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The Throw-a-thon Lahore from Faizaan Ghauri on Vimeo. If a friend mentioned his upcoming travel to Pakistan, what would your first thought be? Was it of Lahore's booming tech sector? If not, read on! I have news for you. Why Did I Go? Thanks to the UCLA Anderson network, I've expanded my circle with impressive people driving change around the world. Through an advisory engagement conceptualized with Anderson classmate, Faizaan Ghauri, I had the opportunity to visit Lahore, Pakistan. Why, you ask? Well, as the world's 6th most populous nation, Pakistan is disproportionately young in genpop and on the verge of a 3G/4G adoption boom. Passionate about emerging markets, I was thrilled by the chance to travel there! Faizaan's family plays a foundational role burgeoning Pakistan's tech sector. Faizaan joined the family business, launching his own startups and incubator while accelerating the company's global expansion. Through their wonderful hospitality and industry access, I met pioneers and entrepreneurial trailblazers in the country's tech community. Their products are viable and it was inspiring to work with Faizaan to strategize around these new divisions of his business. Judging Faizaan's Throw-a-Thon, one of the largest hackathons in Pakistan, was a blast. Yet, mentoring its participants was even more fascinating. These impressive entrepreneurs are melding their unique culture into solutions that solve local problems with 10X value and efficiency. I had a front row seat to observe these brilliant minds create innovative technologies, which are generating superior financial returns while fortifying a talent corridor between... Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2015 at The MBA Student Voice
"How did you decide which business school to attend?" That is arguably the #1 question I get asked as a current Anderson student. I tend to offer a smile with the answer I share because I know there really is no succinct way to explain all of why Anderson was the right choice for me. That said, when deciding between schools I remember my gut telling me I needed to surround myself with the people at Anderson. The students simply over-delivered on all the qualities I was looking for from my MBA peer group; off the charts intelligence, inspiring work ethics, diverse & accomplished backgrounds, highly personable, grand ambitions, compassionate, and risk-taking. But talk is cheap. To illustrate why I'm so smitten with my classmates, I asked them to contribute to this story. And in true Anderson fashion they took time out of their intense internship schedules to share these special moments from their Anderson experience. Question: "How have your Anderson classmates supported you in making an impact or be a more meaningful team member during your internship?" "I wanted to do strategy and operations work at a startup this summer and was fortunate to land a spot at a cool LA startup, Club W, a wine eCommerce retailer. While my position doesn’t require a sommelier's knowledge of wine, fellow intern, Brooke Matthias, is always available to lend her expertise. Not only does she have an answer for all my wine inquiries, it’s nice to have a friendly face around... Continue reading
Posted Jul 16, 2014 at The MBA Student Voice
About Me: Originally from Orange County, CA, I’m a rising 2nd Year and thrilled to be back in Westwood as a Double Bruin. My passion for strategy and technology stems from a broad-ranging career encompassing brand management, entrepreneurship, and government. I currently hold the VP of Alumni Affairs for Anderson’s student government and am the Managing Director/Co-Founder of the school’s newspaper, The Anderson Exchange. I volunteer as an MBA Fellow and active alum of Anderson’s Riordan Programs. Follow along as I blog while spending my summer working with Google in Mountain View. Day 1 of "The Internship": “Good luck…and by the way, you’re overdressed!” I hear the new roommate yell over my shoulder as I head out of my San Francisco four-story walk up apartment. I crack an uneasy smile looking down at my business casual pressed slacks and feel like the kid mom dressed on the first day of high school. The last to jump on the Google shuttle to Mountain View, I get the ‘who’s the new guy?’ stares while I find a seat at the back. “They’re probably just admiring the slacks,” I lie to myself. Pulling out my laptop I can feel my hands are clammy - first day nerves are definitely settling in. I take a deep breadth and a classic John Wooden quote pops into my head. “Trust your training.” Good ol’ Coach. My first year at Anderson has been tremendously transformative; however, it’s been particularly impactful in building confidence to run with the... Continue reading
Posted Jun 27, 2014 at The MBA Student Voice
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