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To say that someone who speaks to objectively verifiable truths evidences the blind spot bias is actually the best possible example of said blind spot bias. Posted by: 1mg of Epi | April 09, 2015 at 06:49 AM LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or, if not that then partaking in " reductio ad absurdum " ways and notions. LOL
" Mark Cuban dislikes the current state of college basketball, saying: "The referees couldn't manage a White Castle." In 2002, Cuban didn't think refs could manage a Dairy Queen, either. " *********** Mr. Cuban ' coffee ' Mark is referring to the second-half of Monday night's national championship game. A game which Wisconsin was robbed of possibly winning their 2nd NC in school history. Thankfully Marco and I share similar viewpoints on a variety of topics. Albeit he's a winner and a billionaire. Whereas I'm a blank. A nobody. LMFAO Oh. One more thing. Lurker, grow a THICKER skin! Otherwise, I'll start to think you're a ' wee bit SENSITIVE. ' LOL
What's up with Tony losing all that EXCESS body weight and what not?! LMFAO I thought that added weight by Hurricane defensive personnel would make them nasty ball players. Akin to the Hurricanes of years gone by. Or is that the days of wine and roses. LOL
Believe it or not. Nebraska will be a very, very, very, difficult home game for Miami. Simply because that Go Big Red head coach is relatively a BETTER overall head coach than U Know Who. Just saying.
When the game tangibles/intangibles are basically EVEN-STEVEN at the ACC level of college football. COACHING tends to be the trump card time after time after time. And the beloved Golden seems to be still LEARNING after NINE seasons as a head football coach at the FBS level. Just saying. So don't shoot the messenger. LMFAO And that's one MAIN REASON why I say 7-5 or possibly 8-4.
Perhaps the author of this brief note should LOOK in the MIRROR regarding realistic MYOPIC, FANATICAL, PAROCHIAL views and what not. Because I find it quite odd that taking the NAIVE, GULLIBLE Pollyann-ish perspective makes one a sincere, serious Miami, Florida Hurricane zealot. LOL Because absolute, objective R-E-A-L-I-T-Y not only PROVES, but indicates that the beloved Golden has fallen SERIOUSLY short of expectations and what not! Oh. One more thing. Miami has MAJOR losses on BOTH sides of the LOS. So I can't fathom why Cane fan SEE-r's a " 9-3 " season in '15. Seriously bUbba's. LMFAO Whereas the objective, ASTUTE realist approach of say- TheeMackJones- probably envisions a 7-5 or 8-4 season ( I say 8-4 because I don't what to come off being NEGATIVE! lol ). And that's with ALL the optimal conditions, factors, tangibles and intangibles FAVORING the Hurricanes.
Yes, I said I was going to cease BYTCHING like a bytch about U Know Who. But I just have to have one final word. Former Duke Blue Devil Jay Bilas went on record and said Miami was dealt a DIRTY HAND during the investigation. Bilas also said the ex-Trojan assistant was RAILROADED by the NCAA. So it's EASY to see that the NCAA would PROTECT Duke basketball too. LMFAO
^^^ busting out my tinfoil hat. Lol. Posted by: The Dude | April 08, 2015 at 02:23 PM Ain't no wild-eyed WACKO " conspiracy theory " regarding the NCAA's beloved and sacred Duke men's basketball program! Oh. One more thing. It's quite OBVIOUS that U haven't witnessed MUCH college basketball and or NCAA Tournament action. Because the Blue DORKS have been given CARTE BLANCE tournament long distant rides, since the INFAMOUS 1991 Elite-8 game against Kentucky. But U and your Cane cohorts were probably TOO YOUNG to recall the OT Kentucky lost. And yes, the NCAA referee's STUCK IT UP the Wildcat's U Know What-albeit metaphorically- the last remaining 1:30 odd seconds of regulation. Enter Kentucky getting whistled for a HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE " extended forearm drive " and Duke commencing to do the same tactic approximately 30 seconds. And no whistle. LOL For instance, a Dork player extended his forearm, to get distance from a Wildcat defender and NO foul was called. Yet, the same play happened seconds earlier and Kentucky was called for an offensive foul. Thus Duke shot two free throws and the game went into OT. While the Wildcats didn't get a sniff of the free throw line because the DUKE player was ALLOWED to extend his forearm and create distance. SMH Again, this sequence of action occurred the final 90 seconds of regulation. Finally, the Arizona Wildcats got the long one up the U Know What in the 2001 championship game ( Metaphorically speaking mind you. ). Akin to Maryland being robbed in the semi-finals on Saturday. There are a " finger full " of other games which benefited from courtesy of BOGUS, myopic officiating. But it's all MOOT and what not. But finally, I guess it's a " conspiracy theory " that Miami was knifed in the back during the three year long investigation. And I suppose it's a shame, that a former USC assistant coach was knifed in the back by the NCAA too.
