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MaKayla Hanington
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H.R. 2255 legislation was passed in the U.S. House of Representatives. The legislation includes The Senior Safe Act, which is intended to address elder financial abuse. The Senior Safe Act is part of a larger bill that would reform regulation of credit unions, community banks, and small regional banks, and... Continue reading
Sadly, despite an estate plan that included Brown’s wish to help poor children in two southern states, a complex series of lawsuits have tied up his estate for more than decade. A web of intrigue and lawsuits that rivals any soap opera, James Brown’s estate is an example of interfamily... Continue reading
Few of us are capable of making clear and sound decisions in the days after a loved one has passed. Funeral home customers—grieving family members—are usually not in the best state of mind to be making big financial decisions, which is exactly what they must do when a loved one... Continue reading
It’s getting ugly in Napa Valley, where Ed Keith’s $92 million estate is at the center of a dispute between two daughters. One of many questions: where’s the $38 million for a foundation to benefit disadvantaged kids? A self-made businessman who owned 500 apartment units and several other valuable pieces... Continue reading
People like to try to solve problems in a simple manner, but like do-it-yourself dentistry, things that sound like simple solutions to estate planning situations could lead to problems. People who own their own homes, especially when the mortgage is paid off, often think they should add their adult child... Continue reading
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Sep 6, 2017