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Blake James: "You want to win all your games. The reality is, that doesn't happen." Posted by: SinisterCane | December 08, 2014 at 09:46 PM Go tell that to Good Ol' Boy jimbo and his Seminole squad. Or go tell that to the 2001 Miami, Florida Hurricane football team. Heck, U can even have a chat with Pete Caroll about his undefeated Trojan team. Then there's Coach Saban and Roll Tide Roll. Right FAKEY James. Having an undefeated team just isn't a possible reality. SMH/LOL
Translation from Blake James tele conference: Winning or losing is not important. Revenue is important. We make our money whether fans come out or not. If I have my druthers, Al Golden will coach here forever, even if we never win another Championship again. It is not in our business plan to pay out big money to win games. We don't need to. 50% of teams lose each Saturday. We will be a consistent member of that 50% going forward. Posted by: Montreal-Cane | December 08, 2014 at 07:46 PM And... therein lies the rUb. Hurricane fandom, I've BLOVIATED opinions the above mentioned INSIGHTFUL take since Golden became Miami, Florida's head football coach. The Powers That Be DON'T give a crap about the football program! And won't pay one iota dime MORE than what is necessary to hire a PROVEN head football coach. Enter stage right Onion Head and now Thee Carpetbagger. Again it bares repeating. It's basically SIMPLE wacky macky mathematics. A. Men's NCAA Tournament + B. ACC football bowl game payoff + C. ACC television revenues, mainly in football and men's basketball = Millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars for the Cane athletic department. FWIW... I said earlier that that AD would CHIT-CAN Thee Carpetbagger's after the 2015 season. This wild-eyed meandering guess was based on the Canes finishing either 6-6 or 7-5 in '15. But after reading the above mentioned opinion. I SERIOUSLY doubt the new President or the LAME AD or most important of all, the Board of Trustee's will do the proper gesture and relieve Golden and D'Onofrio of their coaching duties!!!! Yes, it truly has become a tragic ending to a Miami football season. Oh well. At least Cane fandom have the men's basketball team and baseball team come next February.
Re: Read... because it's going to take either an 8-4/9-3 season in 2015, to bring back the confidence I ONCE had in Miami, Florida Hurricane football. FWIW... I predicted a 8-4 record this season and a possible bowl win. I also stated that Miami would defeat FSU the Sunday after the Carolina Blue victory. Now I don't know what to think about a ONCE PROUD Cane football program!!!!
I's so DOWN and APATHETIC on Hurricane football. That I WANT to see Miami lose to hapless South Carolina! Then just maybe that THIRD-RATE athletic director will chit-can Thee Carpetbagger's at the conclusion of the 2015 season. Because it's going to take either a " 8-4 or 9-3 " season in '15. And I just don't SEE-r that happening with Golden and his sidekick TONTO D'Onofrio!!!!!
South Carolina - 1 1/2 point chalk. The fluctuating point spread during the week leading up to December 27th will indicate whom the likely winner is of the TURD BOWL in small town Shreveport.
I was WRONG again naturally! Because I went on record and stated that Anthony would at least be ACC 2nd Team by either his junior or senior season. So much for Thee Carpetbagger's ADDED WEIGHT GAIN program and what not. Bottom line is Anthony absolutely LOST a step or one and one-half steps since his stellar freshmen season. Chit, even ex-5-Star standout DB Coley has REGRESSED under the tutelage of Thee CARPETBAGGER'S! Go figure.
Spurrier is a lazy guy. He's pretty up front about that. Posted by: dj moonbat | December 08, 2014 at 09:18 AM Even a lazy Spurrier can still OUT COACH Thee Carpetbagger! Chit, NINE seasons as a head coach and he still leads Miami to a bland, EMBARRASSING .500 season! So much for having greater relative TALENT than 10 out 12 teams on the schedule this season. Eh go canes!