One more thought then I'll get off my soap box regarding the NCAA's SACRED program residing in Durham, Carolina. I listened to the astute Bill Walton during halftime of the Monday night's game. And NBA and college basketball championship ring bearing William, said that the game officials would be one of the factors DECIDING the outcome of the game!!! Talk about being a SEE-r. The referee's would be " one of the factors " determining the winner!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Dead head, hippy loving Bill has a big mouth and what not. So what. The man KNOWS basketball and he also knows about the SHANANIGANS of the NCAA.
If the SECOND-HALF of the men's national championship game ISN'T PROVE enough, that the ethical NCAA is absolutely C-O-R-R-U-P-T. Then allow the slimy, whinny macjones remind U'all. Exhibit No. 1: The recent report that the NCAA BLACKBALLED the Men of Troy's ex-assistant football coach! Exhibit No. 2: The DIRTY DEALING machinations by the nCORRUPTaa regarding the Affaire Miami, Florida! Exhibit No. 3: The austere NCAA going back on it's Conniving word and giving back athletic scholarship losses to Penn St. LOL Exhibit No.4: The NCAA intentionally LOOKING THE OTHER WAY and giving " good ol' boy " programs a slight, SOFT slap on the wrist. By the way, Duke basketball is the SACRED program of the NCAA and the NCAA selection committee for numerous reasons. More so, the NCAA Tournament referee's will SUBTLY do everything possible, to make sure that arrogant Super-K's squad has an EASY path to the Final Four. Because if U'all don't believe Wisconsin was ROBBED of probably winning their second Final Four in school history. Then you're probably BLIND, as well as NAIVE, as the championship zebra's. By the way, Coach Ryan went on record ( Postgame podium and interviews with pundits and scribes. ), and said the championship game was the MOST CONTACT filled game his team faced all season ( Most importantly, the second-half contact filled game, probably determined the outcome. ). And the Badgers play in the RUGGED, CONTACT happy Big Ten for Buddha's sake. LMFAO/SMH Enter the 2001 NCAA Tournament Former ACC member Maryland was ROBBED, more so than Whisky on Monday night, against the Blue DORKS. Because the Turtles had a DOUBLE-DIGIT first-half/halftime lead against ALMIGHTY Duke in the 2001 semi-finals and went on to MYSTERIOUSLY lose that lead in the second-half. Courtesy of U Know Who. The NCAA hand picked referee's. Oh. One more thing. Coach L's squad had a very good season and will surely make the NCAA Tournament next season. Just U wait and see!!!!
v. Bethune Cookman 1-0 @FAU 2-0 v. Nebraska 2-1 @Cincy 3-1 @FSU 3-2 v. VT 3-3 v. Clemson 3-4 -------------------------- Al done? @Duke 4-4? Convincingly? Idk. v. UVA 5-4 @UNC 6-4? Maybe? Idk. v. GT 6-5? Maybe? Idk. @Pitt 6-6? Posted by: The Dude | March 03, 2015 at 04:04 PM FWIW... I SEE-r the Canes finishing with a " 7-5 " regular season and naturally playing in some OBSCURE bowl game come December, '15. Oh. Since Golden and D'Onofrio have been in Coral Gables. Miami has lost a game to some team which finished with a LOSING RECORD! Of course, the 2013 winning season was the exception to the rule. So I look for the Hurricanes to remain PAR regarding that aspect of the quickly approaching season.
