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Sunrise in Paris
Born in the Blue Ridge, lived in the Conch Republic. Submariner and sometime adventurer.
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Bobo, "The real hindrance .... is due to the Thieves who have been in political office for that past twenty years on the island." I hope there is some law that can be found to will allow us to jail most of them.
Jack, So Kim Jong Un will stop when he has what, parity? What's to stop the transer of the capability to some other country?
Doug, Have the slavers of Boko Haram freed "our girls" yet? No? Oh well, who cares now that Michelle isn't first lady anymore. Its not like there was actual concern to do something about them. Virtue signal recieved though, congratulations for that.
English, "If the deplorables are to get more the top ten per cent must get less." So there is a finite amount of wealth on the planet and it is an economic war of all against all for thier share? Pure bunk. "examining the circumstances in which they must inevitably lose..." That's bunk too. There was a vision, and for many there still is, of America as an aspirational society. It is the left that has been deconstructing that vision for decades. Our "education system", especially colleges and universities, have been primary culprits in tearing down the cultural norms that made America what it is. The need for a college degree is vastly over rated and the value of a diploma highly debatable other than it being a necessity as a marker of social prestige. Most of the degree programs today are little more than credentualling factories that churn out conformist products rather than educated adults. The massive debt load being taken on by families - by societal pressure to conform by getting that degree - is part of the reason for economic decline of the family. I believe the rapid acceleration of home schooling is proving that point.
Norbert, Replace the capitalist system with what, a new version of the socialist utopia that failed in the USSR, Vietnam, China, Cuba or the gloriously successful one in Venezuela? Or does that generation have something else in mind?
Lemur, "As a principled nationalist, I believe that any major ethnic groups who aspire to nationhood should have their desire for self-determination respected." So in 1861 the folks in South Carolina were right afterall.
Norbert, "The young generation knows that they will not get ..... will not raise their living standards anywhere close to that of your or my generation." They are also the generation that voted most for Bernie. There are plenty of politicians who owe thier livelyhood to poverty and promises.
Babak, Almost 1 million DACA "dreamers" and a few million other illegal adults. That of course have no effect upon pay scales or even job opportunities.
I've seen some news of the "Cajun Navy" doing some rescues in Houston. Where's the Antifa navy? How about "By Any Means Necessary"?BLM? Perhaps that trio could lend a helping hand. It sure wouldn't hurt their public image any.
Merasmus, "American universities, particularly the most prestigious ones, fundamentally produce people who serve power. " Perhaps you should see a bit more of the country than the South side of Portland.
Bob, Rejoice, you conquer! Or in this case my ancestor in Battery-B, 1st NJ artillery did. We maybe not conquer so much as win a war of attrition against people whose states said they seceded from the Union, kind of like California is threatening to do. At least the slaves are free. I'm still waiting for some folks to say thanks for the freedom; it's only been 150 or so years; maybe next Juneteeth. Meanwhile be sure to help the poverty stricken SPLC raise some funds by waiving the battle flag around. I hear they're down to thier last third of a billion. As for me, I'm a dues paying Democrat living in the great state of Michigan; though I shouldn't mention that to you since the Democratic Party is the party that enacted all those Jim Crow laws, succeeded for years to disenfranchise black voters and whose longest serving Senator and mentor to Hilary was a KKK member. Perhaps, in the spirit of reconciliation, we should issue a joint declaration of condemnation against Slick Willy and his wife for not taking down any of those monuments while he was Governor of Arkansas. Or President. Congrats on the virtue signal though. Oh, on second thought, "dishonoring the US flag)" That's Colin Kaepernick, America's greatist victim of slavery, oppression and police brutality. I hear he's having trouble getting some billionaire sports team owners to give him another hundred million or so. I should write up something about that.
TTG, Not you, the cult-marxists. ESPN is quite concious of what they are doing, it's cut a couple hundred million out of its revenue stream by becoming political commentary rather than a sports network.
