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Cristina Rey
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Vote NO on 2; 60% of regular pot using teens never finish high school. Is that good for black youth? And pot causes a huge drop in IQ in the youth brain. The NAACP is just a mouthpiece for the Democrat party, it does not really care about black youth. See this animation as to why Amend. 2 is just a scheme:
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John Morgan is a big bully. He thinks he owns DC and Tallahassee, and the DNC too. Just because Debbie is a Democrat does not mean she just has to automatically be for Morgan's pot legalization. The fact is, the California law is more strictly worded than the proposed FL one, yet the CA law has let to a free for all, with "pot docs" advertising they will give a pot card for a fee, basically de facto pot legalization that ties the hands of the communities, in effect the "pill mills" all over again. With the pill mills, all you needed was a tiny percentage of bad doctors willing to give out pain killers for anything and it killed lots of people and caused so many addictions. Debbie and all of us have a right to ask questions about the loopholes in the marijuana amendment, so stop with the nasty comments, John Morgan, we have a right to think each law through.
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Jun 6, 2014