I wonder what that Go Canes and his brothers have to say about ex-AD Samuel's SCATHING comments regarding the BELOVED Golden and D'Onofrio. After all Samuel has BEEN THERE. DONE THAT and what not. While go canes has NO legitimate credit and what not.
This is a MUST WIN game for your Canes! Otherwise Coach L's squad could be playing in that other postseason tournament.
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But then again, in Golden and D'Onofrio's defensive schemes and what not. There's NO such thing as a COVER CORNER. lol Because it's all about playing a SOFT zone and giving the receivers seven or eight yards of comfortable cushion. SMH Chit, I should have REALIZED what was in store for Miami, Florida defensive football. When the Cane DB's were playing EIGHT or NINE yards of the LOS against MIGHTY Maryland back in '11. LOL U know. That mighty Turtle squad which finished the 2011 season " 2-10. "
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2015 on Four Play Starts Now! at Canespace
Yeah, I'd be unhappy playing SEVEN or EIGHT yards off the line of scrimmage, too!!! LOL
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I like Kehoe, but I think our O-Line guys are TOO big. Seems to me when UM goes against elite D-Lines, we're a step too slow. Posted by: CaneRock | February 25, 2015 at 09:22 AM It has nothing to do with Kehoe! It's Golden's VERSION of having his linemen becoming BIG TEN BEEFY and what not. Be it O-linemen or D-linemen.
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Of course Crawford was serious about bolting out the Greenfield front gate. Heck, one doesn't post CONSECUTIVE tweets and what not, saying his disenchanted with the U KNOW WHO'S. But then again, maybe Antonio was tired and frustrated playing SEVEN or EIGHT yards off the LOS. LOL
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Don't need that on this team. If he goes he should just do it so everyone can move on. Posted by: Go Canes | February 25, 2015 at 04:30 PM Now you are cleverly INSINUATING that my main man Anthony is a bloody JONAH! Go figure. Heck, all the bad karma surrounding the program since Golden and D'Onofrio arrived IS ON Golden and D'Onofrio. NOT Crawford or any other player whom has transferred out!
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what Mullins was talking about Canes Warning @CanesWarningFS · 9m 9 minutes ago 2016 DT Keyshon Camp RT“@CAMPBOI_FRESZH1: Miami Still Number One Right Now, But My Options Are Now Back Open To Any School! 🙏🏈” Posted by: 30CINCO | February 25, 2015 at 04:32 PM Opposing recruiters probably have told the kid, that Golden and D'Onofrio's particular defensive scheme ISN'T CONDUCIVE for defensive tackles. LOL
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Is AC a senior? Don't know why anyone would transfer as a senior. Posted by: The Dude | February 25, 2015 at 05:04 PM Sometimes a player has to do what' best for his own good. Even if he's a senior. I'm just SURPRISED that Crawford put up with Golden and D'Onofrio for three seasons!
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2015 on Four Play Starts Now! at Canespace
I believe it's safe to say that CB Anthony has CROSSED thee Rubicon and will no longer don the Orange and Green come early September. Especially after the latest social tweet, tweet. But then again, it's nothing new to witness Golden and D'Onofrio COERCING players to flee, flow away from Coral Gables. Enter exit right Stormy Weather, Paul, and Malcome as SIGNIFICANT examples.
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2015 on Four Play Starts Now! at Canespace
Let's see now. CB Tracy has been in the Golden DOGHOUSE for three seasons strong. So maybe his senior season will be the one which he plays up to his incoming HYPE. You know. All that FIVE-STAR POTENTIAL he brought with him from HS.
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2015 on Spring Has Sprung at Canespace
I'm guessing that CB Antonio is one of those Canes, which THE DUKE's mother was gossiping vis-à-vis the social media thing. I'm also going to take a grasp in the Golden dark and say that perhaps CB Crawford is FED UP with playing SEVEN or EIGHT yards of the LOS. lol!!!!!! Good day, good evening.
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Posted by: VfB_Cane | February 19, 2015 at 01:26 PM No. I continue to open my big mouth ( blogging ) and mumble stupid notions and what not.
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Posted by: CaneRock | February 19, 2015 at 12:54 PM Miami's offense looked terrible last spring because PRETTY BOY was high, high, high. LOL
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