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At the clown big oz or big ted...whomever you are changing your name If you take your vehicle in whatever brand it is to get serviced regularly at a certified dealership. Then they can not void your warranty. That is a FACT! You need to get your head checked! Now if you do all the oil service yourself or another jiffy lube station that isnt certified and there isnt documentation of the services, them yes, they can void it. Plain and simple....take it to whichever brand you have service station and you will be covered under factory warranty by years or miles whichever comes first! (Also as long as you dont modify it) BTW....I'd take 5 years/100k bumper to bumper over 3years/36k that GM, Ford or Ram offer. Nice looking truck also.
@ gm blows Its a great day. One less junk ford truck sold and on the road!
I am absolutely shocked! I really wanted ZR2 to beat it. Oh well. Zr2 is king! Toyota let's see what u can bring to table. Maybe Nissan and new frontier off roader.
@ gm blows Again, you asked a question about the diesel and if you would have read the articles, its right in there! So no, you didn't read the article s. And you state that I glossing over. I give u a FACT video evidence that the S10 beat your ranger in a comparison, yet you said the ranger was superior? Only in sales was it superior. Like I said GM seems to WIN comparisons, which is more important to me! Shows which truck is superior. But you go with your Ford propaganda that a lot of you guys believe in! I did have a great day. Hopefully u did as well.
@ Clint Death wobble.....but frank and drools think it ONLY pertains to GM trucks? Yes, the new Fords are worse! And most of them dont have a fix for them!
@ GM blows So when GM sells more trucks....whats your excuse then?? Thought So!! BTW..I don't care about total sales..I care about overall performance, reliability, durability, looks, comfort. Which GM trucks do that quite a bit!! "class leading" my @$$!! Oh I will have a great day! You as well, even though we can clearly see you didn't read the articles!! LMFAO
@ GM blows Ill do the research for you! Looks like S10 put beat down on the Ranger!
@ GM blows Ill do the research for you! Looks like S10 put beat down on the Ranger!
@ GM blows Oh I read what you wrote. You asked does it have a diesel option? So you obviously didn't read the articles because it clearly says it will! That's my point!! You didn't read the articles, you just commented! Great job! As for your sales of Rangers over S-10. Did Ford have a ZR2 fighter when S-10 was around...NOPE. And I don't know sales numbers of those, But I owned a 2002 ZR2 and its 4.3L was heads and shoulders above the 3.0L and 4.0L from Ford. Buddy had a Ranger and it couldn't do half the off roading my ZR2 could do. But Ford didn't have anything back then....oh wait they had the Ford Ranger Splash...LMFAO! And yes, Ford will offer a Ranger Raptor, its just a few years off. There are multiple articles on this and spy shots of it in action. But when???? We don't know!
@ GM Blows First off, your praising a Ranger that isn't released yet. Claiming it already superior over the GM twins, bc it has more TQ? Really, no one has driven it yet! ' Second, if you would read for comprehension, it stated right in article that is comes with a V6 or diesel. The Bison is a ZR2 with added off road components! So yes, we can "kinda" hypothesis what the Bison's road manners will be. We can't do that with the Ranger! Third, again, GM guys have anxiety?? Why, bc Ford offers ONLY a turbo 4 cylinder against a proven 3.6L V6 or Duramax diesel.....ahhh ok?? Fourth, your so called match up where ford won a comparison was over 15 years ago when GM had the go ahead brag about that one fella. i want to see article also, love looking at old school comparisons. So yes, that's a little smack you were laying on. If I offended you, it wasn't an intent, I was simply pointing out that a Ranger isn't out yet, and the competing Raptor is over 2 years out, so GM doesn't have anything to worry about!!! Have a great day!
@ GM Blows Your talking all this smack on a truck that isn't even released yet. Keep hoping buddy. Bc right now there is a Colorado and a Canyon. And yes, if you read for comprehension their is a diesel available in both ZR2 and Bison Good day to you!
@ oxi So you can bash the bison on the other comment page and its fine, yet someone here doesnt like the Tacoma and they are a liberal?? You see how ridiculous that sounds? Come on man! The new Tacoma TRD isnt the truck a new Zr2 is. Toyota got caught with pants down, and now they need to update this truck ASAP!