Not easy to keep really good QB prospects when U have a true freshman tearing it up. Posted by: Ohio_Cane | December 08, 2014 at 01:03 PM Urban doesn't seem to have difficulty keeping THREE top notch signal callers hanging around in Columbus, Ohio. Go figure. Too bad your precious Carpetbagger can't seem to KEEP ( Transfers or players whom Golden RAN OFF! ) or have quality depth among the starting 22. SMH
@ U go canes. Your boy Golden and his sidekick TONTO D'Onofrio have coached the Canes to FIVE losses against ACC teams which ended the season with a LOSING RECORD! And the few Carpetbagger apologists, lackeys, loyalists, syncophants, advocates and satraps still admantly say they need another two seasons. SMH/lol
For your eyes exclusively go canes. Your boy Golden will have to deal with TOTAL new personnel on the defensive side of the LOS. And U better pray to Almighty Buddha that safety Bush doesn't enter the NFL draft! Because the Canes are absolutely looking at 6-6/7-5 in '15! And there's the simple truth that your boy Golden loses those VALUABLE scoring threats on offense! Then throw in the fact Miami will lose three starters on the O-line. And one can throw in the lost of TE Walford as a blocker in running packages. By the way, the VAST MAJORITY of conference teams and Nebraska RETURN the majority of their starters next season. Ouch, ouch, ouch!!
But the larger picture remains and will be present no matter who coaches this team going forward. Posted by: Go Canes | December 08, 2014 at 10:21 AM @ that Go Canes eyes exclusively! The grand picture is Miami, Florida is INSIGNIFICANT, IRRELEVANT, or PASSE if you will. And go canes can THANK his boy Golden and Al's sidekick TONTO D'Onofrio. Matter of fact go canes, after Thee Carpetbagger's ? coach ? the Canes to either a 7-5 or 6-6 record next season. These lame arse coaches will have OFFICIALLY done what the corrupt NCAA has been diligently attempting to do for 27 years or so. Issue the DEATH PENALITY on Miami, Florida football. Because Golden and D'Onofrio have totaly fUc#!! up this program so terribly. That after next season the next coach will have to be the SECOND COMING of Jesus the Prophet! No ifs, buts or huh's. By the way Go Canes, there is ABSOLUTE dissension and disarray not only among the players, but the coaches too! That's how fUc#!! Miami is now.
FWIW... South Carolina opens - 1 1/2 according to the Vegas Wise Guys. Cane fandom should take notice of the line movement the week prior to kick-off. If the point spread escalates in the Gamecocks favor ( - 3 1/2 or - 4 1/2 ). This will indicate a bad, bad omen for the Thee Carpetbagger's squad.
I bet if you fire Al Golden now, he gets a job somewhere for 2015 as a HC, Tulsa, Oregon State, somewhere. Miami wouldn't have to pay the full buy out. Posted by: The Dude | December 04, 2014 at 05:58 PM Quite true! However, I don't think even Oregon St. or Tulsa would want to hire a MEDIOCRE head coach and TONTO D'Onofrio.
8) It looks like the powers that be, despite wanting him gone, are biding their time hoping that Kelly wanting out and AG knowing how small of a margin for error there will be next year’s record will push AG to resign on his own and take another gig somewhere else. ************* That's why I say the best case scenario for 2015 is Miami ending the season " 6-6 or 7-5. " By the way, I seriously believe Miami is in the process of LOSING some recruits for next season's incoming class. How many I can't fathom. Just a stupid guess mind U.
