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Many People of the Book yearn for that day when the slate is wiped clean. It is unusual to hear the wish expressed to survive the cataclysm, as traditionally that option is not available.
PT I agree with @sbjonez. Though I thoroughly agree with the thrust of your article, I would respectfully advise that your analysis that the FBI paid Steele not be described as a "fact" until, or unless, hard evidence of such sees the light of day. The best way to counter the 'Trump collusion with Russia' narrative is to be absolutely rigorous in supporting a factual counter narrative, whilst demanding that each and every allegation be substantiated, or retracted.
The Colonel's suggestion is hard to beat, but in the context of this post I'd suggest: Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past
If you are describing it is run by Abdel_Bari_Atwan. He was previously editor-in-chief of London-based Al Quds Al Arabi. As he is best known for having interviewed bin Laden in 1996, British MSM get his views from time to time on AQ matters.
Jar 'ed + Ivanka's tears = anything is possible.
500 years ago Christianity did a own re-boot of it's own. It seems to me that the second category you describe may in fact directly give rise to the first, as reactionary forces reject it. British historian Tom Holland described the Daesh re-boot of Islam in a documentary recently: (UK proxy needed to watch). Holland's view is that Daesh's antipathy towards France, in particular, stems from Bonaparte's conquest of Egypt & the Enlightenment's influence on how Muslims view their faith, which fundamentalists see as having 'polluting' Islam. Could have been done in 30 mins, rather than 60, but worthwhile nevertheless IMO.
Exactly to my point Babak.
LeaNder You and I find it hard. Yet despite this we try to further our understanding, as we consider this a worthwhile pursuit. Others do not.
An excellent summary. It is fascinating to get an informed overview of the chessboard, thanks Brigadier Ali. "Indian access to Central Asia.. ..through Iran is critical to US plans". This would seem at odds with US Iran policy, to say the least. Allowing Pakistan to fall into China's orbit (ref. CPEC) appears to be a huge strategic error on the part of the US. Afghanistan my be key to the 'stans, but with the CPEC China would seem to be able to extend it's mighty economic influence on through Iran and further westward, with or without Afghanistan 'on side'. I read just yesterday that this process is already beginning in Syria in fact. Crass "you are either with us or against us" US policy is forcing nations who would not otherwise be natural allies together; Pakistan and Iran spring to mind, in the context of this piece. At best, it seems to me, the US may be able to slow China's inevitable domination of Eurasia. At worst (and on current trends) it will greatly accelerate the process by the gross geopolitical ineptitude of this administration, or more accurately; "the only one who matters". The US comes to the Game with conflicting and confused strategy & threats for non-compliance with it's will. China offers economic incentives and partnership in a well thought out, joined up strategy. At least the British were good players of the Great Game, the US seems barely able to grasp how the pawns move.
A display of loyalty to US/Israeli/Gulf interests in the Great Taking of Sides; boot-licking, as you say.
But that's just it; it's merely a display. Haven't the French and Indians, for example, got blue helmeted missile magnets stationed south of the Litani? Not forgetting that the cheese-eating surrender monkeys have a fine record in politely declining invitations to Borg wars. Even the reliable British (pas invité?) now have a weak leader and an force of 500,000+ bona fide fee-paying anti-Zionsist 'Corbynistas' - a number far exceeding the ranks of their ever-diminishing armed forces. Displays cost little (maybe a little treasure). Volunteer numbers for the real thing would be diminishingly small IMO.
That makes more sense to me re Hariri. Trying to start a war with a resignation & obviously fake assassination plot is hardly Helen of Troy level, as casus belli go. His going the way of his father 'at the hands of Hizbullah' would have been more like it.
If Babak is right in his World Balkans analogy it will be of little historical interest who fired the first shot, or why. Major loss of life in Israel will surely bring the US in.
Colonel, If this is the best casus belli they can come up with, it seems another good indicator of the level of desperation in the Gulf/Israeli coalition. As Alastair Crooke says in his excellent piece referenced by @outthere in the previous post, "crunch time" is approaching. I'd agree with Alastair's assessment that full US involvement is by no means likely, given the trifecta doesn't want war with Iran and the CIC is otherwise occupied. Instead of mass retaliation, what are the odds of Nasrallah going full rational actor and instead choosing restraint in the face of an Israeli onslaught? Denying Bibi his war might now be the smart way to ultimately defeat him (i.e. IFO a less bellicose replacement). Likud is down in the polls and it's coalition in jeopardy. Bibi himself is threatened with indictment. And Iran's strategic position grows stronger daily - time is on their side as things stand. A further demonstration of Russian statesmanship in Lebanon in helping to avoid a conflagration would also be greatly to their benefit. The coup de grâce would be Putin getting Mr Xi to choose now to act on his CPC National Congress promise to involve China more in international affairs and show a unified front with Russia and it's allies, for sanity in the ME. Time for the grown ups to take over, or wishful thinking?
