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This week I'm featuring the work of Amanda Jernigan. Encounter A friend, seeing his babe in ultrasound, imagined it an astronaut, “behind glass dome reflections, lost in space…,” and so I had that image close to mind when the technician finally tipped her screen to me, revealing—not an astronaut, but Earth, so “small, light blue, so touchingly alone.” Thus Leonov. It was a commonplace, back then, that once we had the earth in sight, the isolation of the planet “known,” we would clean up our act, would mend our ways— a kind of cosmic recognition scene. So much for that,... Continue reading
Posted May 4, 2014 at The Best American Poetry
This week I'm featuring the work of Matt Rader. Music I awoke on Veteran’s Day in the United States To blue skies and a republican Cali sunshine That made the whole town of McKinleyville Appear lit from the inside, as if it were its own Source of light, as if it still heard the sad music Of its first name, Minor, and heard the minor Third McKinley sang when he was shot through The stomach and the pancreas and the kidney At the Temple of Music in Buffalo, New York In nineteen hundred and one. We were talking Poetry, my... Continue reading
Posted Apr 27, 2014 at The Best American Poetry
This week I'm featuring the work of Souvankham Thammavongsa. At the Farm I was sitting in the car counting the black flies They had come in through the open window There were four One was on the rearview mirror The other three were perched on my left hand I heard a gunshot by the barn and thought nothing of it We were at a farm I saw a cow come charging forward with half its head gone A man with an axe came running behind it He hit it once Once he hit it And it fell to the ground... Continue reading
Posted Apr 20, 2014 at The Best American Poetry
This week I'm featuring the work of Stevie Howell. A Gospel That picture’s somewhere still: First Communion, 13 girls in lace and satin “Like a Virgin” frocks, legs crossed man-style under frills, floral hairpieces hanging flaccid over ears. Marrying God. An overlit confessional, gilded chairs, Father Antony’s embroidered bib, pew-fulls of frog-eyed parents who’d endured years waiting for our exorcisms. This was just before my faith fell and I stumbled toward Hari Krishnas at the Eaton Centre causeway and paid $20 for a tome they would have given away; tried to find in mock-leather what they found there, but it... Continue reading
Posted Apr 14, 2014 at The Best American Poetry
This week I'm featuring the work of Jim Johnstone. Dog Ear It was years before I learned to call this prayer: the right-hand corner of a page turned down to make another page. I attempted to escape, then return to the boneyard where I’d removed an earring from my wife’s right ear – diamond, the crux of the universe contracting to leave a pin-sized hole midair. In that margin, my words remain transfixed until she disappears – proof that while I swore the world I’d created would double like a hand beneath my own, it merely stretches before me in... Continue reading
Posted Apr 6, 2014 at The Best American Poetry
This week I'm featuring the work of David O’Meara. So Far, So Stupid All those selfies I posted look really great. So spontaneous. Arm tentacled through bad light past the frame, an umbilical toward my ego. Freud, meet Descartes. Intentions, like airports, look deceptively the same, then you get a security pass for the doors just off the escalators. Inside my mind, there’s another mind, like a prop warehouse, dramatically cluttered at times. I go there, for the wind machine and free-standing door I just slam and slam. How I Wrote You must change your life, but first, wait a... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2014 at The Best American Poetry
This week I'm featuring the work of Sina Queyras. Elegy for the Letter Q as It Appears in The Waves No question, it was the quality of the quadrangles quailed with queues (in quads) that no queen – queer or not – would have sufficient qualities to (quarter or no) quarrel her way through. Though quarrelling might be thought common, a quest among quirky and quizzical quartets, it was actually quite uncommon. Quietly she quivered in a quicksilver quarto of quoits. She was quickest, at least quicker, and she quarrelled, quenched and in quotations, finally, quizzically, quit. Like a Jet... Continue reading
Posted Mar 23, 2014 at The Best American Poetry
This week I'm featuring the work of Shane Rhodes. From Err IntraVenus Lynne, we met the day Don asked to suck me off – not my cock, he made clear, but toes, without socks [boys in sandals got him off] – you wheel through that memory, your legs in casts, [the virus rhyming RNA to [reverse transcriptase] your DNA] bones sapped [combivir, saquinavir, ritonavir] by the daily pharmablasts to make you gag and keep the docs away. Those were the days we worked in then: homeless guys down on 2nd drunk on Old Stock beer by 10, sex workers [hookers]... Continue reading
Posted Mar 16, 2014 at The Best American Poetry
This week I'm featuring the work of Nyla Matuk. Don Draper Moths feather your far gazebo like young sailors on first leave. You know something, and keep reminding me of my own needs. You see an audience of blooming heads and sugared bank notes, and act accordingly. The swallows see it at five o’clock, a Wolfman’s tragedy. They hang themselves upside down, handsome sienna prizes in the semaphore of bats. Swayed by a summer night, I swing out to your silk pocket square standing at attention, a bird about-face. You’re the dark dew on the green grass of home. Wishful... Continue reading
Posted Mar 9, 2014 at The Best American Poetry
Over the next ten Sundays I will be spotlighting contemporary Canadian poets. The first poet in the series is Jeramy Dodds, one of the most acclaimed of Canada's emerging poets. The series revolves around listening. Each poet will answer a question by another Canadian poet. The question and answer component will allow readers to eavesdrop as Canadian poets talk about world literature, intimacy and voice, up-to-the-minute aesthetics, time travel, the importance of rhyme in contemporary poetry, and transnational dictions. Also, I've asked emerging American poets to listen and then join the conversation. Ocean Vuong, Adam Fitzgerald, Natalie Diaz, James Allen... Continue reading
Posted Mar 2, 2014 at The Best American Poetry
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