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Speaking of blogs ... there is a new one for KY college students; folks may want to check out.
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2007 on Not Bad at
Good blog and cute turn of words.
Now guys I am trying to post what you are looking for if you will help me out ... I have been visiting Hillbilly, PolWatchers, The 'Ville, The KY Democrat, KY Women et al, daily and it's like no one wants to be disloyal to BGR but it is gone and we have to move on. I am averaging about 73 hits a day but no one is commenting ... just give me a month and if we can't do it we will rethink where to meet next!
To all the readers of I have started a new site for continuation of the BGR readers to comment on the entry of the day and also to let you put your own spin on things as you have so skillfully done nigh on this past two years. Please visit tomorrow to see what you think. Give me a few weeks, if we aren't hitting the "Mark" we can just bury it but if we can keep it going we will!
Slackcommenter, Well, I did go back and look at her website and it does look like some things are incorrect but her handouts are well edited and her verbal skills are excellent. The website did match the handout so I can't explain that but she has done more with polling and managing people than either of the guys she's running against. She had both of them saying she was right in her statements by the end of the KET debate. She was impressive, well studied and seemed quick-witted and fact based. She did not say she was a web page designer or English major but she seems to know the details of the SOS office and someone can grammer check her written communication if necessary! She has my vote, and several others as well.
Toggle Commented May 22, 2007 on Election Day at
What! You don't have two names to give us to brainwash us for Secretary of State and Treasurer? Well, let me give you two: MaDonna White Secretary of State Todd Hollenbach Treasurer David Neville has Agriculture hands down. Now trade Bullock for Conway and we would have the best Democratic ticket possible!
Toggle Commented May 21, 2007 on Election Day at
To The Great Mr. Nichols You so wisely use your blog to taint thinking of the readers into what you want them to think and hope they are naive enough to go along. The "polls" ask the people they want to ask to get the answer they want to hear. The Democratic party has made sure the candidates they want to win have the money to do so. The Democratic party has made sure "their" candidate for each office gets more press and more blog time so that they can win, and you assist. The Democratic party makes the messages clear enough that those in each county party club can "guess" who to support. But What if THE PEOPLE voting actually think for themself? What if THE VOTERS like Steve Henry, MaDonna White, Bob Bullock, Mike Weaver and David Williams? I mean if you had been around the state the last three months what you would have learned is that MaDonna White and Bob Bullock as well as Neville have been to almost every stop on the campaign trail. Robinson and Henderson have only been at the same places about half a dozen times. White has been on the Western side of Kentucky alone more than half a dozen times. Bob Bullock has been at every event usually alone except for a Conway "stand-in". So his experience and hard work to ask for the vote should make him the winner. I will say, Todd has done his own stompping much more than any other Treasurer candidate and does deserve to win. Although, I think the Dems would be fine with Weaver winning. After all he is their boy no matter, win or lose he'll be back. And Sam Wise, not so wise to think that Robinson should get the nod. His good Christian stories and good ole boy Democrat crap is so old but as far as anyone can tell he has no idea what he wants to do in the office because "there are no polling problems in Kentucky", his friends took care of all that in the 1980s. White is the only candidate to challenge Grayson because of her quick wit and the fact that she is a female and can pull a different voting group than the men can. So my prediction is this ... if THE PEOPLE WHO VOTE ... THINK FOR THEMSELVES: Steve Beshear Dan Mongiardo 41% MaDonna White 53% Bob Bullock 51% Todd Hollenbach 38% David Neville 82% Then I will start a blog to educate the voters on how to take the Democratic party back. I will let them know that real caring people can lead in Frankfort and THE MACHINE IS DEAD.
Toggle Commented May 19, 2007 on Predictions at