"by the time we have an indictment, we will have already descended into war" Alarmist scaremongering on Trump? No, this was said about someone much more dangerous:
Lars, I applaud your tenacity. No SST post is complete without your contrarian input. I think PT's key point is - to use a couple of your own words; "Trump won". Thankfully the Presidential selection process does not operate on the Hilary principal; that the one who feels most qualified and entitled to the job, gets it.
Glad to see my previous post generated a good range of views - echo chambers rarely produce new information. Patrick, my friend was referring primarily to TV and print media in Russia and given that I do not have easy access to these (I have no Russian) I must decline your challenge. I'll therefore happily restate my comment as merely echoing the view of a trusted friend (and his Moscow-born wife). Both were (re)educated at elite European business schools, so I acknowledge that this may color their views WRT their erstwhile homelands. On Raevsky's article on propaganda, I certainly concur that Russia no longer needs to generate anti-Western propaganda for domestic consumption - simply translating the hysterical lunacy we put out is enough to expose the lies and hypocrisy. kooshy, I too follow Russian media designed for foreign consumption (and Press TV as it happens) and agree that notwithstanding the expected selection bias re subject matter and sources, I agree it is generally at least as factual 'ours'. As I say, it is Russian domestic media that was the subject of the comment. Sid Finster, I agree that Western anti-Russian propaganda has increased enormously and you are right to highlight the difference between a population that knows media is biased/controlled and one that has yet to realize this. Tom, re finding the truth in a Moscow kiosk: Anna, I'm pleased you find me amusing.
Agree re epistemic crisis in US. To the article's main question as to whether Trump can "brazen his way out of an indictment", I'd repeat my previous view that Trump's potential nuclear option remains calling the faithful to the streets. What anyone says with regard to his guilt or otherwise would likely cease to be relevant if he pressed that particular button.
Here here PT for highlighting the right of the Constitutionally elected asshole/moron/[adjective] moron to remain there. Now the ratting has started the swamp appears to be on course to start draining itself. My question: Where, legally, can this go from here - how close might we be to actually locking her up? Bets anyone on this now happening before Trump's impeachment? Despite the alarming and distressing nature of the unfolding evidence of shenanigans, IMO democracy and the America will emerge the better for it. And Trump will go down in history as the man responsible - now there's a legacy Mr Obama.
I must take issue with one of your points Patrick: Propaganda. A good friend of mine, who was brought up in Minsk, did his military service near Odessa (at a missile silo..) and now lives in Paris, has described propaganda and lies in the Russian media to me as "even worse than in Soviet times". Large parts of the Western media does lie, belittle and twist all things Russian. But I'm sure you didn't intend to give the impression that their Russian counterparts are now shining examples of unbiased reporting re the West - or indeed on domestic matters. We are some way off yet from "a complete reversal" I think.
Quite correct, "initiate" would have been better wording.
Colonel IMO Hizballah are unlikely to trigger such a conflict; their power is in the ascendant and they have little reason to jeopardize this by being seen as an aggressor. However, an assortment of powers within Israel have clearly persuaded themselves (& influential powers in the US) that a resurgent Iran and Hizballah represent an existential threat which is now boiling the Israeli frog. Absent 'Hizballah-inspired' terrorism in the US homeland, they may ultimately calculate that provoking a full-blown conflict is their only way of bringing the Great Satan into the fray, before it is 'too late'. It may be argued that this would be an irrational course of action, given the inevitable casualties. In response, I'd argue that irrational fears (the Samson Option means Israel's existence is ultimately protected by any aggressor's wish continue likewise) seldom result in rational actions.
different clue I recently switched "populations" having enjoyed the ride for a while. Trust in the concept was not my reason for doing so, rather the realization that the SEC must ultimately bring cryptos within it's ambit and can then, at will, ban it's exchange for currency you can actually buy stuff with, as the Chinese did. The crypto community evangelizes about the resistance of the Bitcoin network to control by outside actors, including the state. But until or unless it becomes possible to actually buy a diverse range of real things with bitcoins (rather than primarily illegal goods & services) the exchange network remains it's Achilles heel. The folk driving bitcoin's price up another 15% just since my last post clearly have a different view - pun intended ;)
There was once a Man who knew exactly how many troops a democracy should deploy in order to counter the threat from 'Iranian-backed militia'. I think he'd be surprised to learn that the subject is still under discussion after two and a half millennia.
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"Israel Reportedly Strikes Syria; Assad Regime Responds With Anti-aircraft Missiles" Seems to be at Hissia, Homs.
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