chance if you do it right to bring in tremendous talent and really fine people. And I knew this job wouldn't be open next year, so I decided I better do it." Richt having to reaffirm his commitment to coaching and deciding that the answer is "yes" is big for Miami, because he can recruit and coach with the best when he's focused. 2. Recruiting the Miami area. No topic was mentioned more than recruiting in Richt's introductory press conference, and he's thrilled to have the Miami-Dade area as his backyard now. "We absolutely want to recruit Miami and recruit this state," said Richt. "The problem is there's too many for one school to have. Very similar to where I was at with Atlanta. You can't get 'em all. We have to find the ones that fit our program the best and sometimes it's timing. This year, we don't need a lot of this or that. "I just want everybody to know that we are absolutely committed to recruiting Miami because we know how great the players are and the coaching is. I can't imagine having a camp here, and having all the young men show up here and try and sort it out. Just a massive amount of talent." Richt knows how fertile the recruiting area in South Florida is and wants to dominate that region, while also bringing in national talent. "No doubt we're gonna recruit this area. You can't find every single guy at every position every single year, but I bet you can find 90 percent. There are some really great players in other areas of the state and other areas of the country that want to play at Miami. Yes, we want the great players from this area, but if there's another Vinny Testaverde, Jim Kelly or Bernie Kosar, we're going take them." Miami has not had a top-10 recruiting class since 2012 (No. 10 in the 247Sports rankings). Richt has had three top-10 classes in that time frame and had the No. 3 class for 2016 when he was fired. Hurricanes fans wanted a coach that could recruit, and Richt and his staff will certainly do that. 3. Spending and facilities. Richt comes from the University of Georgia, which spares no expense when it comes to the football program and has phenomenal facilities. Miami's facilities are lacking, to put it nicely. Richt didn't mention that specifically in his press conference, but seemed to insinuate that he had conversations about improving facilities. "You've got to have a plan," said Richt. "I've been blessed to be a part of a couple highly successful universities [Florida State and Georgia]. I'm better prepared to be head coach today than I was 15 years ago...I'm convinced through conversations with the board and the president that Miami is committed to excellence and I have all the faith and confidence that we'll be given everything we need to get it done." Being "given everything we need to get it done" certainly would include an upgrade of football facilities, and if Richt is the coach that can get the school and boosters to provide the funds to make that happen, then his hire will have been worth it no matter what happens on the field. 4. Building a staff. Miami fans have long complained about the coaching staff, well beyond just Al Golden. Miami should have an opportunity now to put together a strong staff under Richt, and he understands just how important hiring a quality staff is to being successful. "Hiring a staff is probably the greatest and most important decision that I make," Richt said. "These men will be in charge of our players. This job is too big for one man. You need a lot of coaches and different personalities and diversity in style and personality, but you need a united staff as far as the mission, but you need different kinds of people. I'm going to be deliberate and take my time and make sure I do the right thing. The thing I told the staff at Georgia and the staff here is I'm going to assess everything and what's best for this football team and university. I've not made any promises to anyone [on staff about keeping their jobs]. "I'd rather be right than fast. I'm gonna hire men that I believe are very competent at what they do and I want to hire men of character because I want them to be the right examples for these young men. "There's a massive amount of people that want to come here. I've been averaging 250 text messages...and 50 phone calls a day, and at least half of them are people that want to work or people trying get an opportunity. There's no lack of interest of people wanting to be on the staff and be part of what we're doing." 5. Georgia recruits for 2016. Richt had the No. 3 recruiting class at Georgia for 2016 and he has a strong relationship with a lot of those recruits. While he said he's not bringing the Georgia recruiting board to Miami, he's also not going to keep those recruits from coming for visits. "I think first of all, recruiting's not over [until] its over," said Richt. "That's part of the assessment of what's going on. I want to assess the class that's committed. I want to asses who's on the recruiting board, who's coming for visits. "Now, I'm not going to keep a young man from calling me. I'm not going to try and steal the board and all that, but the goal is to get the great players into your program and for the young men to find the best place for them. If they think the University of Miami is the best place for them, I'm not going to talk them out of it." Jacob Eason, the nation's top quarterback recruit for 2016, has already taken a visit to Florida since Richt left Georgia, and Miami fans are hoping Richt can flip him to the Canes. 6. Richt's in it for the long haul. Every coach says the same thing at intro press conferences about wanting to stay at the school for a long time. Richt is one of the few that you genuinely believe it when he says it. Richt said he turned down opportunities while at Georgia and hoped to be there until he retired. Now, he says that same goal applies to being at Miami. "This is our home. We love it, and this is where we're going to finish our coaching career," said Richt of he and his wife. "My goal is to finish my coaching career at The U, and I'm very excited about the possibility of that." He said the goal was the same at Georgia and that he can't imagine having to go into a team meeting and tell the players and staff "thanks for getting me to where I wanted to go" and then leaving. "My goal and my wife's goal is to be at the University of Miami until I retire or until they throw me out the door. I want to be truthful to the recruits and the guys I'm recruiting. It was hard enough with the class I was recruiting at Georgia, and that wasn't my choice." 7. Connection to the past. This one's obvious, but something that Miami fans wanted. There's a reason Butch Davis was among the favorite candidates. Miami fans are desperate to return to the glory days and having a "Miami guy" was important to them. Richt is a Miami guy, but also a proven commodity as a successful coach away from the Hurricanes. He has the connection to Miami's best era, but also isn't so tied to it that he's going to frantically try to recreate the '80s. That's a good thing for Miami as the program needs to find an identity that works in this current era of college football. " Robby Kalland, cbssportsline/college
Don't sweat it dudes, Miami will defeat FSU next season. Chit, the Canes would've defeated the Seminoles this season and last season, if U Know Who wasn't on the sidelines.
If Miami doesn't play Clemson at Death Valley next season. Then the sky is the limit for Richt, staff and team. In other words, the offense will be scary next season. Only the defense will be a question mark next season. Even with the 4-3 defense.
Seriously though I still SEE-r Miami finishing the regular season 10-2, and playing in the ACC championship game. TOLEDO FAU FLORIDA A & M @ Notre Dame PITTSBURGH NORTH CAROLINA DUKE FSU @ Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech @ Virginia * One Atlantic division opponent
hoa Whoa Whoa....Bus Isn't That Easy Anymore!! All Golden Haters are Welcome!! Posted by: RCCF | December 04, 2015 at 05:30 PM That means I get first shot at a front row seat. lmfao
These head coaches are thee creme de la creme of the ACC: Mark Richt Good Ol' Boy James Fischer Dabo Swinney
BYU and the Bronco Buster Mendenhall defeated that Herbie Cornhusker squad in stinkin' Lincoln! lmfao Mendenhall is known for having physical nasty defenses!! Ouch.
The bottom line: Miami's power brokers have opened up the check book, so Richt can hire the best assistant coaches.