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I absolutely LOVE this article! I am not yet a certified teacher, so I am observed quite often. The observations serve as one of the greatest tools that I could ever have! Each and every time that I am observed I get extremely nervous, you never know what could happen on any given day. However I always worry more about my actions, than I do about what my students will do. I have been blessed with the best bunch of kiddos, they are always willing to go with the flow and switch gears in a second if necessary. That isn't always the easiest thing to do, especially in the special education setting. In the past I have always known that flexibility is key, but between working with the students and having others observe me, I have learned just how important it is! You can plan and plan for things, but sometimes the unplanned lessons are the ones that both you and the students learn from the most. You have touched on both the scary and the amazing parts of teaching and I really appreciated that! Teaching is a blessing every single day and although not every day is going to go as smoothly as you hoped, its the best job in the world! Being aware of the good and the bad help us as educators, we expect our students to grow every single day why shouldn't we grow alongside them.
I really enjoyed reading your blog! Often times when I tell people that my goal is to teach special education they assume that it is easier than general education. I believe that the assumptions stem from the idea that students in special education aren't required to complete the same tasks as those in the general education setting. Although I see where this is coming from, it is a completely false idea of what special education is. Yes these students may be on a different level than there peers, however the main goal is to accomplish the same level of education in the end. As educators it is our job to help our students access the education that they not only deserve, but are capable of completing.I love that you discuss why it is so important to have high expectations for our students.Our students are capable and with the right supports, successful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!!!!
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Jan 9, 2015