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Aaron Rester
Chicago, IL
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Josh, I had originally tried to make them weekly, but without success. After your request, however, I revisited the problem and was able to find a way around my earlier stumbling block. Look for the amended post soon!
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Hi Daniel, Thanks very much for your feedback -- my apologies for taking so long to reply, classes just started again this week so things have been a bit hectic. First, a slight correction: you are indeed part of our community! We like to think of everyone who engages with us as part of the Law School community, whether they have a formal connection to the School or not. All of our posts tagged "website redesign" can be found here: (or by clicking on "website redesign" in the "categories" box above). We've definitely been working on overhauling -- and pruning -- the information architecture in the new site. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised when the new site launches later this year. As you'll see in previous posts, we'll be moving to Drupal as our content management system, which opens up some new possibilities for us in taxonomy, such as tagging pages by subject area. I don't believe cyberlaw is a category that we chose for this task (I think cyberlaw would probably fall under the broader "Intellectual Property"area), but we will probably revisit these terms once we get into beta testing. We're always looking for new ways to make social media more useful to our site's users, and they will be much more integrated into the new site (the previous site was built in 2004, right on the cusp of the social media boom, so we've had to do a lot of tacking stuff on here and there). The wiki for student work is an interesting idea, we'll have to do some asking around and see how into it our students would be. I hope this addresses your initial thoughts, but please keep 'em coming if you think of anything else. And thanks again!
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Thanks for the feedback, Peter. Just to clarify, the threading happens only within a single post.
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Hi Kempton, Thanks for the comment. Interesting idea, though I suspect Judge Posner's publisher might be less than enthusiastic. :-) But what we're trying to do with the "Ideas Are Everywhere" experiment is specifically about the passage of a physical artifact through physical space, and the serendipity of discovering exciting ideas in a place where you might not otherwise expect to do so. I agree that we could probably spread the ideas wider and faster if they were posted electronically -- that's why we have the Faculty Blog, after all (see if you haven't already) -- but there's also a large signal-to-noise ratio in electronic distribution that may overshadow the simple pleasure of sitting down with an actual book and absorbing ideas that way. We're all about multiple methodologies here at Chicago. :-)
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