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53 year old male
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The Heat were not going to win the NBA title in 2015 with Lebron James unless the Mexicans retook the Alamo and San Antonio as the mid 2010's will be known as the Spurs dynasty era.The Lebron less Heat will be spirited and with luck could win 50 games but it will be Indiana or Chicago who will get whipped by the Spurs in four or five games in the 2015 NBA Finals.The Dolphins should show Mike Pouncey the exit door.Mr Pouncey who is probably an HGH or other enhancing drug user which may explain his boorish behavior has been a barrel full of trouble since he became a Dolphin.
Great facts about the 1974 Dolphins from Johnny Futbol and Fin4life.You can tell the passion from fans that were lucky to see and enjoy the 1970-74 run that the Miami Dolphins had that resulted in two straight Super Bowl titles.The Miami Heat from 2010-14 had a run that resulted in two straight NBA titles.It seems most pro sports teams have about a 4-6 year run but then it ends so instead of bashing Lebron James,Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra folks should be thankful of another great championship run just like the Dolphins of 1970-74.
Johnny Futbol you are possibly right about the 1974 Dolphins.If the Dolphins had won that sea of hands game and hosted the Steelers(the team with the best record did not host automatically the conference championship games then) in the AFC title game they probably would have won and got their third Super Bowl title with another win over the Vikings.The Steelers had drafted Jack Lambert,Lynn Swann and John Stallworth in the draft earlier that year so the young surging Steelers would have crushed the aging slowly declining Dolphins in 1975 so the Dolphins run was over anyway after 1974.
Mr Woodcock's outstanding post at 3:59 PM describes what all Heat fans should think about Lebron James.I had a feeling that history would repeat itself like the 1970-74 Dolphins.The 1970-74 Dolphins went to three straight Super Bowls and won two Super Bowls in a row before Larry Csonka,Paul Warfield and Jim Kiick left after the 1974 season.I was unhappy at Csonka,Warfield and Kiick in 1974 when they left and also Joe Robbie who let them go but the fact was the Dolphins Super Bowl run was over because of the team that won four out of the next six Super Bowls after the Dolphins won the Pittsburgh Steelers.The Spurs may be the Steelers of the NBA in the 2010's with a NBA title in 2015 probable so Lebron knew the Heat title runs were over.Lebron should be in the group with Larry Csonka and Paul Warfield as South Florida great sports figures that gave Miami four World Championships.
Greg you are right.Lebron is just putting a little pressure on Riley and Arison who did a poor job in the 2013 off season with their weak player upgrades and penny pinching.The Big Three will stay with the Heat and Riley and Arison will be more aggressive in free agent signings and spending.The Heat will win another NBA title in 2016 with their new enhanced roster and if the Spurs suffer massive amounts of injuries next season the Heat could win then.The Garo article was excellent and my hopes and prayers go out to Garo and his great Wife during their tough period.
The actual soccer played by the U.S.A team was a modest improvement but the thing that pleased me more was the reaction to the U.S.A team by people all over the country.The U.S.A team's run in the World Cup seemed to unite a divided country battered by 9-11,The Great Recession,Two Mid-East Wars,Katrina and Sandy,Newtown,BP oil spill and Virginia Tech.The 21st century has been mostly gloomy for Americans with the mentioned events above so for a couple of weeks of happy patriotism that unites the American public may have been the greatest item of the 2014 World Cup for the U.S.
Fellow Heat fans do not panic the big three will be back next fall.Lebron James Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are three intelligent men who know that they may have to copy the World Champion Spurs if they hope to win another NBA title.The big three will opt out of their current contracts and lower their salaries which allow the Heat to get a couple of younger very good players to add to their roster.The Spurs will win another NBA title again in 2015 unless the injury bug bits them but the retooled Heat will be ready in 2016 to recapture the NBA title.
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The Offensive Line will improve in 2014 without the four fools(Incognito,Martin,Jerry,Pouncey) and I wonder if Pouncey's injury and behavior could be side effects of HGH.The Dolphins are lucky that this bad news happened now so they can pick up a free agent Center or one cut during the preseason.
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I feel that the Dolphins offense could improve from the bottom 10 to around 10-15 in the league with the positive off season moves.The Dolphins did little to improve their poor run stopping defense and that may keep the Dolphins in the 7-9 win range despite the improved offense.Gary Payton was one of my favorite NBA players.The smarts,intensity and durability of Payton will be a great example for Norris Cole to follow.Thank you Gary Payton and the Dolphins alumni who have helped in the Dolphins mini camp.The Heat and Dolphins do a great job of letting former players with the class and experience of Payton and Jason Taylor to help create stars of the future for the Dolphins and Heat.
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Outstanding post Tom at 12:03 P.M.Bushoma both bailed out GM with our tax payer money so they can sell us unsafe cars that have to be recalled and that is more offensive than a team name coming out of Washinghton.Pat Riley is right about Lebron and the fans needing to be patient.The Lakers won three titles in a row in 2000-2002 but had to retool and had to wait until 2009 before they won another title.It may take a couple of years but if Lebron and Bosh stay and if the Heat can find a younger version of Dwayne Wade or someone 80 percent of him in his prime the Heat will win another NBA title soon.
Great suggestion Big Baby on a name change for the Redskins.The Warriors would be a great name plus they can keep the same team colors which I think are one of the NFL's best.Most NFL experts say it takes three years to truly grade a NFL draft.Mark Duper who was drafted in 1982 looked like a bust after the end of 1982 but by the end of 1983 all Dol-Fans knew we had a great player in Duper so it is stupid to call the 2013 Dolphin draft class a bust yet.
