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Aaron Schlichting
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PAX I the need to share my experience at PAX Prime 2011 because it was such an emotional experience for me. In 2009 my wife was in the hospital on mandatory bed rest because she had gone into premature labor with my twin sons. The hospital staff was able to help her keep them inside for another two months. They were born prematurely and kept in the hospital under 24 hour care for another two months. During this time I had to continue working, preparing our house for the kids, and trying my best to help ease my wife's tensions. Meanwhile my own mental and emotional stress levels were increasing at an exponential rate. This is when salvation came. I usually check the Penny Arcade online comic once in a while for comedic relief. Somehow I stumbled onto their blog that mentioned they were roll playing with Wil Wheaton. "Wil Wheaton?" I thought, "I love Star Trek the Next Generation. I'll have to check this out." And I began my trip down the rabbit hole and started listening to their Acquisitions Incorporated podcast. Their D&D sessions brought me back to my youth. I haven't played in years and I'm not sure who would want to play with me as I have moved away from my home town and those old friends. But listening to Acquisitions Inc was just like sitting around a table with my friends, making snarky comments, and creating fantastic stories and memories. I then started using Twitter and following @pvponline, @wilw, @TychoBrahe, and @cwgabriel. All this kept me grounded mentally and emotionally while my life and family were going through such an unknown and frightening time. I always wished that some day I could thank Acquisitions Incorporated for just being themselves and allowing me to tag along on their adventures. When my kids turned 1 last year I was again reminded how much Acquisitions Inc meant to me and for all that they did for my sanity and my family. This year I was finally able to attend my first PAX. To top it off I finally got to thank one of the guys from Acquisitions Inc, Scott Kurtz. During the last two years I had been following him on twitter, reading his comic, and watching his blams. He was just as nice in person as he seemed through his media. Here's how our meeting went: I saw Scott Kurtz as I wondered trough my first PAX. all of the sudden I felt like a kid meeting a childhood hero. It took me a minute to make up my mind that this may be the only chance to thank him. I finally approached him and told him briefly how he had helped me through a difficult time in my life. He told me that he was glad he could help. I then started walking away feeling very proud to have finally succeeded in thanking someone who had made such a profound impact on my life. He then called me back and gave me the gift of a Binwin dicebag. An extremely generous and unprompted gift. Again I started to leave. But this time I stopped myself and asked him for a picture. He could have said no and I would not have been hurt at all. Instead he was super supportive and asked someone to take a picture of us together. The picture: I thanked him for everything and left to enjoy my first PAX. Later that evening I tweeted about meeting him and how wonderfully nice he was. A few minutes later he replied! An unexpected and simple gesture that made me feel so special. My boys are turning 2 this weekend. They are healthy and my family is doing well. I keep a daily blog for my family and friends to follow their growth. I would be honored if anyone from Acquisitions Inc would follow or check in as they had so much to do with a difficult part of their lives. I have to thank PAX for giving me the chance to have this amazing experience. A special thanks to Scott Kurtz for being so nice. And to the rest of Acquisitions Incorporated for getting me through a tough time. Aaron
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Sep 2, 2011