TTG, What wonderful ideas. The anti-American left can erase the past so that they can control the future and we should all just 'chill out'? This is a wonderful distraction from: MSM's overt racism, this particular piece directed against an Asian American reporter: The Google/Gulag Manifesto and the requirements of corporate conformity imposed by the left: Ongoing racism on campus directed against white students and professors, which is on top of the damage Melissa Click did to the University of Missouri or Rolling Stone managed to inflict at UVA with a fake rape story: (Howard University student outrage at a trio of high schoolers is just icing on the three-layer cake of it's ok if you are on the left: ). We are watching the cultural marixsts in action setting the narrative that society is not componsed of individuals but identity groups and you are either a victim or an oppressor; and of course white Americans, especially traditional Americans or Southern Americans are and have always been racist. Topping it all off is the vaulue of distracting attention away from the ongoing investigation into the infiltration of the US House IT system, at least on the Democratic side, by Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's now idicted IT staffer(s).
Merasmus, You really should keep up with the times in Oregon.
Babak, "Make Colonization Great Again" may be a future post of mine.
Gorgar, The GOP might conciously decide to become a white rural party but that's not the way to win a national election. What common cause to Hispanic Catholics have with lGBTQ identity politicians and BLM activiests? How is the Black American family doing right now? Did the lasts 8 years provide the Change they Hoped for? We would all be better off if we would focus efforts on returing ourselves to an aspirational society and not a discriminatory "affirmative action" society. If state and national leaders aren't smart enough to understand that then we deserve better leadership and should vote it into office.
Vincent, That's a rather common arguement. The CEO of Google is going to tell us what the citizens of the various States should do, or just the Southern ones? Well, actually that's what he's doing right now and he's got lots of company. When they get done with the bronze and marble they'll move on to the paper thing called the Constitution.
BabelFish, Here's another Floridian's humor for you:
Nancy, What Tyler says is a warning. What the alt-left is doing is instigation. One Missouri State Senator openly called for the assasination of the president. What is that if not a call for revolution?
optimax, I was quoting another commentor. War didn't bind us too well in the 60's (either centrury).
Pacifica, "Today's progressives are concerned primarily with rapidly growing economic inequality and the manipulation--rigging--of our political and policing institutions..." So progressives are concerned about Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Donna Brazile rigging the Democratic Primary? I find that to ba a rather funny statement to make. "Eminent Domain used to steal farmland away from small landholders who were standing in the way...." Of Shennandoah National Park. That was the liberal FDR who did that Ethnic cleansing poor whites didn't get much pushback from the "progressives" back then. TVA was another project doing essentially the same thing. Poor black familes were treated even worse than the poor white ones.
Nancy K, "discharged after 2 months." It sounds like he got canned before he completed basic. He probably spent a month of that in some holding company awaiting a discharge. As to your comments on the Bundy's, yes they were disorganized. They were also arrested, tried and aquited.
Mark, "pre-emptive" as in what was done at Berkeley? Why is that legal?
jdledell, I am happy for your son and daughter's successes. America was never culturally homogenous. It was, however, on a path to a uniquely American vision of an aspirational society. Thanks to decades of cultureal marxist agitation from the left it is moving in the direction of the LGBTQXYZ "new man" homogeneity; and fifty years after passage of the ethnic cleansing act of 1965 America is being over saturated with "extended stay" Americans who have no more loyalty to the constituional nature of American governance than your elite globe trotting son has loyalty to the culture of Japan or Hong Kong. The new "immigrant" Americans will dutifully vote for the politicians who promise them the most taxpayer paid 'free' stuff and cheerfully denounce that which they are told to denounce. Trump is in office because a majority of Americans recognized what was being done to the Republic and its future. The professional left is in a terror that he may succeed in stemming the tide of the ethnic cleansing and may just expose enough of the "swamp" to make the largest voting block in the Democratic party - Black Americans - realize just how badly the policies of their beloved politicians have screwed them over.