More disturbing news concerning Cane football. Courtesy of another Miami football blogger. avatarUchamps says: December 3, 2014 at 3:52 PM This is from the other board: I feel like u guys should have access too. Because in the end were all Cane Die Hards and we all want this program back to bring Great…. First and foremost, hats off to Jim and the rest of the basketball staff for the job they’ve done with all facets of that program. Great student involvement, great player development, great recruiting, great game day coaching, etc. Everyone in that building knew that they were attending a game being played at a very high, nearly elite level. The AD held a very nice moment of silence in honor of Edna Shalala who passed away yesterday at the age of 103. As we did not go up to the box, we didn’t see President Shalala (if she was there at all), but it was a nice tribute. Despite the stellar passion, hustle, coaching, and play on display last night, it seemed that the football program was on the tip of EVERYONE’s tongue in the Hurricane 100 room. Blake came by to do his usual glad-handing, and did not look good. Several other assistant AD’s were all toting party-line, which is something to the effect of: “We know the situation sucks, we’re not happy either, but we can’t stay on the 4-5 year hamster wheel of swapping in and out coaches…let’s GIVE IT TIME.” To say that none of us were particularly encouraged by these sentiments is a gross understatement. Everyone saw through the BS and basically said, as AG once did, “are you kidding me?” Here is some information, unverified, gleaned from several conversations yesterday: 1) The AD knows that the football program is a bad place right now 2) The football progarm is full of “toxicity” and no one is coming to work with a smile on their face in the FB offices. IN OTHER WORDS, there's a MUTINY on the SINKING U.S.S. Carpetbagger boat. 3) Kelly Golden is VERY unhappy with the situation at Miami and/or continuing to live in Miami 4) Realistically, the Goldens probably want out sooner rather than later 5) Realistically, the AD wants out sooner rather than later 6) The hefty buyout is a huge obstacle to getting movement RIGHT NOW 7) General consensus among the boosters and few trustees from which I got info was that pretty much everyone wants him gone 8) It looks like the powers that be, despite wanting him gone, are biding their time hoping that Kelly wanting out and AG knowing how small of a margin for error there will be next year’s record will push AG to resign on his own and take another gig somewhere else 9) Everyone knows that Coley is an asset, D’Onofrio is a liability ************* TOXICITY = Dissension among the players and the staff. Which indicates the Cane players have TUNED OUT Thee Carpetbagger's. So pray to Almighty Buddha that Miami faces either mighty CFU or Florida. Because then the Carpetbagger's will have possibly coached the team to a LOSING SEASON. We may not like UF but when they want some body they go and get him firing Champ cost Millions and getting McElwain got 5 million plus 2 more ?? Then he makes Posted by: laquinton | December 04, 2014 at 05:18 PM And I can guarantee that Michigan will follow suit and possibly hire the best head coach available, which cash will buy.
Courtesy of canesinsight. Oh. CAVEAT LECTOR. Or is that peruse it and WEEP. TedHendricksOffspring said: Today 02:19 AM Here I am. " I don’t care what the admin is feeding publicly. A lot of them know Al sucks a bag of ass and there’s a few reasons he is not fired now and hoping to coach linebackers at Purdue. 1. Money. His buyout is 7-8 million dollars and I have been told it’s 8. Let me make it perfectly clear that the school has the money and more to burn. They just don’t want to spend it. 2. Board of Trustees. Golden still has key supporters on the Board. Their reason for liking him isn’t because of potential football reasons, but for public relations purposes and such of that nature. On top of that, there are plenty of Board members who either don’t know what football means to the school or just don’t care about football in general. Therefore, anything involving 8 million dollar spending better be massively important for academics. There are quite a few Board members who feel exactly like we all do: That Golden is a Jersey hack that couldn’t coach the 2001 Hurricanes to a Big East title. Their vehemence is directly related to his lies/excuses and Penn State-gate has not been forgotten or forgiven. Even his most ardent supporters haven’t forgotten about it. 3. APR and Graduation Rates. Golden has some of the best in the business. That is worth some leeway to many because they think that’ll be attractive to recruits. That’s there stupid mistake. 4. Last Year. The school had record braking season ticket sales. While those statistics were skewed because of the UNC/FSU package deal, it appeared that we had stimulated interest in the football team where attendance and revenue was about to swing up. Golden was given a lot of credit for that. They still are cautiously expectant for similar sales and the potential replication of money that could bring. 5. The Cloud. A lot of decision makers are woefully unaware about the Cloud and how important of a role it played. They think he was pulling in talent while up against almost impossible circumstances. Giving Golden another year could result in a team of talent that can just overwhelm teams ala the early Coker years. Once again, that’s their own ignorance. 6. The Fans. A lot of the admin don’t think the fans and boosters will exodus out. They think it’s a bluff and they’re calling it. That’s going to be their downfall. 7. General Indifference from the admin, students, and fans. Self-explanatory. ************* Again, as most know by now. One half of the Board of Trustes DON'T give a crap about Miami football. And it's obvious they've been BLINDED by the murky, DISTORTED Golden light. So the only positive notion is for Golden and D'Onofrio to get OUT COACHED in which ever FOURTH-TIER bowl game awaits. And most of all ( Yes it's sacrilege to even utter this notion! ) is Golden and D'Onofrio coach the Canes to either a 6-6 or 7-5 season in 2015. Because only those two notions will SAVE Miami, Florida Hurricane football. But then again, I believe it's safe to say that the university AD, President and BofTs have already put Hurricane football on LIFE SUPPORT with the hiring of Thee CARPETBAGGERS!!!!
