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Sharlene Mulchandani
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I was glad to finally have class last week to get a better understanding of our project. By learning about the 'drill bit effect' and the attribute mapping technique, the two really helped us understand the various elements of the show and also helped us to figure out which areas we need to focus on more. This week, Andrew and I have two important meetings to go for. The first being the project review meeting with Drew. I hope we get some good critique on our current project status and find out where we can work harder or improve upon.... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at CAPSTONE!
This week, Andrew and I started actual work on our deliverables. We started with the value based pricing strategy which was the first deliverable as per our timeline. We had to do some initial research to know how this strategy works and how we can best put it to practice in our project. The DAAP Fashion Show, being such a major university event is planned months in advance. So the pricing of the tickets was already done for this year. We knew that no changes could be made to the current year’s ticket prices, but we could make good suggestions... Continue reading
Posted Feb 5, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
This week was dedicated to writing up the project charter, which basically acts as our blueprint going forward with the project. Andrew and I were able to come up with a proper schedule and timeline, ensuring that all the client's deliverables will be met in time. Our schedule is pretty tight as compared to others as a major chunk of our work needs to be completed by the 1st of March, as per our client's request. So we need to start getting actual work done from this week itself. I am quite excited that we have been given the opportunity... Continue reading
Posted Feb 5, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
When I was first assigned this project, I was quite nervous but at the same time I was super excited to work on the marketing plan for the Annual DAAP Fashion Show. I was glad that I had also been given a teammate, Andrew, to help me with it. Before our initial meeting, we were quite unsure what we were required to do and what was expected from us. Our client, Laurie Wilson, helped clear most of our doubts in that one meeting. She told us all about the fashion show specifics and how our role in it would mostly... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
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Jan 22, 2018