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Sunrise in Paris
Born in the Blue Ridge, lived in the Conch Republic. Submariner and sometime adventurer.
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Virginian, That's a damn good question and all the major NGOs shoudl have some process to do just that, though I doubt they do. In a similar vein how do we tell the loyalty of H1B visa holders or green card lottery assistants, such as Mr. Awan? I believe the FBI only managed to arrest him at the airport, after his wife had already departed for home, i.e. Pakistan. How many company hacks are actually inside jobs by visa holders skimming information or purposely leaving security flaws in IT systems?
Jony Kanuck, "Today I saw a news item that the Russian Navy has run nuclear subs right up to the US coast & they were not detected!" They probably could. Where did you see that news item? Even little green footballs doesn't go in for that stick anymore, got a name or a link? BTW on a far more important note: Toronto hasn't won the cup since you guys put the maple leaf on the flag. Maybe you should change flag designs so as to change thier luck. Or have them hire some Russians like the Red Wings did when they won in 2002 and 2008.
Eric, I'll will draft something in detail to reply. I suggest you re-read my post "precious snowflakes". This is not innate in humanity, or in Americans; but is a trained cultural response. There are those who greatly fear consubstantiality of Americans, or to use the words Obama used in Grant park on the night of his first election victory "E pluribus unum". The short version: Did you hear anyone on the left say these words to Donald J. Trump?
Laura, "demographic inevitability" Travon Marin, Eric Garner and Freddie Grey all deserved the competition of immigration. So do all who are like them. It was inevitable. About that causation, there is no coincidence to the changes wrought by immigration legislation. Of course the demographics of African Americans aren't the same out your way as they are in say Baltimore, Detroit or even Miami.
steve, You mean Black and Hispanic unemployment were great under Barack? Why oh why did those voters abandon the democratic candidate. I'm sure the Russians make African American's stay home on election day. Hilary 2020!
KHC, Doesn't the MBTI essentially give a probability of behavior in a certain circumstance rather than an absolute indicator?
Harry, "Jack" posted that four days ago, see my response to him on that thread. If you find it troubling you could try to and get a constitutional amendment started to prevent former CIA employees from running for congress. Good luck with that.
Mark, How many spouses of senior Republicans staffers work for Fusion GPS? "...former staffer for Vice President Joe Biden whose husband works for the firm ..."
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Jack @102, So the Democrats, not having any elected officials in the district willing to run for congress against an incumbent have let the DNC - you know, the people that rigged the presidential primary - pick someone they deem worthy to run for Michigan's 8th congressional district. A person who spent decades out of the district, the latter part of that in D.C.? But she's a woman! Yeah, who could have seen that coming. There are two things in her favor - one is that her opponent is Mike Bishop, the second is that the establishment will spend money on her early. The Democratic party as an organization tried this at least once before in Michigan, back in 2006. The democratic candidate wasn't a career DC establishment person though it did force a very expensive and nasty campaign that the demcorats lost badly. This year it looks to be a campaign that repeats the methods of the professional political science playbook as taught on college campuses across the country.
Intereseting that a former staffer from Senator Feinstein is implicated in the mess. How many others are there who have been doing the same thing? I wonder if Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultt's IT staffer Mr. Arwan was accessing any relavent iformation while he was on her payroll and for whom?
Mark, The feminist fish are simply refusing to have anything to do with the masculine typse. Then there are the soy-boy salmon, they're spending too much time with the transgender fish to figure out how to get the plumbing working right. I think we need an intervention, to save the whales.
