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Sorry what has a filthy fossil fuel burning car got to do with anything green? Is this car offered as a BEV or a PHEV?
Great to see it has both standards on each charger. While Chademo might eventually go the way of Betamax, for now both are needed . I hope these can be easily upgraded to higher charge rates, 50kW is a bit light on these days. The network is only suitable for the cafe latte set located around Brisbane, needs to go all the way to Cape York and out into the interior.
If this can be brought to commercial use it is a great breakthrough. One of the biggest problems with Lithium Cobalt Oxide batteries has been the potential for shorts.
While I am far from convinced that fuel cells have any future for private cars, if they are sourcing their hydrogen from clean sources then good luck to them.
Seems like lot of trouble to go to , particularly when customers will have to continually use adblue. A PHEV would give customers the lower fuel costs per mile and low end torque they are used to with their diesel cars minus the NOX issues of a diesel. Make the motor flexfuel able and they can clean up their act even more. Diesels will be increasingly banned in city environments so it doesn't make much sense to purchase one in many paces.
Perhaps the supplementary sail option will get more attention too.
It will be even better when they can remove any need for the petrol tank.
Wake me when this is done renewably, not just a scam from the fossil fuel companies.
Well done to Tri Delta Transit.
Good move from some states, hope they agreed on a charging standard so they can do bulk buys together.
Hopefully this type of research will lead to better ways of producing NH3. This will be part of the renewable hydrogen economy.
Natural gas, another filthy fossil fuel con. Nothing green here to be seen.
The correct title should not have bio in it.e.g. Offgas to Ethanol production
Unfortunately natural gas is just another highly polluting fossil fuel which needs to stay in the ground. By all means fuel it with a renewable gas or liquid. Needs a plug and enough battery for the owners daily commute. Nothing green to be seen here at the moment.
Well done, anything that reduces unnecessary chronic illness is to be applauded. The savings to society can be enormous.
I will be interested to see how this technology responds to large animals dashing across the road. Some animals can remain still until the vehicle is almost on top of it then it bounds across your path. This technology would need roads completely sealed from wildlife.
Hydrogen may have some uses if and when it is produced from excess energy and water. Thinking it can be piped like other gases is a dream at the moment. On site production and dispensing is one sensible method as mentioned. Another is to use the excess energy to go further and produce methanol from the H2. That can be piped, stored and transported as we do now with fossil fuels.
Thank you Arnold for some insights into some of the fossil fuel conversion projects in answer to my tongue in cheek question. I do suspect they are planning to locally pollute our air by use of fossil fuels to produce H2 for shipment to Japan. Then again I could be wrong and they are planning to make use of our natural assets and will be producing it from water and renewable energy.....hmmm?
And just where and how do they think this hydrogen is going to be made?
As many more countries move to prevent runaway climate change ,Trump and others who wish to destroy our common habitat for their short term profits will fast become irrelevant. Good one Canada!
While this can't scale up very far it is another small step in reducing our polluting. Good work!
My guess is Nissan saw an opening after dieselgate. Make a car with the fuel costs/ performance of a diesel without the pollution problems inherent. If they got it right it should be a big seller in that market sector. Without a plug it is unfortunately just another fossil fuel vehicle.
A small step, but really, 15% is nothing to crow about. If it was a true flex fuel vehicle that can run on 100% alcohol (many types), petrol or any combination this would be much better. That would allow owners who choose not to use fossil fuels to do so.