OC Dolphin had a excellent blog a few days ago describing the domination of the Western Conference of the NBA over the Eastern Conference and the sad fact is that the Spurs,Clippers, Thunder,Rockets and Blazers are younger deeper and better than the June 2014 Miami Heat.It is probable the Heat will not win another NBA title any time soon and that could send Lebron James packing.Clueless Joe and his robotic emotions could be the reason why the Dolphins could be stuck around .500 under his tenure.Don Shula and Jimmy Johnson who were the two best coaches in Dolphins history never had problems expressing honesty or displeasure over a bad practice.
Carmelo will not solve the slow aging Heat's problems and unless they get a younger deeper bench the 2015 Heat will get routed by the Spurs or Thunder in the NBA Finals or will lose to the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals if Derrick Rose can stay healthy for a full season.Chuck Noll was one of the NFL coaching giants like Tom Landry and John Madden and when the Dolphins lost to those coaches it was not too bad because they lost to great first class people unlike Belicheat and the crooked Harbaugh Brothers.
The first four above blogs are excellent and tell the story of the Heat's woes.The 2014 NBA Finals should not be defined by Heat failure but the Spurs success.Gregg Popovich is the Red Auerbach of the 21st Century with his mix of coaching and acquiring players and managing salary.The Bulls,Lakers and now the Heat who have been the dominant teams in the last 20 years are no match for the Spurs who on Sunday Night will win a NBA title in three decades(90's,00's,10's)and under three consecutive U.S Presidents (Clinton,Bush,Obama).
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Actually the Heat played better than I thought last night.I thought they would play like they did in game one vs the Pacers which was a total rout.The Heat probably would have lost by 2 or 3 instead of 15 due to the lack of AC but a loss is a loss whether by 1 or 20.The Spurs great bench and home court edge could be the albatross around the Heat's neck and if they lose Sunday it could be all over.
As in the words of the great Rick Perry oops.10.4 is the margin of Spurs victory in a first home NBA Finals game not the 10.5 that I had mentioned in a earlier blog.
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Thank you Mr Jackson for a nice long blog full of valuable information.The stat that the Spurs win their first home finals game by 10.5 points leads me to think the Spurs will win Thursday's game handily.The Spurs will be fired up and their crowd will be too looking for revenge for last year's epic collapse.The game may start off close but the Spurs deep bench and Heat rust will cause the Spurs to open a big lead.Spoelstra will sit the big three down in the 4th period to get ready for Sunday's game in which the Heat will win narrowly.The benching of the big three may inflate the Spurs victory margin so a 20+ spread is not out of the question.
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Dan Marino looked silly in his lawsuit then no lawsuit saga.Marino must be getting low on cash since he does not have a Bunny Mellon to help him pay for his love child.Bunny Mellon was the 90+ year old widow of a Billionare who gave money to 2008 Presidential Candidate John Edwards to help him support his love child.People are wasting their time debating politics these days as that there is only one Political Party in this Country the Corporation Party.G.W Bush left office bailing out Big banks,Financial Institutions,Corporations while Obama did the same thing coming into office.The Corporations pull the strings and Obama and the Republicans are the puppets.
I support the players in their lawsuit because the teams pay the Doctors and Trainers so they did not have a neutral unbiased opinion on their injuries.Many complain about the strong MLB Labor Union but if the NFL Players had a strong Union to balance the Owners and provide Doctors that are not tied to the team this problem would have diminished somewhat.The Spurs have home court a deeper bench and motivation from the 2013 choke in game six and will sadly defeat the Heat in seven games.
Thank you Shane Battier for your class and great play for the Miami Heat.Battier and Alonzo Mourning are great examples of first class folks in sports and there are more like those two than the thugs like Aaron Hernandez and Ray Rice.Heat President Pat Riley and Duke University Coach K often are made fun of but both seem to produce class people like Battier and Mourning out of their programs.
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The Indianapolis Clowns were a old Negro League Baseball team but the current NBA team from Indianapolis are the real clowns after their play and behavior in the Eastern Conference Finals.The Dolphins will finish 9-8 this season counting the wildcard playoff loss to the Broncos but sadly this rare visit to the playoffs will earn clueless Joe another three years and more.500 type football for years.
Paul George's post game comments Monday night were almost as foolish as the people who said the Titanic was un sinkable or President Clinton saying he smoked pot but did not inhale or President G.W Bush bragging on FEMA director Michael Brown during the one of the worst government responses to a disaster in U.S history with Hurricane Katrina with his Brownie your doing a heck of a job comment.I hope by Thursday morning the Heat can put the clownish Pacers away so they can start preparing for a more mature talented opponent in the Spurs or Thunder.
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The Big Three made Memorial day memorable with their strong play in the Heat's win Monday.Miami needs to polish off the childish Pacers as soon as possible.I fear dirty play by these brats Wednesday night so the Heat need to keep their cool and avoid suspensions and watch for dirty methods to injure them.the Pacers are not in the class of the Heat,OKC or the Spurs so seeing them defeated as soon as possible is a must.
Great comments on Cuban by you Greg and the Bloggers above this space.Mr Cuban is right that we all have prejudices and that we need to work on to try to diminish and I hope the PC people(there are some on the right too see Janet Jackson Super Bowl flap)don't blast Cuban for starting a honest conversation.Charles Barkley is the most anti Heat media person easily but there are many Heat haters in the media because they think anyone that does not come from New York,LA,Boston or Chicago are chicken feed.The San Antonio Spurs get almost as much grief as the Heat as the Spurs are boring with their prickly Coach Gregg Popovich so it may be more of a bias toward big market teams like the Bulls,Lakers,Celtics or Knicks than anything else.