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"precision-crafted electronic music" Die horribly. No, what you want for this is an all-digital master of one of the best modern performances of one of the world's greatest works of art -- -- or, for those unwilling to follow links, the Berlin Philharmonic, under von Karajan, performing Beethoven's Ninth. (If I'm reading this right, it's the 1977 recording, digitally remastered in 1990. Pace whoever, with probably good reason, talked about early digital recordings -- I've got a halfway decent ear, I guess, for someone not rich enough to get away with 'audiophile', and I can't pick out any artifacts in this one. I bet you can't either.) Ever wonder why CDs hold as many minutes of music as they do? Because Sony wanted to make sure this performance would fit on one disc. If they thought it was so worthwhile that it was worth designing the entire format around, who are you to say otherwise? No one, that's who. Put that "Skrillex" garbage down for an hour and treat your abused ears to one of the most transcendently beautiful experiences this planet has to offer, and get you some desperately needed culture besides.
Seconding Paul W. Homer. Yeah, I used to date crazy girls. Then I grew up and married somebody sensible. If that makes me an old guy, then just mix me up my laudanum and wheel me into the corner where I won't be any trouble.
What will Code Rush tell me that I don't already know from having read Zawinski's various commentaries on the demise of Netscape and the birth of Mozilla?
Pierre: As a citizen of the United States I find myself dismayed at the thought of using the same credentials when I log onto a website in order to make a comment, and when I get pulled over for driving too fast. I dunno, maybe Belgian cops are all trustworthy, and you'd never have to worry about it potentially being trivial for them to identify your political opinions et cetera? But that's a lot more information than I'm comfortable with the idea of J. Random State Trooper -- you know, the one who's twenty-two years old and white and shaves his head and listens to Glenn Beck on the radio -- being able to find out about me while I'm sitting on the side of the road waiting for him to turn me loose.
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2010 on Your Internet Driver's License at Coding Horror
Kevdog: If you're so big on responsibility, why not run your own OpenID provider? It's not hard, and if you run it on a box that lives in your house then you can even have physical control over it too. Regarding the use of multiple sign-on providers: I went to the doctor once and said "Doctor, it hurts when I hold my arm up over my head and twist it around like this!" And the doctor said: "Well, don't do that, then."
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2010 on Your Internet Driver's License at Coding Horror
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Nov 24, 2010