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Hey Paul. I agree totally! Trestman is the real deal and the players, if they perhaps may not have totally bought in to his system last year, are obviously fully on board this season and kudos to Trestman who could have probably had a job this season in the NFL but I think he wants to win here first. Going on the ALs' 3-0 record and all against teams in the West, this COULD be the year.
Hey Tony. Not sure what you mean by "qualities". Maybe I can help if you tell me what your project is about and clarify what other info you require other than what the Canadiens press release has to offer. Not sure at this point if I can offer more than that as an answer for now. Thanks, Nick. p.s: You can write me at
It'll be interesting to see the different nuances between our picks towards mid season, but Rebecca.... while I might spot you Calgary in 1st in the west (as I picked them 2nd)....LA ? Really??? 2nd place?? and you have Detroit finishing 6th in the west as well, even though, as a team they got better with Hossa?? You GO girl ! It's gotta be women's intuition, cuz I don't see it ! LOL
Thank goodness for the commentary, or we would never have known Carle was on the ice, not moving... Kudos to the tv crew and their director, who thought it mor important to show Kirk Maltby and Guillaume Latendresse picking up gloves behind Price's net and then panning over to both team benches to show an exciting shot of both teams doing....absolutely nothing.... Like I said, were it not for the commentators, you would have thought they were filming through a TV time-out. Brutal.
If this actually happens, this would be an awesome matchup and right here in Montreal!! GSP vs BJ Penn ! let's hope 1) GSP defends his title, and 2) that this is more than just idle talk and that they actually do come back to Montreal!
......but seriously, how do you REALLY feel about Canseco?????..geez....LOL
You must be Egyptian, because you are constantly swimming in da Nile
I didn't say Ryder deseved it either, I was just trying to make a point about the goal totals. also, while I agree with you that Kovy has probably had a very positive influence on all russion players on the team, some would argue that the elder Kostitsyn didn't really pick up his game until his younger sibling showed up and started making some noise of his own and the media startes comparing the two... Again, If Kovy made your top 5, who would you cut out as the player most valuable to his team : Brodeur, Iginla, Lidstrom, Datsyuk, or Ovechkin. Try and remember that every hardcore fan in every market can have very valid points as to why their particular team's star deserves to be in the top 5, but unfortunately, that means there are 30 potential MVP candidates that should be in the top 5..... you have to draw the line somewhere. I did and I'm admittedly a Habs (and Kovalev) fan.
I never said the Habs weren't playing. We actually outshot the Sens 28-24 but unless you were watching Youpi instead of where most of the passes were ending up, you had to notice that what is usually the Hab's strength-outlet passes and tape to tape seeing eye plays, was all used up in the Jersey game. As far as the playoffs are concerned, this is what wins in the playoffs : The PK, scoring 5 on 5 and goaltending. Last night left lots of room for improvement in order to make it in the playoffs....and I believe alot of it is due to shaking the stygma the Habs have fo the Sens and givng back what they get... All it'll take is one convincing winn against them before the playoffs (and we meet them twice before then.)
First of all, let's get a few facts straight, at the moment of your post, the Habs were in 2nd place in the east as Pittsburgh had one more win so that puts THAT to rest. Today, the Kovalev led Canadiens are in 5th and AK27 hasn't had a point since his 30th goal during the loss to Anaheim...As for the Kostitsyn brothers, while they might look up to him, they were talented and are coming into their own with or without his help. While I love Alex's resurgence this year, goals-wise, he is only having then year Michael Ryder was supposed to have, and I didn't see any line-ups to the "Ryder for MVP" bandwagon the last two years....And yes, I know Kovalev surpasses him in many aspects, such as speed, skill and experience, but is this enough to make him win the Hart Trophy? If so, then Vinny Lecavalier, Ilya Kovalchuk, Rick Nash and Erik Staal should all demand recounts because by your reasoning, they should win the Hart as well. And let’s not get into comparing them team-mate by team-mate.. Listen, he will probably win the team's award, but not the overall NHL award once a comparison is made from team to team. Yes, I left Kovy (reluctantly) off, but I left him off as I did with an elite bunch of other really good players in the NHL this year. Here's hoping Kovalev ....and YOU, prove me wrong. ;)
Hey Gary. I agree on your first 2 points, Favre is, was and probably will be overrated as an NFL Quarterback. The problem is that this is such an underpopulated position, that we tend to overestimate certain abilities or accomplishements (notwithstanding his Superbowl victory, I'll give him his props aon that! We can not even say that there are enough qualified QB'S to fulfill the # 1 position in the league today... But as you say, he is not even in the top 10 for all-time.. As for point 2, the states have never boasteda good record with common sense when it came to what was really important...yet, as long as the moral majority keep on backing their "leaders" it keeps us writing. My take on the Suns acquisition of O'neal was not one to add to their offence, his freethrows alone make 12 year olds giggle. Nor was this trade deemed necessary for the regular season. I believe that Shaq was brought to Phoenix to help with their defence. Goaltending and rebounds are what he is there for. As with every other major trade, it will take some time for everyone to get accustomed to playing with each other, as well as certain egos adjusting to others. I don't see this as a bad move for the suns who are now 4-6 with Shaq in the lineup after a great game recently against the Spurs. We'll see if this can continue tonight against the 15-47 Memphis Grizzlies!
