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Hi Bill. It is an amazing feeling to be able to communicate with you as you advocate against bullying! I am currently working for a company that is trying to take some action in some of the biggest issues that children today have to face, such as poor nutrition (they might eat more but with less healthy nutritional value); rather than health management they have to deal with disease management and we call it health care; exercise is practiced in the thumbs... you know, the finger needed to play the controls of the X-box and the wii; a pornographic based media that desensitizes a person's psyche and exposes children in younger ages to a hyper-sexualized thinking, opening them up to be more vulnerable to things such as trafficking, promiscuity, etc; and this goes without mentioning the breakdown in nurturance with broken-down families or with absent parents due to the need for both parents to work. I know yet another product won't do the trick in solving all these matters, but the products we are formulating are just steppingstones that will enable us to take more active and personalized roles in helping children, or enhancing those who already have a well developed life. I pray that I may be able to create some contact with people, like yourself Mr Cosby, that care to make a difference so that this little dream may become a reality. Children are worth it! The future is worth it! I would be nothing short than honoured, Mr. Cosby, to be able to spend just 15 minutes with you, that you may share some of your wisdom to spread some goodness throughout our world. With my utmost respect; FRIDA ABAROA
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