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A Beautiful Mess
Springfield, Missouri
We believe the best things in life are homemade.
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Nope, I just painted right on the existing stain. xx- Elsie
Awesome! I'm glad I could help! xx- Elsie
Thanks so much Casey! :))) xx- Elsie
Amazon! xx- Elsie
Nope! I used 3 coats (more like two and a touch up coat) to cover it completely. It's very full coverage. xx- Elsie
Hi T! I just filmed a video tour, but you can see my blog posts here- XOXO! Elsie
Thank you so much Carolyn! xx- Elsie
Hi Kamille, I'm so glad you used our tutorial! I would love to see it! Tag me in Instagram? xx- Elsie
Thanks for your tips! xx- Elsie
Yes- It definitely makes the food look prettier! I really like it! xx- Elsie
Hi Julianne, Isn't that frustrating! I used to always take their advice, but you never really KNOW when you're talking to someone experienced and someone who is not. So now I always read at least a few tutorials online just to see if people have any big tips or fails. xx! Elsie
Latex is what you paint your walls with. It's great for that, just not for furniture! :) xx- Elsie
I'm pretty sure i used a foam brush! I don't use any sealer with this paint because it doesn't need it and I've had bad experiences with poly turning my white paint yellow in the past! xx- Elsie
I used a foam brush because I don't feel bad about disposing of those when I'm done! :) xx- Elsie
Thank you SO much Erin! xx- Elsie
Still on my salad kick, as you can see. Here's the deal, I'm going on a short vacation next month and I decided that until then, I'm working on a few goals which pretty much include: eat more salad, eat less (white) bread and refined sugar, and don't bite my nails. Yes, it's the sad truth: I'm nearly thirty years old and I still bite my nails. There have been... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at A Beautiful Mess
I literally just folded and ironed them first. You kind of have to fold and iron as you go along, rather than folding a whole pleat, then ironing it. It's done together, if that makes sense. Then I pinned them into place after tucking the pom poms inside, and that's what I ran the pleats through the sewing machine. The combo of ironing and pinning will keep them in place until you've stitched it. Hope that helps! -Mandi
Toggle Commented yesterday on Pleated Pom Pom Curtains at A Beautiful Mess
I thought about using a zipper foot, but I actually didn't want to get so close to the edge of the pleat, because the thick part of the trim (not sure what it's called) was actually up higher in the pleat, so I wanted to make sure each stitch secured that part of the trim moreso than closing the bottom of the pleat. Hope that makes sense! :) -Mandi
Toggle Commented yesterday on Pleated Pom Pom Curtains at A Beautiful Mess
Thanks for the warning! It might be a good idea to color set the pom pom in the wash before attaching it. You can get bottles of Rit color setting that you're supposed to use when dying fabric, and I'd imagine that would help. Since I didn't do that, I'll have to wash mine in cold water and use a color-catching sheet. Thankfully they won't be around dripping water in Lucy's room. :) -Mandi
Toggle Commented yesterday on Pleated Pom Pom Curtains at A Beautiful Mess
I didn't sew it twice, but on my first row I used a zig-zag stitch, so that might be what you're seeing, unless you're seeing stitching from the top hem. I decided the zig zag wasn't necessary, so I used a straight stitch for the other rows. Hope that helps! -Mandi
Toggle Commented yesterday on Pleated Pom Pom Curtains at A Beautiful Mess
On our holiday break (right after Christmas) I got the itch to change up our space. Isn't that how is always goes? When you're supposed to be relaxing, project inspiration sneaks in! So I painted our dining room table (see how it looked before here) with three coats of oil-based paint. I'm in love with the result! I also loved it before, but after almost three years of daily use,... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at A Beautiful Mess
Looks like you'll have a lot of fun with your blog and you're off to a good start! Good luck! Laura :)
They are linked in the supply list :) Laura
I love this part of spring when you start to switch your brain into warmer styles and fashion—sundresses, shorts, sandals, and of course, sunglasses! While I don't quite have the manufacturing technique down to make my own pair of sunnies from scratch, I thought it would be fun to team up with our wonderful friends at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores to take an existing pair and give them a... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at A Beautiful Mess
Hi Sanjay! The (vegetarian) meat mixture needs to be baked before eating. :) -Jacki