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A new podcast is a great opportunity to learn about some basic estate planning mistakes. Serial might be the most successful podcast of all time. Millions of people tuned in to hear the story of a murder and its aftermath. It was one of the first podcasts to receive mainstream... Continue reading
If you have ever wanted to watch a television drama about physician-assisted suicide, you now have your chance. A normal television show about a brilliant emergency room doctor who kills people in her off hours, would probably be a very dark drama about a serial killer, if there was such... Continue reading
A recent survey found that most Americans think they know how the Social Security program works. The same survey found that most actually have some important misunderstandings about the program. The Social Security program seems simple enough. When you reach retirement age, you can stop working and the government will... Continue reading
Sometimes when we hear about another person's estate plan, we may tend to get upset, if we think we are slighted in some way. It is a good idea to think about the plan from the other person's point of view. There is a very human tendency to get upset... Continue reading
It is easier to get wills today than it ever has been, since forms can be downloaded and filled out on your own. However, that ease has led to many people not understanding the potential dangers of wills. That everyone should have an estate plan is a principle which most... Continue reading
Slayer statutes are designed to prevent people from inheriting the assets of people they have killed, but they have their limitations. You have probably heard this plotline before. It is a common one that goes something like this: a younger relative of a wealthy person in need of money or... Continue reading
The first instinct for doctors and other health care workers, is to do everything possible to save the lives of their patients. That can be in conflict with the wishes of those patients, which is leading to lawsuits. Millions of Americans have completed advanced medical directives such as health care... Continue reading
Many people have fond memories of their vacation homes and would like to keep them in their families, after they pass away. That requires some considerations. For many people, the best memories they have of spending time with their families is at a family vacation home when their children were... Continue reading
One of the most common questions that people have about estate planning, is how to avoid probate. You probably cannot do so entirely, but you can make it quick and painless. For most people, the word "probate" conjures up nightmare scenarios of protracted estate battles that cost lots of money... Continue reading
Even great amounts of family wealth, can easily be lost by future generations who do not preserve and add to it as the original wealth generator did. James Jewett Stillman's greatest lasting achievement was running the bank that eventually grew into Citigroup. However, he had another legacy. Stillman also had... Continue reading
Wills might seem like a bunch of dry legal words, but they can be quite beautiful, if done well. The average layperson reading a legal document is unlikely to find it beautiful. No layperson has ever read, for example, a petition to the court in a personal injury case and... Continue reading
There are many reasons to plan for your estate. The most important is probably that with proper estate planning, you can help to prevent your family from fighting over your estate. Only the most sadistic people among us, would really want their families to fight over their estates. The goal... Continue reading
Trusts might be more of a topic of political conversation today, thanks to the Trump family, than at any other time since President Theodore Roosevelt waged war against the trusts of the Gilded Age. That could be a good thing. Trusts are not often a subject of much public discussion.... Continue reading
We received this testimonial from a satisfied client: "Marco, I can't thank you enough for putting my mind at ease as we worked on my estate and will. It was difficult to think about doing it but you made it an easy process. Grateful that Terry steered me in your... Continue reading
Going into a nursing home can be a frightening experience. It can be made less scary by asking questions and choosing the right nursing home for your family. No one wants to go into a nursing home. When we think about what happens in them, we usually imagine nursing homes... Continue reading
New parents have many possible things to worry about. One of them does not need to be what will happen to their newborn, should anything happen to them. First-time parents are stereotypically known to be a nervous group. That is understandable. Bringing a new life into the world that you... Continue reading
We are honored to announce that we were just awarded the 2017 Avvo Client Choice Award, our fourth year in a row! This achievement reflects our commitment to helping our clients attain their planning goals. We thank you for our continued success. Continue reading
While you are busy doing your taxes this year, it is also a good time to think about getting an estate plan. Every year at about this time, Americans breathe a big sigh of relief when they seal their tax returns and send them off to the IRS or hit... Continue reading
We received this testimonial from a satisfied client: "We hired Marco Schiavo based on a recommendation from another attorney and we couldn't be happier. Marco helped us establish wills, a family trust, an ILIT (which I hadn't heard of before meeting Marco!), healthcare proxies, etc. ... everything we need to... Continue reading
In most states, to completely disinherit a child in a will, parents have to mention the child and specifically disinherit him or her. Otherwise, it is presumed that the child was left out by mistake. Tennessee has an exception to the rule. J. Don Brock, the late CEO of Astec... Continue reading
Experts predict that in a few years, the technology will be good enough that vehicles will not need human assistance to operate. One of the groups that could benefit the most from this is the elderly. One of the most dreaded conversations for children with elderly parents, is telling their... Continue reading
Americans are putting off retirement and continuing to work at an increasing rate. Many seniors who do retire later, chose to go back to work. One of the consequences is that it often leads to having a younger boss. People often do not like taking directions and orders from others... Continue reading
We just received this testimonial from a satisfied client: "Marco, Christine and their staff could not have been more attentive and accommodating to the needs of my elderly parents in terms of their will. They clearly exceeded our expectations and I couldn't give a higher endorsement of this firm. Trust... Continue reading
When someone you know passes away, one of the most important things that you can do is to sincerely offer condolences to the deceased's loved ones. A lot of the time when we see other people hurting, we wonder what we can do to help. We often conclude that there... Continue reading
We just received this testimonial from a satisfied client: "Marco prepared my Estate Plan which included setting up a trust, preparing a will, healthcare proxy etc. He and his staff that I dealt with (Christine) were very professional and responded to my inquiries promptly. Marco made the process very smooth... Continue reading