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53 year old male
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The top QB's under 25 are Russell Wilson,Cam Newton and Andrew Luck and Tannehill is a step below.Tannehill is a slightly above average QB which means if the Dolphins want to be strong playoff contenders they may need to copy the Seahawks mode with a strong defense and running game.Dol-Fans we are stuck with Tannehill because the Dolphins will be drafting between 15-20 in next year's draft so forget getting a great QB that way.The Dolphins should fire clueless Joe if the team finishes 8-8 or below and hire Dan Quinn who could copy the Seahawks mode.
I knew the Dolphins would lose Sunday but was disturbed by the large margin of the loss.It looks like most of the NFL is like the Dolphins around 7-9,8-8 or 9-7 and Sunday's loss does not change my 9-7 prediction for the 2014 Dolphins.Thank you Greg Cote,Typepad and bloggers like Mr Woodcock,OC Dolphin,Big Baby,The Real David in Los Angeles and others for a forum which could get out of hand sometimes but was also funny and informative.I suspect the change was made because Obama and the Military Industry that are Obama's puppet master have made the Russians angry and they have retaliated by interrupting web services like Typepad which has had service problems in the last few months.
Great post Edward Jimenez.I strongly agree with your stance on the Ray Rice coverage and the excellent job that Barry Jackson does on his blogs..The Rice and Peterson cases are teaching moments for America on Domestic Violence .21st Century Technology is uncovering items like Domestic violence that were covered up before and the lesson to all is to not settle disputes with fists or small tree branches on anyone.Slavery,Child Labor were once common practices but are now frowned on.The Jobs that are opening up today are high tech skilled or that communication is important.The brute muscle Jobs are being replaced with Robots and other heavy mechanical Equipment so it may also economically prudent to learn how to use your brain to settle disputes and to function in the 21st Century instead of fists and muscle power.
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I strongly agree with Big Baby's post at 12:05 AM.Ray Rice,Roger Goodell,Adrian Peterson,The Blade Runner,Greg Hardy,Ray McDonald and the Atlanta Hawks debacle are turning Sports into the People's Court.The Dolphins will lose Sunday at Buffalo but unlike 2013 it will be a 24-20 type game and barring injuries which are starting to worry me the Dolphins will beat the Chiefs and Raiders to go 3-1 at the bye week which will put the in good shape for a playoff spot.
The St Valentines Day massacre by Ray Rice on his future Wife was dreadful and out of order but since Rice had a clean record and had not had any reported domestic violence incidents before February and with good behavior Rice should be allowed to rejoin the NFL in 2015.The New Jersey jester court system should be criticized for the slap on the wrist treatment Rice got for the assault on his future Wife and Roger Goodell with his dishonesty,ineptness and greed should be out of a job.
Unless Golden is involved in a Bobby Petrino-Jerry Sandusky type scandal his job should be safe for 2014.Golden will need to win nine games in 2015 to keep his job.Canes Fans have been patient with Golden like they were with Shannon but winning 7 or 8 games and going to a sleazy bowl game is not good enough and if that continues Golden should suffer the same fate that Shannon did at the end of 2015.
Bullygate was a blessing.The Bullygate scandal set up an excellent 2014 off season for the Dolphins which paid off with the 33-20 whipping of the Belicheats.The scandal was curtains for Jeff Ireland,Jim Turner,Mike Sherman all who were the three stooges of inept Dolphin football and the three who replaced them have done a great job.The off season moves like getting Moreno and Albert and Finnegan and a good draft look brilliant and the amazing item about this win is that it was done without Pouncey,Jones and Jordan and other key players.This is the first time the Dolphins have beaten the Patriots in consecutive games since the Tom Brady era started in 2001 so there may be a changing of the guard in the AFC East with the slipping Pats and the young upward bound Dolphins and Bills.
The New Orleans Saints will defeat the New England Patriots 34-28 in the Super Bowl February 1 2015.The Saints will have home field for all their playoff games because of the their soft NFC South division while Seattle and Green Bay will have to face three tough foes in their own divisions.New England will win a weaker AFC by default because they play in the weak AFC East and Denver who has to play San Diego and Kansas City twice and will have to play Seattle,San Francisco and Arizona which means they will have to play the Belicheats at New England in the AFC title game.Greg what a great song you posted.1969 was no day at the beach when this song was released with Vietnam,The Sharon Tate murder by the Manson clan,York PA race riot which unlike the recent Ferguson MO riots two persons were killed but it seemed the popular music of those days was a lot better than the garbage that is disguised as popular music in 2014.
