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Well, I'm glad you posted it. I found it an interesting read. Also, I did not know about their data plan. And I've been a member since day one. I will be looking into that. thx... -- jc
Happy Holidays you two! -- jc&bev
Toggle Commented Dec 25, 2017 on On To Tucson at RV-Dreams Journal
Wow. The photos over there are just STUNNING. —jc
I sent you a private email a few days ago about volunteering at your next rally. Did you get that email? -- jc
That's SO funny. We made an offer on a house yesterday too! I'll send you a pic in email. -- jc&bev
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2017 on Things Are Hoppin' at RV-Dreams Journal
So sorry to hear about this trouble you are experiencing with your beloved rig. But I'm heartened by your attitude. That's the way you deal with a crisis. I expect you are an inspiration to all who read this posting. Best of luck. Chin up! -- jc
One day this will all be a memory. 8^)
I hope one of these days our travels line up with your rallies. We'd love to attend another one. -- jc&bev
Nice. 8^) -- jc&bev
Ok, now which motorhome would you get? 8^) -- jc
As I said in my post, I was unsure if I had that second point correct. After reading the link you provided, I see that your interpretation of the rules is correct. A spouse does *not* benefit from the additional credits earned by the primary earner by delayed filing. That's unfair, in my opinion, but there it is in black and white. I will have to incorporate this new info into my planning and into any further discussions I may participate in on the various personal finance and financial independence forums and blogs I follow. Thanks for the clarification. And, yes, we were both right on that first point. 8^) -- jcw3rd
I have a couple of disagreements with your conclusions. I may be wrong, but this is how I understand things. First, I believe you can still file a restricted application at anytime after you reach FRA, as long as you were 62 by the end of 2015. You don''t have to file this restricted application by the end of April 2016. Since you have to be at FRA to file a restricted application, it wouldn't make sense for the SSA to say that you had to be 62 by the end of 2015 to be grandfathered into this option. But you do have to claim against a spousal's account that is both active and not suspended. Second, it is my impression that spousal benefits are paid (at 50% if you wait until FRA) on whatever amount the spouse's account being claimed against is making. So, if spouse A waits until 70 to collect, then spouse B gets 50% of *that* amount, not the PIA (Primary Insurance Amount) that spouse A earned at FRA. I could be wrong on that second one, but I'm sure about the first one. If I am mistaken about that second point, can you point me to supporting documentation? BTW, we had intended to use both file and suspend *and* using a restricted application for spousal benefits. These recent changes have cost us around $50k. Now our plan is for Bev to file and receive her benefits at 66 and for me to file a restricted application for spousal benefits against her account. That will allow my (larger) account to continue to earn credits until I'm 70. At which time I will file and she will switch over to spousal benefits. We won't make as much extra as the original strategy, but we will come out a bit further ahead than if we both just waited until 70. thx... -- jcw
Thanks for writing them down. 8^)
A great big Happy B-day to you Linda. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. -- jc&bev
Wow Howard, that's some trip! Can you share with us how much a trip like that costs?
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2015 on Costa Rica Here We Come! at RV-Dreams Journal
Wow, what a pleasure to watch. Thanks for sharing that with us!
Hey, get a Mac! 8^)
Congrats you two! We've been following you for most of it. We celebrated our eighth anniversary this past June. We started following your blog about 6 months before we hit the road. It's been a great journey. Both ours and following yours. Lets keep going for another 10 years! -- jc&bev
Since I'm reading this on the 29th I guess it's a good time to wish you a big old HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOWARD! How many is it now? -- jcw3rd
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Jul 29, 2015