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Then the Canes won't go with their blitz packages too much on Saturday night!!
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ESPN's Ms. Adelson opines that Miami has to BLITZ a lot against mighty FSU. However, when have the Canes, under Golden, blitzed more than the game norm? And if Golden and D'Onofrio's PAST PERFORMANCE record remains intact. Then the Hurricanes won't go too much to the blitz on Saturday night.
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They should have speakers blaring at least. The noise got to the O in cinci so this won't be any better. Posted by: 1mg of Epi | October 07, 2015 at 02:35 PM Yeah. Kaaya will have to deal with 82,000 + screaming good ol' boys come Saturday night. But then again, he handled those 90,000 HAYSEED Cornhusker sodbusters last year. Of course, will the new starters on the O-line and receiving corps be able to handle the noise and what not. Because if Miami is to win, it will start with their offensive line!
The bottom line is under the beloved Golden, the Miami, Florida Hurricane football program has become more COMPLACENT than under that ONION HEAD and the latter three seasons of that Coker's regime.
Posted by: 1mg of Epi | October 07, 2015 at 02:26 PM Coley was a coordinator in NAME ( Recruiting coordinator was his expertise. ) only at FSU. Because everyone in the state capital knew Good Ol' Boy Jimbo was dialing up all the plays on offense. Still, in his third season calling plays, the Hurricanes shouldn't have that ATROCIOUS 3rd down rate on offense and a below-average RZ offensive rate. Nevertheless, I'm guessing that Golden HANDCUFFS Coley during key segments of the game, to bail out Marky Mark D.
#bringbutchback Posted by: HawaiiCane | October 07, 2015 at 01:58 PM Haven't U heard the news today. Coach Butch Davis ISN'T returning to Miami!! So I suggest you get a check on your ' insight ' and become more realistic in your wishes for the next head coach in Coral Gables. That's if there's a new head coach next season.
Say what U want to about that ONION HEAD, but he did coach the Canes to TWO victories over mighty FSU. Something that the Golden apologist can only dream about seeing happen someday.
The BearCats UNDERSIZE defensive line pushed Miami's LG and C into the backfield on the FOUR different offensive plays!! Ouch. And those happened in critical second-half action when the game was on the line!! Again, say what you want about Jimbo and hated FSU. But beware of the Seminole defensive unit!! Because those dudes come to play with that NASTY attitude. Akin to pass Hurricane defenses!!!
I mentioned that Miami had SEVERE troublesome question marks at the TE and receiving corps entering the season, yet that go canes, lurker and confederates, MOCKED my idiotic suggestions. Go figure. I even mentioned the offensive line. Well, FSU's defensive unit ain't no Nebraska or TINY Cincinnati!!
IMO, Kayaa's has missed some deep plays this year but overall he's been hindered by play calling, especially red zone, and average WR. Against Cincy: Posted by: USAFCane | October 07, 2015 at 01:33 PM A running game would immensely help # 15. No I'm not suggesting Miami runs the ball 40 times per game! However, Miami's offensive line is SUSPECT!! And I believe Golden and Coley are pressing the passing game to set up the run. When it should be the reverse. Nonetheless, Cane fan will finally find out if the Hurricanes have the offensive line to win some games against stout defensive competition, because FSU's D-line is NASTY!! TheeMackJones
And you keep making excuse for D'Onofrexcuses. Phuckin' game on the line, an Carter's backpedalin' to Pennsylvania...LMAO! Posted by: CaneRock | October 07, 2015 at 01:28 PM Literally LOL... even the ESPN analysts were wondering why JC was going backwards when he should have been moving towards the LOS.
Good Ol' Boy Jimbo > Golden FSU's legitimate Top 10 defense > Miami's defense Seminole special teams > Canes special teams ( Golden coaches special teams. ) Game will be in front of 72,000 + good ol' boys! Ouch. Another prime time national television game. And Golden's record is atrocious when Miami is playing under the lights of national television. Be it at home or on the road. FSU >> Cane offensive line. Finally, Miami has Brad Kaaya. Unfortunately he doesn't have the receiving corps which he had last season. If U Know What I Mean. Maybe that's why the point spread is currently... - 9, and may be - 10 at kickoff. And that's with a MEDIOCRE Golson and probably Cook watching from the sidelines.
ESPN analysts were commentating that Golden should have went for the TKO against Nebraska, early in the third-quarter. Then the ESPN crew were wondering WHY Golden didn't BURN clock early in the fourth-quarter. With a relatively comfortable double-digit lead. In other words, the beloved Golden's game day coaching is nowhere near a 2nd-Tier head coach. Let alone an ELITE head coach!! Yeah, yeah I know that's old news and what not. So what.