GZC, "Government employees are allowed to have private opinions." Do I need to lawyer up to talk to Meuller because I am expressing my opinion in public? Is it okay for me to talk to Russians? I did have a Russian take a picture of me in Paris in May of 2011, hope that wasn't illegal. How about talking with the Russian Ambassador to the United States, or is that only bad if I am a member of the Senate, that breing the reason "Trump Loyalist" Senator Sessions recused himself? Moralizing? I don't care who the head of FBI Counter Intellegence is fornicating with. I am concerned about his judgement in the performance of his professional duties. Stormy Daniels? So a professional whore whose career in XXX is over is now making a complaint? Good thing it wasn't Haven Monahan, look what she managed to do to UVA. Too bad Trump no longer has friends in Hollywood or they could send him a string of big boobed bimbos like the women of #metoo did for Harvey Weinstein for twenty years. Fine by me as long as the rest of the economy rolls right along. Even foreign policy looks pretty good right now. ""Obviously there are competing information operations campaigns. The attempt to discredit the investigation is one of them." There's a giant campaign to smear anyone who disagrees with what is happening with investigation after months as well. Such as pointing out the lack of "facts sufficient to obtain convictions" in relation to the reason Meuller was hired to begin with. That's not "information operations" that is a standard political tactic of the American left.
Dave, Putin hired Facebook. That company seems to do well helping out foreign governments.
LeaNder, "omission as evidence. " Incorrect. Among the omissions was the fact that the dossier was paid for by a political campaign and that the wife of a senior DOJ lawyer's wife was working for Fusion GPS. Then there's the rest of the political motivations left out.
steve, Really. Why didn't I think of that. Perhaps you should look through the Ford annual reports for the last decade or so and see how much money Ford made or lost in Europe and South America versus the US.
Walrus, "For example American cars are oversized gas guzzlers ...." How is the Australian car industry going about that today? Oh, that's right, you don't have one! If I recall correctly you once worked for Ford. Perhaps you can tell me about the products made by Ford of Europe, Ford Brazil, Ford South Africa and I'd mention Ford Venezuala but that socialist paradise doesn't have any car industry right now either. Are those gas guzlers too? Are their designs mandated by Detroit? Hardly. Who in Detroit is crying to Uncle Donald? William Clay Ford? That's a laugh. Did he impose that 35% tariff on cars crossing the Mexican border that drove Ford nuts back in 2016? BTW didn't Ford just get a giant tax cut? We better keep that quite, tariff policy talk is going to put them right back to, where, exactly, globally? How about currency manipulation? I recall Senator Debbie Stabenow beating that drum for a decade and not doing anything about it but talking - usually right before the election.
Tidewater, nice site by you niece. I'll have to check out a cafe or two she recommends in Paris next time I make another adventure into deplorability.
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TTG, Just get SWMBO a week at Siesta Key and she can take the catboat from Ft. Myer's to Key West to meet up where you two can do a little victory celebration at the Southernmost Pt.
Col., Just a screw up by me. Posted a comment then deleted it on reflection a few minutes later. Someone commented on it in between my posting and my deletion. Fred
Charles, One of the drawbacks of posting on-line. I left it unposted and while I contemplated my comment on a trip to the mail box and decided to delete it using my tablet while stannding there, not nowing the blog owner had posted it. Thus it's removed. I assume you got an automated alert in between. Would you like me to look through the notes to resurect it? Not sure I can but I'll try.
Leaky, How about the multi-million dollar donations to the foundation run by the duaghter of the Secretary of State of the United States and bribes speech fees paid to the husband of the Secretary of State of the United States for talks given in front of -omg- Russians - in Moscow! LOL. Just business as usual payments? kind of like spouse of suspect under criminal investigation walking down a set of stairs rolled out to his jet, walking across tarmac, walking up stairs on other jet with armed guards posted, and speaking to the Attorney General of the United States. Business as usual. No clear and dangerous precendent to the pinciples of social justice for all in that conduct. No sir.
Charles, You didn't run off to Canada like a lot of others did.
divadab, What makes you think that businesses knowingly employees would remit to the Treasury any SSI and Medicare payments they deducted from the pay of those they knew were here illegally and whom they were illegally hiring?
Dabbler, There's some great hiking and camping around Marquette and a great apple orchard near Northport. But it all gets overrun with tourists in the summer.
Col., What is the likelyhood this is Kelly putting some professionalism into the staff by shooing the family out to greener pastures?