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I loved this article. I am just finishing up my student teaching placement and have been observed so many times in the past two weeks so I I couldn't agree more with you. As nervous as I am before being observed, they always end up being so helpful and resourceful. I was recently observed by the math coach and literacy coach at my placement and walked away with so much helpful information that I can continue to use during my next placement. I have learned how important it is to be flexible during your lessons and how critical it is to have a backup plan if things aren't going the way you had originally planned. During a reading lesson (that was being observed by the literacy coach), I noticed that all of the students kept fumbling over silent e words (lake, rake, cake, state,, etc.) so I decided to stop the kids and we had a 20 minutes impromptu lesson about silent e words and reviewed what seemed like a million words. They haven't messed up on one since that day. It was so nervewracking to sit there and know that I was being observed and then have the kids struggle with something that hadn't been an issue for them in so long but I walked away from that lesson and meeting knowing that what we had done would help them in the long run even though it wasn't exactly what I had planned for the day.
I loved this entry. I am working student teaching in a placement where most students have the same diagnosis of LD. However, we just got a student that has been diagnosed with Autism and has some serious behavior issues. I think it is so important to educate all students about disabilities whether they have one or not. I have had to sit down and talk to quite a few students about how disabilities can manifest in multiple ways and that not all students are going to behave and learn the same way. I really like all of the videos you posted and I think that is a great way to teach students about disabilities and the ways they can manifest in others. As for teaching students to be self-advocates is so hard. I was talking to my mentor teacher today about how important it is to teach our students to be self-advocates for themselves and for their classmates and I think these videos can be a great start to that life-long lesson.
I definitely agree with everything you have to say on this subject. As special educators, we have to consider how we provide accommodations for our students that will help them receive the information we want them to know. We also have to consider how we are going to teach our students to be independent and self-advocate. As a student teacher,I have watched my mentor teacher plan/accommodate/set up interventions for her students and see all the hard work and thought she puts into planning accommodations and interventions for her students that will benefit them the most now, and in the future when they are no longer part of her case load.
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Jan 9, 2015