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Jake Fletcher
Lunenburg, Massachusetts
Jake Fletcher is a genealogist, historical researcher, and blogger.
Interests: Genealogy, Blogging, Networking, Jazz, Hiking
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What does a genealogist do when an individual seems to fall off the face of the earth? Look high and low for them of course, but it’s even more important to find records of why they seemingly disappeared. This is... Continue reading
Posted Jan 26, 2017 at Legacy News
Tom, records for the French and Indian War are difficult to locate. But, here are a couple of options: - this is a database of British and French soldiers stationed in Quebec in 1759 and 1760. You might also want to try the National Archives (UK) in Kew. This looks promising. Best of luck in your research! - Jake Fletcher
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That's great Denise, glad you had some success. Happy to provide these tips! - Jake
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Hi Moshe, There are microfilmed lists of dutch officers back to 1579. The series for regular enlisted men starts in 1700. Both are available at the Family History Library, more could be found at the General State Archives ( I'd start here to find out more: - Jake
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Hi Larry, Thanks for your question. Only the union has carded medical records. For information on sick and wounded in the confederate army, you need to consult Records of The Medical Department in Record Group 109. This is NARA's confederate army collection and includes hospital registers, reports of sick and wounded, and other miscellaneous items. They are located at Archives I in Washington. Hope this helps. - Jake Fletcher
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Jane, I agree with you and I'm not advocating that people hide their research. People should share their proof arguments and theories with others. As I stated earlier, the evidence doesn't always fit perfectly. I'm just advocating for more thoroughness so people don't post poor, undocumented genealogical research, that's all. Jake
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Thanks Barry, glad your inspired to do so!
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Thanks for the helpful tip Graig!
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Great tip about the spreadsheet Danni, it does make sense since you can use tabs to organize multiple surnames.
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Hi Cherie, I provided a working example from my own research to better illustrate how I use research logs: I use MS Word 2011. When I select the table I'm working with, a new highlighted menu pops up called "Table Layout." When selected, there are icons in the menu that allow you to add columns in your table to the left or right. Hopefully that helps, Jake Fletcher
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Thanks for adding those points David!
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2015 on Deconstructing the Deed at Legacy News
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Thank you for the tip Robert. Charlie, the British National Archives mariner records go back to 1710, which unfortunately is a little later than your ancestor was working at sea. I would try contacting the New England Historic Genealogical Society, National Maritime Museum (, and maybe the local historical society for those port cities in England. Jake
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Jun 23, 2015