Easy tiger ! While I agree that I'm more than happy with Halak's play, and his outing in LA proved he is a good NHL goalie, it was his first full game against a team that has seen neither goalie play... Let's not jump to any conclusions or try, for lack of nothing else to do, to start a goaltending conflict... Carey Price, pound for pound, is the NHL goaltender of tomorrow, not just the Habs'. He's big, strong, technically sound with a hybrid style and has ice water in his veins. While Halak seems to also belong to the cool cucumber club, and makes up for potential technique flaws with incredible acrobatics, his one and only flaw that can't be helped, is his size. Once teams figure him out, you'll see lots of top shelf goals going past him, where as Price seems to be able to fill the entire net with his placement and positioning... and once he takes a deep breath and pumps out his chest, as I've seen him do, it's as if there is no room for a puck to pass. Price's only flaw at this point, is knowing that he is the #1 and playing like that. He did against Anaheim but the rest of the team collapsed in front of him in the third.
I agree with you that the team had their way with the Canadiens, actually all four teams had their way with the Canadiens on this road trip. I would hope it was not necessarily Gretzky's orders to go out and ravage the Habs, if it was, how Ironic that the leagues most renowned whiner when it came to cheap shots against him is now the propagator of the same kind of play. Again, I'm a Gretzky fan, so I'm hoping he does not condone this, but one thing is certain, If the other teams were able to get away with their crimes, it's because the on ice officiating was at it's usual best. I know I don't have alot of credibility, being a habs fan and saying the referees had it out against us, but come on !!! They allowed us to get mugged against Phoenix and don't get me started on the net crashing as well as all the one sided penalties against Anaheim. In particular,Kovalev's "unsportsmanlike" when he actually tried to "suggest" to the refs that they should open both eyes...
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2008 on Wayne Gretzky is a Bitch at THE Franchise Radio.NET
Gary. You'll be happy to know, that even though I am a self proclaimed Price lover, I can call a spade a spade, and on this night price was the 2 of spades.. The habs need him to reassure tham that he has the pipes under control... he has to prove himself to them. This is not the calder cup, which, with all due respect, is a cakewalk compared to what the next month of regualr season and the post season have in store. Both goaltenders should be on high alert! Their offence has definitely NOT been the problem of late. Buck up boys ! P.S: you wanted to see what I would write after a game like yesterday's ? check out my post at the "Frozen Ponder" titled "Will the real Carey Price please stand up"
While I agree with you in principle, let's not forget that you can only danse with a willing partner, and for the last say 10 years, NO ONE wanted to come to Montreal... Bob was in a catch 22 position, do nothing and get criticicized, do something, roll the dice and wait to get criticized...I admit that while most, heck, all of his latest acquisisitions were busts, everyone was ecstatic when the walking drama named Samsonov showed up... who knew?? All this said, I am convinced that the Canadiens will have alot more serious listeners in the UFA section come season's end.
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Steph, while I admit I am a big fan of Carey Price, and his numbers to date concur, The ONLY goalie in the recent past that I thought might lead us somewhere (embarassingly enough) was Jeff Hackett... and we know how that turned out ! I put Thibault and Theodore in the same category as a Pat Jablonski...the "whatever" file... even WITH Theo's stellar Vezina winning year... he was a nightmare waiting to happen.. Too bad we differ in opinion on Bob Gainey. Although I'm not too impressed with his wait and see and oops it's too late attitude, what a step up from "peanut"...and.... the Mike Milbury comparison? low blow my friend, low blow !
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