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Chapel Hill NC
Interests: conservative politics MAGA
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Narciso posted this last night, I reposting it for the day crew. He was right and this is a very interesting piece of reporting by a NYT reporter. Why is what we get such carp domestically when there are people capable in the field? Rhetorical. Remember how I said from the outset this reminded me of mogadishu and not Benghazi: Posted by: narciso | February 18, 2018 at 11:04 PM
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Jane so glad Kiwi is mending! Sounds bacterial given the success of the antibiotic. She many need prophylactic antibiotic if she gets her teeth cleaned again.
if a camera and s/w can recognize a human face, a camera, robotic arm, and s/w can pick a tomato ... Posted by: rich | February 08, 2018 at 11:56 AM
Narciso Dogs and cats will bleed if the nail is cut too short. It happens and it's not really a big problem. So the bleeding stops more quickly using a styptic pencil or powder helps. This shows why it happens and what to do Best to only take off a little at a time but not always possible if you have a wiggler.
Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for another year of wonderful stories, news, and encouragement!
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This link to the GGF site worked at 12:57 or so Going great!
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Miss Marple I know I'm not the only one who is chomping at the bit to help you get a new car, so sooner rather than later with a gofundme. Among the many decisions you are making, being comfortable about getting the good for you car will feel better when you know where the money is. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Safe travel, safe food and great conversations. Saw 2 Thank you Jesus signs at a neighbor's who was one of the few with a Hillary sign. There is hope.
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Had this loaded in memory, but behind as usual. Still worth posting again. Excellent RG, well spent time reading (as usual)!!
Happy Birthday narciso. Many happy returns!
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Break out your best, Lyle, Biscuit was every bit the awesome dog you will always remember. Savor a toast for him.
If you missed daddy's post near the end of the last tread - (daddy on iPad | October 03, 2017 at 12:32 PM). I think he may have hit on what will be an important motivation in this case. And as followup this took my breath away.
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Sorry to be so far behind... Harking back to Porch and Jane on DNA testing, DNA testing is really at the infant stage at this point. For consumers it's of some value, for the companies it's a big opportunity to build their databases and make money while they do it. That said, people make of it what they want. If I had had some of this information when I was 20 would it have changed the way I lived? Maybe, but I this point I can go yes, yes, yes to the susceptibilities disclosed. As far as ancestral findings, I came out 100% European including accurate identification of a rather small ethnicity unknown to the testers.
Many thanks for the vicarious night on the town! Much fun to hear about and to see some faces too.
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Heard from friends with children in Nokomis FL - no major damage and power back on by 10:30. Thanks everyone for the prayers and news.
Well I see I got that backward -- on shore wind blow the water out. Off shore wind and the water returned but was calm.
MM 3:54PM Not sure this is the same, but my parents lived on the NC coast on a strait across from Harker's Island. When the wind blew at any strength off shore, the water was pushed out, when the wind was on shore the water was high but calm. I can easily imagine the water disappearing during a hurricane. Belated HB, MM. And prayers for all the JOM being affected by this storm. Stay safe.
Kev not only are you a winner but you are a fabulous grandfather! I wish I could have known my grandfathers - one who would be 150 this year and the other 143, when they could enjoy their grandkids. What a blessing for all of you!
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A very nice article about yesterday's eclipse to go with Man Tran's excellent photos.
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Kev You are a champion winner! RG Fab assessment. Thanks to both of you for sharing your wit and wisdom.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2017 on Boston. Groan. at JustOneMinute
Kave the is the Mg Kev recommended. I see there is another Carolyn Dean, who JIB referenced the other day, recommended. For some reason I can't post that one but you can search for it on Amazon.
Wow Mto2 you are on tough cookie! Prayers for you and all the JOM recovery team.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2017 on Breaking: Racism Is Evil at JustOneMinute
Praise God! Kev what a miracle you are. Keep up the recovery enthusiasm.
Wonderful news Stephanie! Best wishes to all.
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2017 on Not So Magic Now at JustOneMinute
As always the best reading of a Sunday is Clarice's pieces. Thank you many times! Today a close second is MM's post about Portuguese in New England as I have recently discovered my great great aunt married a Portuguese man of Nantucket. Unexpected fun for me inspired by JOM genealogy musings.
MM if you are still up -- try leaving your computer unplugged over night. Sometimes that will clear things up.
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