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Green, you are just jealous of my blogs success. You wish you could have a blog as successful as mine!
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2008 on No Canes to be found at Eye on the U
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Adam, you do know you can buy fireworks in Fl. don't you?
Ooohhh My bad Udyne, your right!!! Cool!!!
Come to canespace!
Ok so If I try and log in as Udyne, It will let me?? No it says that name is already Taken.
No you idiot, you try it, It cant be done!!! once a name is taken by typepad, it cant be taken again! boy you are SLOW!!!
ohh you guys are talking about women, Never Mind!!!
I was once with a 285lb man! beat that!
Am I fake or am I real, Maybe I just change the name as it appears on my account! U Dyne try creating another Udyne acount, see what happens!!!!
does anyone want to be the guest blogger on Canespace, You can sign my banner and I will give you a FREE canespce tee shirt!!!
Canespace rules!!!!!! I am the executive producer and can ban anyone i want!!!
and the GATOR faN SPEAKS!!!
ahh FF40, I really just like being the executive producer of Canespace!
86Cane in da House!!!! Great article shandel, I cant wait till the football season starts so I can watch you and the other writers inside the media room, maybe you will invite me into the media booth, I dont think my executive producer of canespace credentials will get me access. Can you maybe get me a guest pass??? Ohh yeah by the way, I will be scouting the Canes prospective recruits in the Orlando area, that is my scouting grounds!!! CANESPACE BABY!!!!
excuse me AdaM its Tom Popadak , executive producer of
will the real 86 please stand up!!! please stand up!!!
everyone is invited, (except for M.H. was mean to me and didn't fight for "the space"
we have a banner for everyone to sign. come on, don't you want to sign my banner!!! you aint a real canes fan unless you sign my banner!
Come on, its for the fans by the fans, post there and post often!!!
I am the real 86!!!! LMAO!!! Come to for our daily circle jerk! the more the merrier!
FF40, I would have banned you anyway!!!
Hey guys come on over to my site, it is the best site in the whole world. You can all be guest bloggers.
a new post up at check it out!