@ blows chunks. Actually the ranger doesnt have a diesel. So ZR2 has advantage. Thanks. Good day. And we shall see which turbo 4 or V6 wins in a comparison.
seeing that the bison has more HP than a Ranger. I dont see how its underpowered?
I think this interior is full of plastic. I'm not a fan of exterior styling. Previous generation was better looking. If they are going for the black-out edition. Why do they black-out rear emblems but not the Front grille Toyota emblem. Would look better in matte black. I do like the standard husky liner style mud floor mats. Those are a must in the Midwest here in the fall and winter
@ Imposter TNTGMC...aka SPL"it" You think the Hummer was a flop? What did Ford have to contend with it. It sold like cash cows when they first released. As for the GTO. Well those 3 years in production it beat the halo mustang. Ford had no answer for it. GM in my opinion should have kept Pontiac around. That was a great car and had fantastic road manners. Aztek and Cadillac, yes were huge flops. Agree with you there. The idea of the Aztek was cool, but they were hideous to look at. The XUV envoy was an idea like the Avalanche but for an SUV, cool thinking but didn't grab hold of public. The SSR was a great looking truck for its time. GM messed up by not putting in the 6.0L right away with a tremec 6 spd. Plus, the hard top bed cover made it difficult to pull or put stuff inside bc it only opened up like 2 ft.
@ SPL"it" First off, your the immature one here twisting words. We all see it so you can't run from it and others have told you that you did so move on! Second, talking about how the other side of my family loves Fords, and are die hard Ford's fans, and that they would rather walk than drive anything else... Isnt disrespecting them. Does our family heckle each. Absolutely! But, I love all of them. Just bc you "it" dont have anyone in your family you can talk to bc your all alone doesnt mean ALL families are like you "it". Third, please seek immediate help with your split personality/usernames. I could help, but have taken my free offer away. Other places out there will help you. You just have to have the courage, look yourself in the mirror, find the TRUTH deep inside you and do it. Good look "IT"!!!! Its all up to you " IT".
@ Robert Ryan Nice looking holden truck from the article. A lot of money though! Makes me wonder why they didnt add a winch to this BISON package. Would have been a nice addition
That's the best comeback you have 'it"? Everyone knows you twisted my words around, plus, they told you to shut it!!! Yet, you dont know the truth, so you spew your non sense..... BTW....atleast I drive a truck, and commenting on a truck forum. Something you (it) can not say! Poor "it" Go to a car forum and have a ball talking about your diesel escort! Enjoy yourself "IT" Make sure to only use one name though.....not your SPLIT names: Just the Truth, Frank in Florida, Frank, Brick, Hoodwink Harry, or the countless other already used usernames from this forum which you have corrupted!....You leach!!
tntOnline almost told he truth one time but lied his way out of it. @ "SPL" it" the'll understand name! This coming from a "guy" or "woman" who uses multiple user names and drives an escort! Yet, "it" is on a truck site talking trash when "it' has no input on trucks bc " it" doesn't have drive one. Plus, idk if "it" even knows what the truth is....especially when "it" doesn't even know "its" name. Very sad!
@ frank Get a grip and have a conversation with out insulting. Your pathetic @ full size A pushrod is way easier to work on than a modular, less moving parts. Less complicated. Last longer. Period! Mechanics say modular motors are a headache to work on. There are shops around country that won't touch a 4.6L and 5.4L.
@ full size I'll take a 3.8L over a 4.6L any day The engine in the Buicks, grand Prix gtps, and Monte Carlo ss with superchargers didn't have issue with engine. The chargers were first to go out. Not engine.
@ All you silly boys....or maybe the same person Its not the engine that has the problem. Its the valve cover gaskets! Wow, All 3 of you guys really struggle! Like I said, find me a Ford motor that's more durable than gm 3.8L! And one of you can't even read, he still probably thinks its 14 million. And he criticized me the other day for grammar.........unreal! Please take your head out of your @$$
@ papajim I agree with you. Our current president has done things for our economy that we have not seen in decades! Now, if he would learn to control his twitter rage. It would be sweet. No need for that!
@ Ford drools..aka multiple personalities They are bullet proof you lost soul! There are more 3.8L motors out there with high mileage than any ford engine! Count on it. Did you notice they are recalling motors from 20 years ago, can't say that about any ford motor from 97-2004...LMFAO...they don;t run that long! How am I gullible as a 14 year old? Your intelligence is that of one I can tell. My offer still stands for you though, sir!