There is not a dime's worth of difference between Shannon and Golden.Donna Shalala hired these two mediocre coaches to save money and Golden will be the Canes coach for a while because cheapskate Shalala will not buy Golden out and get a better coach who may cost too much.Thank you Barry for posting the media lineup for CBS and FOX 2014 NFL season.It would seem that NFL TV viewers will need coffee and other caffeine products to stay awake after listening to a mostly lackluster CBS and FOX telecast crews but FOX is blessed with two great sideline reporters with Oliver and Andrews.
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Donna Shalala is a Corporate hack who supported NAFTA and was in the Clinton team along with Newt Gingrich and Phil Gramm that helped with easing of regulations of Banks and other Financial institutions which led to the the crash of 2008.Ms Shalala hungry for money had Shapiro around which led to the scandals and loss of scholarships for the Canes.Ms Shalala hired two cheap Coaches in Shannon and Golden and both have proved you get what you pay for.Shalala for money had the Canes play in uniforms more fit for Halloween than Labor Day.Monday Night's disaster with the ugly uniforms and poor coaching was disgusting and a long year is ahead.Shalala and Golden should be shown the exit door at the end of 2014.
OC Dolphin thanks for posting the updated Dolphins roster and my 2014 prediction for the Dolphins is 9-7.Mr Woodcock will be correct on his 9-7 prediction because the very good moves the Dolphins made firing Jeff Ireland and Mike Sherman and replacing them with good hires may be tempered some by the Jones and Jordan suspensions and the Pouncey injury.The Dolphins finished 8-8 in 1980,1986,1989,1991,1996 and in 1981,1987,1990,1992 and 1997 The Dolphins posted a winning record so that could be a good omen for the 2014 Dolphins.
FIU is foolish for denying David Neal access.Mr Neal's work like all of the Herald's sportswriters(folks see some of the garbage disposed at other newspaper sports sections across this Country)is very good.The NFL did something they should have done years ago which is lay the hammer down on domestic violence.The player that is involved in domestic violence and the partner that may induce violence will think twice about the heavy cost to the wallet.The NFL needs to take the sound advice of Cleveland Browns lineman Joe Thomas who said the Pot policy should be changed as more States legalize it.The NFL needs to crack down on creeps like Ray Rice and Aldon Smith not on Jerome Simpson.I predict a 9-7 season and a first round playoff blowout loss 38-14 to Denver for the Dolphins this season and the preseason has not changed that prediction of mine.
The summer of 2014 has been less than stellar with ISIS,trouble in Gaza,Isreal and in Missouri,Ebola and the Robin Williams suicide and even the local sports world has been bad with Lebron leaving and another mediocre Canes and Dolphins football season ahead so Greg your poll on the best SNL cast member is a welcome pleasant item.Richie Incognito was a dirty foul troubled man with mental issues but I liked his honesty and on a team with strong veterans and a strong secure head coach he could thrive.The Baltimore Ravens would be a perfect fit for Incognito as on that team he would be the tame one.
Unless Dan Marino can find the fountain of youth and become 30 again and play QB for the Dolphins this signing is a waste of time.The concern I have about Ryan Tannehill is that he will play great in games like last year at Pittsburgh or vs the Pats but close the season with two poor games like vs the Jets and Bills.The interception Tannehill threw vs Dallas is typical of him and it is clear he can only become a above average QB in a NFL where superstar QB's win championships most of the time.Tannehill still may be the second best Dolphin QB since Marino retired.Chad Pennington's 2008 season is the top performance of a Dolphin QB since Marino retired.The Defense,Running Game and Offensive Line looked good Saturday night but the Dolphins still look like a team that will be 7-9,8-8 or 9-7 in 2014.
Pete Rose,Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds built Hall of Fame credentials before their dirty deeds so they should be put in the Hall of Fame but not while they are alive.Rose,Clemens and Bonds should be eligible for Hall of Fame inductions one year after their deaths.Rose,Clemens and Bonds should not benefit from Hall of Fame goodies while they are alive for punishment for their deeds that embarrassed baseball.