I think TMJ is saying that Rodriguez is doing more with the talent He has, than us. Posted by: CaneRock | December 04, 2014 at 01:14 PM EXACTLY... thank U CaneRock! Even Missouri and Coach Pinkel are doing more with less relative talent than Thee Carpetbaggers. Chit, Mizzou even had the audaticy to move the the mighty SEC!
But you left out minor details like: They are a public university which gives them access to massive funding UM doesn't get. They've been a perennial powerhouse in basketball for decades, raking in millions in attendance, merchandise and TV revenue. They have an enrollment that' s quadruple Miami's, and an alumni base that's probably 20 times the size of UM's. Posted by: Go Canes | December 04, 2014 at 01:10 PM Agree Go Canes. But Miami was WINNING consistently for circa 24 years being a PRIVATE university. Again, the last two head coaching hires is what put Miami " three feet " in the ground! No ifs, buts or perhaps. AND NOT the lack of attendance or alumni base and funding from university general revenues and what not. And the article mentions the Arizona athletic department ONLY receives " 10 million " from the universtiy general revenues.
Posted by: Ohio_Cane | December 04, 2014 at 01:07 PM That's FRESH o-c! Bloody fresh! And the HAYSEEDS thought they was gonna hire a MARQUEE head coach. LOL
Yeah, but if I'm not mistaken, I think Riley still runs that pro-style offense. NU didn't have much success with that when Callahan was the HC...Eichorst must not be aware of that LMAO! Posted by: CaneRock | December 04, 2014 at 01:01 PM He's into fly sweeps, and lots of single back, spread concepts. It works OK, they are always 6-8 wins, attract a lot of smaller backs and WR, and rely on a kicker to win a lot. I think they would have done better if they'd gone after Paul Johnson and got back to their big back, option style. Posted by: j.w. | December 04, 2014 at 01:05 PM Reily is another head coach whom RELIES on ex-HS players whom were Three-Star material. And I don't think he'll be able to CONSISTENTLY haul in legitimate Top 25 ranked HS recruiting classes. The only things Reily has to SALE the recruits is Nebraska's football tradition and the staunch fan base. That's all.
Carpetbagger No. 1 and Carpetbagger No. 2 coach a team which ARGUABLY SPEAKING is in the WORST division among the Power 5 conference. Yet they can't get the job done! See the Arizona Wildcats and Richie R. Miami, Florida WAS a " major college football school, " but no longer is thanks to Thee Carpetbaggers and the Power Brokers at the university. Bottom line is The Powers That Be have to want to see the Canes become relevant again. And I don't see that happening. Especially regarding the last two hires at Miami ( No offense ONION HEAD. Because he was a DESPERATION hire after NUMEROUS proven head coaches turn THE U down! ).
So much for that Herbie Cornhusker's MARQUEE hire! LOL Coach Reily basically is a SLIGHT upgrade from that TYRANT Pellini. But Reily does have a " 6-2 " bowl record in fourteen seasons in pastoral Corvalis, Oregon.
