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A Beautiful Mess
Springfield, Missouri
We believe the best things in life are homemade.
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This is Trey's and my second year sending out holiday cards together. I feel a little foolish calling it a "tradition" when we've only done it twice. So, let's just say that I hope to make it a tradition in our family for years and years to come. Also, we have a hard time coming up with serious card ideas. I don't know if we'll attempt to do something funny... Continue reading
Posted 2 hours ago at A Beautiful Mess
Today I'm here to talk about photography gear. We haven't written a post like this in two years, and a few things have changed in that time (although not as much as you would think—we're still using a LOT of the same equipment). We enjoy having a simple photography gear set up, and we use most of what we own every single day! Our goals are simple! We aim to... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at A Beautiful Mess
Thanks so much Mandi!!!! xx- Elsie
That's a great idea! Thanks for the tip. -Mandi
Sure! I didn't want to risk the pages getting wrinkled from too much moisture, so I decided not to. But I would suggest checking an art supply store for the spray that artists use on artwork to preserve it. I considered using a polyurethane spray on mine, but again, was too worried to try it! It was kind of a big deal for me to cut into the book, so I was afraid to ruin the pages. :) -Mandi
I actually checked with Google about exactly that, but for security reasons, they can't allow access to communicate with all our users. We are still thinking about what the best solution could be. We're just not sure yet. Thanks! Trey
Right now, with the way the app is built, it's not quite a possibility. But a good workaround is to check out the collages. We have some collages specifically designed to frame up a single photo. Just be sure you turn the collage border width all the way down to zero to get the effect you're looking for. Thanks! Trey
Hi Jessica! That's not a stupid question at all! We just email them to ourselves so we can save them on our phone and then edit them with the app. :) -Jacki
You guys! These are all so perfect. I started out thinking, "Oh, this pack is a good idea!" And was going to tell you, but then I realized that they ALL are so good. Great job! -Mandi
We're super excited to share that today there is a new update available in the iTunes store with lots of fun additions for the A Beautiful Mess app. We've observed what users are really using the app for on a daily basis and added some awesome new packs that will make sharing photos of the most special parts of life even easier! We had a lot of fun working on... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at A Beautiful Mess
Yes the glow of the light is so fun in the evening! You can see how that looks in our house in the last image. :) -Mandi
Toggle Commented yesterday on Simple Winter Village DIY at A Beautiful Mess
The last image shows what it looks like lit up in the evening at our house. My husband walked in the door and said, "ooooh that's fun!" So that was pretty nice validation. :) -Mandi
Toggle Commented yesterday on Simple Winter Village DIY at A Beautiful Mess
I'm so glad! They have these at Michaels in the wood crafts section, but I'm also pretty sure they sell them at most large craft stores. Michaels has the biggest selection of them I've seen, though. -Mandi
I'm not sure it's legal to reproduce the images of the books, though maybe it would be for personal use? Anyway— I didn't want to risk doing something like that for a project I'm posting publicly. If you do it, I won't tell anyone! ;) -Mandi
I'm not sure that's legal, but if you do it, I won't tell anyone. ;) -Mandi
Hi Jessica! I'm sorry but they were available for a limited time and have already sold out. -Jacki
Hi! Did you try these links? You should be able to print them from there. If you're having anymore trouble, send us an email at support AT redvelvetart DOT com :) -Jacki
Toggle Commented yesterday on Simple Winter Village DIY at A Beautiful Mess
Hi Lavonne! I'm so sorry about that. Please contact our customer care team here: and they can assist you with the refund. -Jacki
Decorating a nursery can be a lot of fun, especially where DIY projects are concerned! I must admit, while I am rather crafty and handy with power tools, I certainly am not talented in the area of illustration. Which is kind of a bummer, because illustrations make for great nursery decor, and I just so happen to be decorating a nursery right now. But it's okay! There are plenty of... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at A Beautiful Mess
Hi Mollie—thank you! That's very kind of you. I would encourage anyone interested to go ahead and donate to their own local Habitat for Humanity. We don't feel right taking any donations on behalf of this project because this is our opportunity to give back when we've been given so much. But I love that you are thinking about giving—go for it! -Emma
Great advice Kylie—thanks! -Emma
Hi, friends! Today we want to invite you to take our reader survey. This is your opportunity to weigh in and help us learn more about who you are, why you read ABM, and what you would be interested in for the future. But first I want to open up to you about how we're doing and what our intentions are for the new year. 2014 was a weird, wonderful,... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at A Beautiful Mess
Hi Cally! It's from (last year) :) -Jacki
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Sister Style: Cold Front at A Beautiful Mess
Last month we shared some updates about our Habitat for Humanity house project renovation planning and some details on the overall budget (you can read all about it here). We are nearing completion on all the contractor renovations, so I thought we'd share an update on the house with you. Also, I thought it would be fun to show you a few inspiration images throughout this post to try give... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at A Beautiful Mess
It was actually really warm last week (like jacket weather)... this week, not so much! xx- Elsie
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Sister Style: Cold Front at A Beautiful Mess