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Dimitrios Nigiannis
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We face the same issues of balancing expectations and accommodations in our middle school. I am a special educator and I also co-teach in some of my classes. Many of our students have accommodations and modifications, and they are tested in reading and math fairly regularly to make sure these accommodations still stick and to see how and if they have improved. Some of the students have actually been weaned off certain accommodations because they have reached a high enough reading level or improved enough with math intervention. I think you are right in stating that high expectations means that students perform high when we meet their needs. Like you also said, some of these students still need the building blocks, while others were ready to step off and work independently. Many students come to our schools, straight out of Elementary, without the proper tools to be middle school students. We must take the time to reach back and reteach them what they should have been learning while they were in Elementary school.
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Jun 11, 2014