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A Beautiful Mess
Springfield, Missouri
We believe the best things in life are homemade.
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If you wanted to use it outside or somewhere a glass door won't cover it, you would have to use a wood backing instead of cardboard. I would also make sure to use wool yarn. Wool is naturally water resistant to a certain point. And there's always Scotchguard after that. :) -Mandi
I was afraid someone would ask me that! I just know that it was wool yarn and I bought it at JoAnn. I threw away the paper wrapping before it occurred to me that someone might ask. Sorry! -Mandi
Fall is the perfect time for a bit of rustic decor, don't you think? Warm fuzzies are everywhere— in the cozy sweaters, bonfires, pumpkin spice candles, and hot drinks in gloved hands. It just seems like a great time to decorate with wooden, outdoorsy elements. So I thought I'd make a charmingly rustic fall wreath with a nod to a Mid-Century icon most of us can appreciate— the starburst. Check... Continue reading
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At least a week or two in the fridge, but it may not last that long! Laura :)
I don't know if it would freeze well or not, but you could try it! Laura :)
At least a week or two in the fridge, but it may not last that long! Laura :)
At least a week or two, but it may not last that long! Laura :)
I didn't add it back in because I wasn't sure what all that filling would do to the consistency, but you could try it and see if it still works out! Laura :)
Yes. Yes, it's true. All your problems are solved now that this information has come into your life. Cookie butter from any cookie, people! I hope you appreciate the hours I've spent with cookies over the last couple of days—all the tasting and sampling of cookie after cookie. It was all for you guys! But seriously, we wanted to bring you a recipe that would work for any cookie. So... Continue reading
Posted 10 hours ago at A Beautiful Mess
They're Swedish Hasbeens! xoxo! Elsie
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Really?? So cool. Hi! :)) -Elsie
Toggle Commented yesterday on Jacket Weather at A Beautiful Mess
Really?! Well that's a bummer to hear. I've only had mine for about 2 weeks now. And so far so good. But if it turns out to not hold up you'll likely see an update to this post, or we'll do another "How did it hold up" round up of DIYs. -Emma
What a crafty uncle-I love that idea. :) -Emma
I like it. Do you have a method for cutting them in half easily? I tried this once and I thought it was a real pain but I bet there's a trick to it. -Emma
Stay tuned next week..... :) Was that coy? I'm totally trying to be. -Emma
Hey Nena, That dude sounds awesome! I'm definitely going to check him out. -Josh
Using wine corks in craft projects is almost as common as Mason jars. Seriously, type "wine cork crafts" into Pinterest and you'll see. It's a whole thing. We drink and use wine in cooking at our house pretty often, so I've hoarded a fairly decent collection of corks over the past few years. And this, coupled with my growing obsession to personalize my desk area at work, lead me to... Continue reading
Posted 13 hours ago at A Beautiful Mess
Thanks Melissa! I hear you. We do sell a lot of stuff. And we will continue too (retail and product designs are huge passions in our business too!). :) I'm glad you're excited about this project! Thanks for reading! xx- Elsie
Hi! It's from Hello Apparel! xoxo- Elsie
Thank you so much Virginie! We really appreciate that!! xx- Elsie
Hi Joanna! They are from Asos :) -Jacki
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Hi Amy! Is it this one?
Autumn is in full swing here in Missouri. It's the little in-between things that make this season so great. Testing cozy recipes, breaking out jackets and coats for the season, hot tea and extra snuggles from our pups. I also LOVE when all the leaves start changing colors. Some years are more colorful than others (which I think has to do with rainfall or something). Every year when the leaves... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at A Beautiful Mess
Hi Rebekah! We are working very closely with Habitat on this renovation, and they have more set processes for the eco-friendly work ensuring they hit the proper standards, etc. So it was their recommendation that they oversee this portion of the renovation. :) -Jacki
Halloween is right around the corner, can you smell the sugar in the air? Day of the Dead is also coming up. If you're not familiar with this Mexican holiday, it's also celebrated on October 31 (through November 2nd) and is a time of remembrance for family and friends who have passed away. Sugar skulls that are decorated with lots of color are used as gifts as well as to... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at A Beautiful Mess