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The significance of a good resume in the MBA application process cannot be overstated. The general tendency with most applicants is to devote only a minimal amount of time to work on their resumes; their thinking is that resumes are not so important since they receive only a quick glance from adcoms. This is wrong thinking! Your resume is the gateway to all the wonderful application materials that you painstakingly put together about yourself in the application package. The resume is typically the first application element an adcom member will read, so it has to be written in such a way to generate interest. It is imperative that your resume makes a good impression. Also, for promising applicants who receive an interview invitation, a good resume is important in the interviewing process to help an interviewer who is assessing your fit with the b-school. With that in mind, here are some principles to remember as you write your resume: A narrative-based resume (rather than bullet-point) is the ideal way to begin this process since this captures maximum content in minimum space. Usually, it should be limited to one page, but as a starter you can extend into a second page and then pare it down to 1 page. Use the S-A-R approach. Since you want to identify and articulate your strengths and key accomplishments, the most effective flow is to state (a) the SITUATION – mention the problem you had to overcome (Who/What/When). (b) The ACTION you took or initiated... Continue reading
Posted Nov 18, 2015 at The MBA Student Voice
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Nov 3, 2015