Pertaining to the Hurricane offense. Last year, during the FSU vs Cane game, Herbie and associates were wondering WHY Miami suddenly went CONSERVATIVE against the mighty Seminoles. Herbie and associates were in awe of the Hurricanes first-half offensive performance. Then the unbelievable happened in the second-half. Enter Golden coaching NOT to lose a game. When he should have went for the TKO against mighty FSU.
Say what you what to say about the Fisher Man, but he had Miami's offense going at a relative up tempo pace. That's until Golden ORDERED him to pull in the reigns on the offensive unit.
ted by: Jsy | October 07, 2015 at 01:09 PM It doesn't matter who the offense coordinator has been under Golden. The beloved Golden relatively HANDCUFFS the O-coordinator!! Enter the Florida game of yesteryear. The Canes offense was having it's way with a decent Gator defense in the first-half. Then Miami PULLS IN THE REIGNS on Morris and his cohorts. Even the ESPN analysts were wondering WHY the Hurricanes put the petal down on the offense. Chit, the Florida D-linemen were reaching for the oxygen tank. LOL ESPN even panned the Gator sideline and showed their defensive line SUCKING air. LMFAO
They flew a banner over practice? Posted by: 1mg of Epi | October 07, 2015 at 12:51 PM During the player interviews on Tuesday, either Suzy Q or Christy asked one of the defensive players about the banners flying over Greentree practice turf. I think it was sweet Suzy Q. The interviews are on CanesAllaccess. It was one of the defensive players, whom was asked the question about banners flying during practice.
IMO, the Nebraska game was the best game I've seen Miami's offense under Golden & Co. Posted by: thirstybuzzardcane | October 07, 2015 at 11:21 AM That's because that Herbie Cornhusker team has one of the WORST team defenses in major college football. And don't be deceived by the Nebraska 14-13 lost to LOWLY Illinois. The weather conditions in rural Champaign-Urbana were atrocious. For instance, the wind was blowing up to 35 mph throughout the game and it was cold and light rain throughout the game. In other words, both teams offenses were severely affected by the weather conditions.
You know it's dire straits time for the beloved Golden and his brother-in-arms, D'onofrio, when serious, loyal Hurricane fan is flying banners over the PRACTICE turf!! Ouch!!!
Golden justification knows no bounds. Posted by: Jsy | October 07, 2015 at 12:35 PM Amen!
That go canes is using another sly subtle TACTIC to defend Golden and D'Onofrio!! No ifs, buts or give him the benefit of the doubt.
This a classic trap game for FSU. They're ranked, they're not scoring a lot of points, Cook is out, the QB is struggling, and UM is supposed to lose. I like it! Go 'canes! Hate happens! Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | October 07, 2015 at 08:48 AM Au contraire. Simply because good ol' boy Jimbo OWNS Coach Golden! So all the tangibles listed above can be laid to rest and what not. Also, FSU has a LEGITIMATE Top 10 defense and the Hurricanes are too inconsistent on offense ( Road game makes matters more complicated. ). And believe or not, Miami's offensive line is going to have trouble with the Seminoles D-line. Then, you can throw in the fact that under Golden, the Canes have an absolutely ATROCIOUS record when playing under the lights of prime time television. Enter last Thursday's embarrassing lost against Cincinnati.
I lay 1:2 that Butch Davis isn't coming back to Miami. Simply because there's too much animosity, angst and furor between him and the university Powers That Be, and BIG MONEY boosters.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Five Qualities Of A Good Head Coach at Canespace
Posted by: Nick | October 05, 2015 at 01:11 PM Voila. I, too, SEE-r mighty Clemson going undefeated into the ACC championship game. Of course, FSU has a good head coach in Good Ol' Boy Jimbo too.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Five Qualities Of A Good Head Coach at Canespace
I seriously believer Florida will finish 10-2 in Jimmy McIwain's inaugural season. Now he inherited a very good defense, but the offense was consistently atrocious. However, McIwain knows both offense and QUARTERBACK tangibles and intangibles. And that's why his Gators are currently undefeated. Now when you pay good money for an ESTABLISHED coach, you tend to reap the benefits of the investment. Unfortunately Miami's Power Brokers don't want to invest the money, to bring back the Hurricanes to national relevance. Thus enter Al Golden!
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Five Qualities Of A Good Head Coach at Canespace