This is not the full article and there are snippets which are relevent to Miami's questionable Power Brokers concerning the football team. Enjoy ############ Hansen: With Hart and Byrne, Wildcats have fire • By Greg Hansen .Greg Byrne ( Athletic Director ) phoned Saturday morning. Ann Weaver Hart ( President ) was spending a long Thanksgiving weekend with her family in Salt Lake City. Ann Weaver Hart operates her business, good and bad, out of room 200 at Old Main, a century-old centerpiece of the UA campus. For 100 years, her predecessors have been occupied by every imaginable issue of college sports; slush funds, NCAA probations, inept coaches, the deaths of ballplayers, budget shortfalls and one too many losses to the Sun Devils( EMPHASIS on one too many losses to FSU. ). She knows how it goes. Hart has become the most visible UA president at sporting events since John Schaefer, the man whose vision forged the UA’s alliance with the Pac-8 almost 40 years ago. On Friday, Hart will attend the Pac-12 football championship game in Santa Clara, California, and then hurry to the airport to be at McKale Center for Saturday’s 3:15 p.m., tipoff against Gonzaga. This was not predictable when she arrived from Temple almost three years ago, a school she refers to as a “mid-major,” one with a $44 million athletic budget, one whose home football games drew so few fans she remembers it as “peas bouncing around in a pod.” ( Sounds familiar to Miami, Florida. ) “I subsidized athletics at $10 million a year from the general fund,” she says. “Trustees called me and told me who to hire, how much to pay, who to fire, who not to fire.” ( Isn't this scenario taking place Coral Gables regarding Thee Carpetbagger. ) She shakes her head at the memory. At Arizona, she funds the athletic department about $1.5 million a year for building maintenance and nothing more. She said no one, and especially not mega-donors Jeff Stevens, Cole Davis and David Lowell, has tried to influence her decisions. “Never,” she says. “Never.” This harmony between the president and the AD, and their constituency, is an exception at a school with a $68 million athletic budget. Is it too good to be true? At a school ranked No. 7 in the AP football poll and No. 3 in the basketball rankings, it may indeed border on some type of fairy tale. “She gives us a chance to compete,” says Byrne- EMPHASIS ADDED! ]. “She’s got her hands full running the university and the medical center, but she takes time to be engaged with us. “She lets me do my job. I keep her in the loop. It’s important to run a department she can be comfortable with.” Both understand what it is for Arizona to be America’s only school ranked in the Top 10 of the two revenue-producing sports. Oregon, for example, had football revenues of $55 million a year ago; Arizona $28 million. Arizona’s total athletic budget, $68 million, isn’t half of what No. 1 Alabama’s $143 million was a year ago. And yet the Wildcats balance the books, fill the seats and make their president a happy woman. “Greg is a masterful AD, you couldn’t ask for a better AD,” she says. “I believe Greg Byrne may be the best athletic director in the country right now. “It’s absolutely mind-boggling how much smaller our budget is than the elite programs; tens of millions of dollars less. But Greg understands what it takes to compete. He’s a problem-solver. He raises the money we need and has incredible values. He is literally the most positive surprise since I’ve been in Tucson.” On football coach Rich Rodriguez’s annual earning power, which already includes more than $700,000 in bonuses: “I hope he gets more. That’s how the game goes. In our case, athletics cover those costs.” On soaring expenses for travel, medical services, room, board and student-athlete welfare: “It’s a bottomless pit. But when Greg comes to me, the first thing I ask is ‘can your budget handle this?’ ” Hart and Byrne? Byrne and Hart? In whatever order, it is a team that has put the UA at the top of the game. ******* In his THIRD SEASON in Tucson Richie Rodriquez has NON-FOOTBALL school Arizona playing for the PAC-12 championship this Friday night. And Coach R has SEVENTEEN starters whom were FORMER " 3-Star " high school players!!! In Richie's short tenure as head coach, Arizona has FIVE victories over team which FINISHED the season RANKED in both major polls. Go figure. And imagine this, the Wildcats had the audacity to defeat a LEGITIMATE Top 5 conference team two straight seasons. And one of those wins was in small town Eugene.
Sorry to read loyal Cane fan " LB " is taking a sabbatical from Miami, Florida Hurricane football. By the way, here's a very, very insightful article about a Power 5 conference ad AND President desiring to WIN BIG and COMPETE with the creme de la creme of major college mens basketball and football. It's too bad Miami's POWER BROKERS give " lip service " regarding the football team and what not.