Tannehill looks like he could be a top 10-15 QB under Bill Lazor.Lazor may be one of the best hires the Dolphins have made in years and should be candidate to replace Philbin if the Fins finish 8-8 or below.Naples Jack the U.S has millions of less jobs since 2000 due to the Corporations sending jobs to Countries that will allow them to pay their workers 2.00 a hour or less or to Computers or Robots so stealing work boots would be a waste of time.China,Russia,Hamas,North Korea,Cuba and ISIS must be having a field day over the Ferguson Mo debacle.The combo of looters and the inept goons on the Ferguson Police force has made our Country look foolish and the inept Obama should do what a strong President like Lyndon Johnson or Richard Nixon would do and completely Federalize the investigation of the shooting of Michael Brown.
Saturday's game was another mission accomplished with a win and most importantly no major injuries.The problem with Tannehill and Wallace is that Tannehill is a west coast style Qb with a moderate arm and Wallace is a speed receiver who benefits from a passer like big Ben who has a very strong arm.Jeff Ireland mismatched these two that shows what a inept clown he was.Wallace needs to be traded for a draft choice or another team need like Linebacker or Offensive Line and to the 8:34 A.M Poster the ire of fans should not be on Wallace or Tannehill but to Jeff Ireland who tried to put a puzzle together that does not fit.
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Greg great article by you on the late Robin Williams.The U.S Government needs to stop bailing out Banks and Auto Companies and wasting money in endless Mideast Wars and spend more on Brain research and ways to end Depression.I blame both Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward equally in Saturday night's disaster.Mr Ward should have never got out of his car and walk out on a dangerous active track and Mr Stewart should have never been racing there in the first place.Stewart's racing in a sprint car race is equal to Peyton Manning playing against Florida A&M.The large skill gap in racing between Stewart and Ward was too great and Stewart had to show off by forcing Ward to the wall which was way over the top.
The loss of Reshad Jones is much more troubling than a preseason loss.My idea of a successful preseason game is no injuries to key players and a competitive game so mission accomplished Friday Night.The Jones suspension along with Dion Jordan for PED's is making clear that this team could be laced with PED'S.The boorish over the top behavior in Bullygate seems like a symptom of PED use.Richie Incognito is a example of PED user and his dirty tricks and tips may have spread to other team members.A 1-3 or worse start is now likely for the Dolphins and if that happens the topic of debate around Halloween will be who will replace clueless Joe in 2015.
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It would seem Greg Oden should have been a boxer instead of a NBA player.Mr Oden let the Heat exit door hit your backside on the way out.I am a little worried about Tannehill's interceptions so far but that could mean Finnegan and Grimes could be the best Dolphins defensive backfield duo since Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain in the late 90's early 00's.
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I agree with Dr Jenning on the Ray Rice suspension or lack of and Mr Woodcock on the Hall of Fame selection of Ray Guy.The Miami Heat will be the South Florida team to win the next championship.The Heat are well set for the 2016 NBA free agency and with the right choices they could be NBA champions by 2018.The Canes,Dolphins,Panthers and Marlins have too many issues like coaching,management and other dominate teams in their way to win a title before the Heat.
The great information that you give Barry is why I am so happy the buzz is back.The key item that fellow Dol-Fans should be concerned is not sloppy practices or preseason games but the injury report.A rash of injuries at practice or preseason games will kill the Dolphins slender hopes for a good season in 2014.
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I strongly agree with your column on Tony Dungy and Michael Sam.I believe Tannehill will end up like Alex Smith a solid competent QB but not a star like Marino or Brady.Tannehill will need to improve and lead the Dolphins to 9 wins or more if that does not happen the Dolphins will have a new Head Coach in 2015 and Tannehill will end up like Alex Smith or Drew Brees peaking on a team that did not draft them.
The Heat were not going to win the NBA title in 2015 with Lebron James unless the Mexicans retook the Alamo and San Antonio as the mid 2010's will be known as the Spurs dynasty era.The Lebron less Heat will be spirited and with luck could win 50 games but it will be Indiana or Chicago who will get whipped by the Spurs in four or five games in the 2015 NBA Finals.The Dolphins should show Mike Pouncey the exit door.Mr Pouncey who is probably an HGH or other enhancing drug user which may explain his boorish behavior has been a barrel full of trouble since he became a Dolphin.
Great facts about the 1974 Dolphins from Johnny Futbol and Fin4life.You can tell the passion from fans that were lucky to see and enjoy the 1970-74 run that the Miami Dolphins had that resulted in two straight Super Bowl titles.The Miami Heat from 2010-14 had a run that resulted in two straight NBA titles.It seems most pro sports teams have about a 4-6 year run but then it ends so instead of bashing Lebron James,Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra folks should be thankful of another great championship run just like the Dolphins of 1970-74.